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Goofy’s Candy Company

Whether you call them candy or sweets, when you’re on Disney property they’re going to have Goofy’s stamp of approval! Gummies, sour balls, gumdrops, and more — Goofy’s got them all.

Candy Company Product Example

Candy Company Product Example

Goofy’s Candy Company was developed as Disney’s own candy brand (why pay someone else when the profit could be your own?), which is sold throughout the parks, resorts, and Disney properties worldwide. The story behind this brand is that Goofy, the beloved best pal to Mickey himself, owns and operates a colorful candy company; he even has the credentials to prove it!

Goofy's Candy Expert Credentials (Note the cool hidden Mickey in the woodgrain above!)

Goofy's Candy Expert Credentials (Note the cool hidden Mickey in the woodgrain above!)

Sour Apple Eating Contest: First Place!

Sour Apple Eating Contest: First Place!

And in Disney World’s Downtown Disney, Goofy’s newly renovated candy wonderland opened its doors in 2005.

Downtown Disney Candy Company Entrance

Downtown Disney Candy Company Entrance

Formerly Goofy’s Candy Kitchen, the need to popularize and promote the Goofy’s Candy Company product fostered the renovation — and movement into a much larger space — of the store. And while the kids who went to Wonka’s had to take what they could get, the folks who go to Goofy’s have the opportunity to dream up and create anything they want!

Make-Your-Own "Glacier"

Make-Your-Own Glacier

That’s right! Goofy’s created an interactive paradise for sugar-fiends! There are two ways to “have it your way” at Goofy’s: Glaciers and choose-your-own-toppings treats.

Glacier Goofy

Glacier Goofy

Glaciers (which are, basically, slurpees) come in eight flavors, including gawrshly berry blue and pucker purple, but the fun part is that you get to customize your cup! Purchasing the souvenir container allows you to choose a “hat” and “feet” (think “Mr. Potato Head”) for your Glacier cup in addition to your flavor (or flavors!). You can have a Mickey cup, a Minnie cup, a Goofy cup, a Stitch cup, a Princess cup…. .

And on the other side of the store, you can order your choose-your-own-toppings treats! Here, you choose a “base” item, e.g. an apple, a rice krispie treat, pretzel rods, marshmallows, and Mickey-shaped gingerbread cookies, which you then get to cover with two layers of toppings. The first, a “sticky” topping, includes choices like milk chocolate, white chocolate, and caramel. The second, a “stick-on” topping, includes options like butterfinger or oreo cookie crumbles, chocolate chips, mini M&Ms, nuts, and sprinkles.

Vat-o-Goo Candy Apple Maker

Vat-o-Goo Candy Apple Maker

Now, don’t forget, this is Disney, so every other sweet food item you’ve seen on property is available for sale here, too. Cookies, biscuits, bulk candy (sold by the pound), tinned candy, Goofy’s Sour Powder — even a few items that aren’t exclusively made by Goofy (that’s right — Goofy even sells competing companies’ candies once in a while). So this is a great place to come to pick up a gift to bring home for the office mates.

Goofy's Sour Candy Powder

Goofy's Sour Candy Powder

Jelly Bellies

Jelly Bellies

And once you have your creations ready to eat, wave goodbye to Goofy on your way out!

One Version of a Final Product -- Rice Krispie Treat 'n' Stuff

One Version of a Final Product -- Rice Krispie Treat 'n' Stuff


Editor’s Note: I’ve never been able to visit Goofy’s Candy Company without incurring a massive stomach ache within 3 hours of leaving. This is just a warning. Carry on and good luck. ;)

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  1. monica says:

    Is there a way to order a candy that I purchased while at disneyland that my boyfriend and I adore???? We would like to order some packages of the gummies… Please let me know:)

  2. AJ says:

    Hi Monica! I’m not an official Disney website, so take what I say with that knowledge. You might be able to purchase the gummies via mail order. Disneyland’s mail order can be reached at 800 362-4533. Disney World mail order can be reached at 407-363-6200. Good luck!

  3. SF says:

    If you get to this store get (a few) peanut butter cookies…if you can wait—and you have a microve available—zap one of these things for 10-15 seconds…it is by far the best peanut butter cookie experience I have ever had…

    You can do this with any of their cookies—but peanut butter is the best.

    Their fudge is pretty good too…

  4. AJ says:

    SF — GREAT suggestion!

  5. Sue says:

    I would like to purchase some of the candies, such as Goofy’s cherry sour balls, I would appreciate any assistant…thank you

  6. […] cookies sandwiched between a cream filling.  Therefore, let’s refer to it as a huge oreo*.  Goofy’s candy company is located in Downtown Disney Marketplace, near where the old pet store was, and is awesome (insert […]

  7. AJ says:

    Hi Sue — to purchase goods from WDW, your fist step will be calling or emailing the WDW Mail Order Line. Good luck!

  8. rossella says:

    are there some gluten free candies?

  9. disappointed says:

    What happened to the Goofy Cherry Sours…they are not available from all stores east coast and west. When will they be coming back. What a disappointmet to find Disney removed them for sale. They were a huge seller…

  10. AJ says:

    disappointed — That IS surprising! I could have sworn I saw them very recently. We’ll check that out.

  11. Charmaine Johnson says:

    Recently (November) we visited Downtown Dysney and Goofy’s Candy Company. We purchased chocolate chip cookies and another choc chip cookie that was white in color and had raspberry in it as well. Suffice it to say the raspberry ones were to die for, even though they were about $3.59 for one cookie….they were well worth it! I can’t find a way to order and have these cookies shipped to me here in Michigan. Are you able to advise? Thanks.

  12. AJ says:

    Charmaine Johnson — These are Selma’s cookies. You can order them online at

  13. nicole says:

    is there a goofy’s candy co. in california? or is it just florida?

  14. Spencer says:

    Now that is my idea of Heaven! I would so love to go there one day. I love Candy and would love to try the Goofy’s version.

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