Food Blog Sunday Round-Up

eat hereThe Food Blog Sunday Round-up is becoming a tradition, I see. I just can’t let these other great Disney food posts from the week go un-mentioned, so here we go…

The Disney Blog’s Review of Portobello: Things are turning up for what is now called just “Portobello” (dropping the “Yacht Club”) in Downtown Disney. Scott Joseph Orlando has another good Portobello review from May 2009.

DisneyDaddy’s Cinderella’s Royal Table reviews: For anyone considering Cinderella’s Royal Table for breakfast or dinner, DisneyDaddy reviews both meals.

The Disney Chick has been busy cooking this week! Check out her step-by-step recipe/preparation/review blogs!
Brown Derby Grapefruit Cake: DisneyFoodBlog does not lie; one of my favorite things in the world is cream cheese frosting…which this cake has…so check it out!
‘Ohana Coriander Chicken Wings: One of DisneyChick’s favorite recipes to date! Delicious, and it only took 30 minutes to make!

Imaginerding’s Reminiscent Recipe: Highlighting the White Rabbit’s Gingerapple Fizz recipe out of Walt Disney’s Mickey Mouse Cookbook

Solofriendly’s Visit to the Kona Cafe: Gray’s experience in an overly-crowded Poly Ceremonial House has her thinking that Kona might be better for lunch instead of dinner!

Thanks for the great food posts, everyone! If you’ve got a Disney food post coming up, or if you see a good one somewhere online, send them my way at! Thanks!


  1. says

    Thanks! I do hope this becomes a regular weekly thing. I love reading about all this food–even if it does make me hungry! LOL. (Those wings sound awesome!)

  2. admin says

    It’ll be as regular as possible. I don’t get to WDW often enough to cover all the restaurants and recipes I’d like to, so as long as people keep posting good food info and I find it, I’ll highlight it!

  3. beth says


    Is it possible to just get Grapefruit cake to go at the Brown Derby? Thanks.

  4. admin says

    Hi Beth,
    Great question! I have no idea and can’t find anything online… that makes two things I need to check on next time I call Disney! :-)

  5. beth says


    Thanks for getting back. I am going to try. It can’t hurt to ask, right? I saw the cake on Unwrapped on the FN and I’ve been needing to try it ever since. Love the Christmas in July photos. I don’t know if we’ll ever make it to Disney for Christmastime, but it looks just spectacular!

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