Disney Food Post Sunday Round-Up: July 5

Animal Kingdom eat here

I’ve cheated a bit on the Sunday Round-up this week, folks. I found a couple of links that are NOT from this week, but I just had to include them; they were too good! The rest are legit and from this week; I didn’t fail you completely! Read on…

Theme Park Insider readers named Chefs de France best Theme Park restaurant for 2009.

Tasty Chomps visits Animal Kingdom’s Yak and Yeti for another close-up look and review

Yesterland remembers Boardwalk Betsy’s Strips, Dips & Chips: Boardwalk Betsy served deep-fried fish filets, deep-fried chicken strips, and deep-fried mozzarella strips — with deep-fried jumbo french fries — until Toy Story Mania drove her out in 2006. This is a great look back.

Lindsey Luscious shows us how to make a few Disney Favorites at Home: Missing your Dole Whip and Bengal Barbecue? Check this out for some great at-home recipes and photos (especially if you’re not willing to shell out the dough for Dole Whip mix…)

Clumbsy Cookie has figured out how to make Winnie the Pooh cookies and cakes quick and easy: This is perfect for the next 5th birthday party or summer picnic you might be planning.

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