Rosie’s Victory Garden

Rosie's Victory Garden

Rosie's Victory Garden

One of the fun little “surprises” in Disney World is Rosie’s Victory Garden, tucked back by Rock n Roller Coaster and Tower of Terror, within the row of Sunset Ranch Market counter service restaurants. You can find the Victory Garden next to Catalina Eddie’s and not far from its “owner’s” restaurant, Rosie’s American Cafe.

The Victory Garden was common during World War II, when feeding the troops overseas meant rationing food back home. Victory Gardens, where civilians grew their own produce, became a sign of patriotism and national support. Rosie’s, of course, is named for

Butterfly in the Pepper Plants

Butterfly in the Pepper Plants

Rosie the Riveter–an icon created to represent the women who headed to work, replacing the men joining the armed forces. And this icon fits perfectly into a park themed after Hollywood’s golden age–the 30’s and 40’s. It brings yet another piece of cultural history to Disney’s Hollywood Studios!

The Victory Garden, however, isn’t an exhibition of plastic plants. It’s a real, live garden, growing peppers (all kinds), pineapples (though I’m not sure how historically accurate that is!), beans, and several other types of produce that weren’t far enough along for me to identify yet. Adding to the theme, Rosie’s garden tools are hanging on the side wall of Catalina Eddie’s, there are a couple of watering cans and a hose on the garden wall, and a couple of interesting garden additions–including a gas-masked scarecrow–offer eye-catching decor.

Patriotic Scarecrows

Patriotic Scarecrows

The next time you’re in the Studios, stop over by the Victory Garden to see how the bell peppers are coming along! Truly an interesting addition to a counter service dining experience.


  1. says

    Wow! I never noticed that those were real before. One of the many small touches that you only notice after you’ve been visiting for a long time.

  2. admin says

    I found it to be really interesting. Definitely one of those things people pass right by, but a tip of the hat to Disney quality.

  3. says

    I dont know how I ever missed this. Ohh I think Im going to DHS tomorrow! haha! I love the little things that noone notices (Like DiVine the walking vine at DAK)

  4. says

    BBC — Always glad to share details when I catch them! I love reading blogs where I find out new and different things to check out, so I’m glad we could do that for you!

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