The Cheapest Soda Pop in Disney World…

…OK, maybe not the cheapest (Club Cool is free after all), but certainly close! I came upon this vending machine on the third floor of the Contemporary Resort, tucked between the fitness center and the styling salon. 20 oz. bottles of soda pop for $1.25!? I was shocked and had to take a picture for proof.

Contemporary Resort 3rd Floor Vending Machine

Contemporary Resort 3rd Floor Vending Machine

Since seeing this vending machine, I’ve checked others on property. 20 oz. bottles are $2+ even in laundry rooms. If anyone can find a cheaper vending machine onstage, let me know! I’ll send you a Disney pin!


  1. admin says

    Thanks, John! Great to see the purple van on the food blog!

    That’s a great price! And, if at the Boardwalk, it’s as close as a vending machine…

  2. admin says

    Craig — Thanks! I’m always tempted to sneak around back there, but I never have the guts! ;-)

  3. says

    We’re staying at BLT in November 2011. I am going to have to see if the price has increased in the past two years!

  4. MIChessGuy says

    I came across this machine just a few weeks ago, and indeed it is still cheap. For some reason I am remembering $1.50 as the price. But, I can’t swear to that, could just be that my memory has faded. Either way, $1.25 or $1.50, it’s a great deal, and in fact there is a similarly cheap snack machine right next to it. I grabbed a cheap soda and some pita chips and hung around the CR’s main level for a while, looking at the mural, the gameroom, etc.

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