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Christmas in July at the Disney Food Blog

Christmas (Eve) is in exactly six months, and I thought it’d be fun to visit a couple of Disney resorts and their food-rific Christmas decor! You’ll have to forgive me that these photos are a few years old (2005, I think), but we all know that gingerbread scenes are where it’s at for Disney resorts at Christmas-time, so at least they’re up-to-date in concept!

Disney’s Boardwalk Inn: “Santa’s Toy Workshop”
Disney bakers have a history of hiding characters — including hidden Mickeys — in their gingerbread scenes. This one has the fab five hidden throughout!

Boardwalk Inn Gingerbread Display: Santa's Toy Workshop

Boardwalk Inn Gingerbread Display: Santa's Toy Workshop

And of course, this is all made out of edible ingredients!

Santa's Toy Workshop Ingredients

Santa's Toy Workshop Ingredients

The Beach Club: “Gingerbread Carousel”
The gingerbread carousel at the Beach Club is pretty much the same every year. Yep, the horses change, but the concept remains. And if you’ve seen the Travel Channel special, you know that there’s usually a white chocolate hidden Mickey somewhere on the display.

Beach Club Gingerbread Carousel

Beach Club Gingerbread Carousel

And, again, completely edible — and a group effort!

Carousel Ingredients

Carousel Ingredients

Hopefully this will put you in the holiday spirit a bit and remind you of all the wonderful Disney food to come over the holiday season! :-) Happy Holidays and Happy Christmas in July!

(PS: I take NO responsibility for the lot of you who are about to go check and see if there are any good deals on Disney resorts at Christmastime right about now…no responsibility at all!)


  1. Joanna says:

    Hey this is a great article. Our whole family spent time during Thanksgiving last year just touring the resorts and looking at the Christmas decorations and gingerbread creations. Thanks for showcasing this.

  2. admin says:

    Thanks Joanna! I love touring the resorts during the holidays; Disney goes over the top and everything smells like gingerbread…mmm…

  3. Anna says:

    I love this blog! I’m pretty sure Christmas is 5 months from now, not 6… ;o)

  4. admin says:

    Anna– Oh dear. You’re so right. I never have been good at details! ;-) Glad you like the blog!

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