Animal Kingdom Lodge Restaurant Tours: Boma, Jiko, and Sanaa

One of the great hidden treasures of the Animal Kingdom Lodge is the (free) opportunity to gain insight into the award winning restaurants at the resort: Boma, Jiko, and Sanaa. This review will focus on the Jiko and Boma tours.

Soup Sampling at Boma

Soup Sampling at Boma

A short tour begins every evening at 4:00pm at the Boma podium. As I said, it’s free, and open to all Disney guests as far as I can tell (we weren’t asked for our room keys, and I happened to be staying at the Yacht Club at the time).

The “tour” isn’t really a tour; you don’t get to go backstage, and you don’t get a thorough education on the cooking techniques or menu development. But just the opportunity to be guided through the restaurants, discuss the symbolism of the decor, and sample a few items is well worth the half hour of time you’ll spend.

We begin at Boma, which means “enclosure” or “wall” in Swahili, where our cultural guide explained the items that were on the menu that evening as she walked the group through the buffet line. Boma and Jiko were not yet open at this time, so the tour was quiet and free of the hustle and bustle of the typical buffet restaurant. Once we got to the soups, the guide ladeled a sample bowl (you get to choose!) for each member of the group. The favorites were the Corn and Chicken soup and the Butternut Squash soup. Unfortunately, they did not have the Mulligatawny out that night! We also had the chance to sample the famous Zebra Domes at the end of the buffet line.

Jiko Decor

Jiko Decor

From Boma, we headed into Jiko (Swahili for “The Cooking Place”). This section of the tour was much more interesting in my opinion. Our (new) guide discussed the decor of the restaurant first, and despite my having dined at Jiko many times before, I learned so much! Designed by Jeffrey Beers to mimic the colors and scenes from Disney’s The Lion King, here are just a few of the interesting decor points:

1. The rings around the columns represent the neck rings worn by the women of the Ndebele tribe of South Africa. You can see that each column has a varying number of rings, just like the women they represent.

Bread and Dip Tasting at Jiko

Bread and Dip Tasting at Jiko

2. The entire restaurant is watched over by the beautiful, stylized birds, which get smaller toward the back of the ceiling giving an interesting depth perspective. What I didn’t know was that the lighter designs in the wooden floor represent haystacks, and that these birds flying over the haystacks on your African farm represent good luck!

3. The back wall of the restaurant, representing the African sunset, slowly transforms from yellow to orange to deep red through your meal. Another truly interactive and interesting experience in Disney dining.

After our design discussion, we moved over to the onstage kitchen where salads and appetizers are prepared for guests. We were greeted with a serving of the restaurant’s most popular appetizer–the African breads and dips sampler–which was wonderful, of course (and oddly salty).

Jiko Bread Appetizer

Jiko Bread Appetizer

Our guide discussed the restaurant’s name: The Cooking Place, and indicated that we were seated at the cooking place at that moment. She also pointed out the domed bread ovens and the beautiful wine room (Jiko has the largest collection of South African wines the USA).

My tour companions were a great group of folks who had some good experience with the restaurant. We all discussed our favorite dishes–top of the list being the spiced ostrich filet appetizer, barbeque beef short ribs entree, and numerous desserts, including the pistachio creme brulee and, my favorite, the house-made lemon curd.

Jiko Trio of Dips

Jiko Trio of Dips

The tour was well worth the time, and I thoroughly enjoyed getting a few tastes of these restaurants (especially when I knew I wouldn’t be dining at them for a while). For anyone who’s a fan of Animal Kingdom Lodge or its restaurants, definitely stop by the next time you’re in the World for the culinary tour.


  1. says

    OMG, I had no idea they did this! I wish I had known before my trip, I’d have done it. Just the opportunity to sample some food items would be worth it, but learning about the meaning behind the decor is really cool, too. That’s going on my list for my next trip. (Nice photos, by the way.)

  2. says

    We’re staying at the AKL mid Nov and I just made my PS for Jiko.

    Can’t wait. The ostrich sounds intriguing and I’ll have to try the pistachio creme brulee.

    Thanks AJ

  3. says

    Steve — Don’t forget that the Jiko menu is going through some changes right now! I’ll be posting a photo I just received of the new entrees. Still some great stuff, but the ostrich might be gone :-(

  4. says

    Shane, there’s one at Sanaa, but I’m not sure of any other resorts that have started them. If you hear of some, let me know :-) FYI: free beer tastings at Contemporary, but only if you’re staying there.

  5. KD says

    Hi AJ, was wondering if you could provide details on the restaurant tour of Sanaa…day, time and how to make a reservation for it? Thoroughlly enjoyed Jiko and Boma…thanks!

  6. Amber says

    On average how long is the tour? I am going in September and was wanting to make sure I can fit that into my schedule. :)

  7. Marcos Valenca says

    Please, are these tours still on?

    Amber, it seems that each tour takes about 30 minutes.

  8. liz says

    Made reservations for Boma, decided to take the tour as described above arrived for our 4:30 reservation at 3:55 to do the tour and was told the tour started at 3:45 so we could not do it. I think you need to update your web sight.

  9. says

    Liz — Thanks! We do check to confirm times regularly, but always warn guests to do the same. AKL can and does change times when they need to.

  10. Loretta Plesic says

    Ate at Boma this summer with my adult son and daughter. Everyone
    ate something different from the menu. We all were delighted by
    our choices.

    I was unaware of the free tours of the restaurant. I purchased an
    African wine in your gift shop. I am saving it to go with a meal
    that I make from the African cookbook that I also purchased.
    I loved the African menu offered that evening and hope to
    create a special tagine meal for my family.

    It would be interesting to have a chefs table in this restaurant.

    It would also be interesting to have an online offering of recipes
    from Africa to keep in touch with my learning about this fascinating

  11. Lillian says

    Going there in August. Just added it to my calendar to experience this tour. Booked a night at Saana and Boma . sounds like an awesome opportunity. Thanks for sharing!

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