Take A Bite Out of….Mickey?

Nobody knows branding quite like the Disney Company. When you visit a Disney establishment, not only do you see your favorite mouse in animated character form, you also see him in every other form imaginable…including those that are edible!

While you can consume Mr. Mouse as a pasta, a vegetable, an ice cream sundae, and even as a pancake, my favorite Mickey Mouse-shaped foods are those that follow:

1. Mickey Waffles: These seem to keep popping up in my blog, but they’re pretty quintessential Disney food, no? The Mickey Waffle can be found on just about every buffet breakfast and room service menu on property; it’s a staple Disney parks and resorts food, and with all the folks trying to duplicate it at home, why shouldn’t it be?

Mickey Waffles at Cape May Cafe Character Breakfast

Mickey Waffles at Cape May Cafe Character Breakfast

2. The Mickey Bar: This has been an icon of Disney theme park food since…the beginning of Disney theme park food? (Seriously, if anyone has a good “history of the Mickey Bar” they can share, I’d be most obliged.) It’s simple and ubiquitous and can be enjoyed by adults and kids both.

Mickey Ice Cream Bars

Mickey Ice Cream Bars

Frozen Treats at the Magic Kingdom

Frozen Treats at the Magic Kingdom

3. Mickey Rice Krispies Treat (on or off a stick): Who knew such a simple recipe, first printed on the Rice Krispies box in 1941, would, with just a little re-shaping, become such a huge mega-seller in Disney theme parks? Sometimes dipped in chocolate, sometimes straight-up, Mickey Rice Krispies Treats are a great between-meal snack. And low-fat, right? (By they way, every once in a while you can find GIANT Mickey Rice Krispies treats — bigger than your head.)

Mickey Rice Krispies Treat

Mickey Rice Krispies Treat

4. Chocolate-covered Mickey Pretzels: Again, simple, yet delicious. Grab a pretzel, dip it in chocolate, add some decoration, and sell it for an enormous profit. We’re happy, you’re happy.

Chocolate-Covered Mickey Pretzels

Chocolate-Covered Mickey Pretzels

Now, my fifth favorite Mickey-shaped nom was not mentioned here, because I don’t believe it exists any longer (but I can hope!). If anyone out there has a photograph (or knowledge of its presence on Disney property) of the old sculpted Mickey butter that used to be served at the restaurants, I’d love to see it. A 3-dimensional sculpture of Mickey made out of butter. It doesn’t get any better than that.

Also, let me know YOUR favorite Mickey-shaped foods…there are many not mentioned here…


  1. Jenn says

    I remember the Mickey sculpted butter! I will scour my old photos and see if I can find a photo of it. I’m almost sure my crazy photography mom would have taken a shot of it.

  2. admin says

    Such a simple thing, isn’t it? Reminds me of having Klondike bars in my grandma’s kitchen…

  3. admin says

    I have a vivid memory of the mickey butter at the restaurant that used to be in the Garden Grill spot now…red velvet booths, I think… Would LOVE to have a picture. I should ask my Dad, too. Good luck!

  4. says

    Mickey Bars are the best! I had one on my latest trip to disney’s animal kingdom!! and it was so hot outside but the ice cream cooled me down inside

  5. says

    I remember those butters. I didn’t even realize they stopped serving them, although it has been a LONG time since I’ve eaten at a Disney restaurant that served bread.

    Speaking of long forgotten Disney food, does anyone remember the pizza that they served in the parks in the early-mid 90s? I specifically remember eating it on several occasions somewhere in MGM (the old Aladdin themed restaurant?) and at one of the restaurants surrounding the EPCOT Future World fountain. It was a very thick, square slice that was served in a styrofoam container. The pizza was really hard to eat by hand, so knives and forks were almost required. Eventually, they replaced this pizza with the traditional pizza, but I still have the occasional craving for this long forgotten Disney pizza.

  6. admin says

    @WME–I don’t remember that pizza! Must be I was never much of a pizza kid. Just did a google image search and couldn’t find anything… I hope someone pops up here with a pic! –AJ

  7. Keri says

    @WME – I remember the pizza! I haven’t been back there in a little over 10 years and was hoping to find it…..but it sounds like it might not be there anymore?


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