Campfires and S’mores? Who knew?

That’s right. What started with an innocent campfire sing-a-long at Fort Wilderness has turned into one of the most-loved (and most unknown) activities for Disney World Resort Hotel guests — campfires, movies on the beach, and…s’mores!

Yacht and Beach Club Resorts Campfire and Smores

Yacht and Beach Club Resorts Campfire and Smores

In addition to the original Chip & Dale campfire sing-a-long and movie at Fort Wilderness, free (yep — I said it) “movies on the beach” can be found at several resorts, including the Yacht and Beach Club Resorts, the Contemporary Resort, the Grand Floridian Resort and Spa, Saratoga Springs Resort, and All Star Music.

Movie on the Beach at Yacht and Beach Club Resorts

Movie on the Beach at Yacht and Beach Club Resorts

The best part, in my humble opinion, is that some of these include campfires! And where there are campfires, there are s’mores! You can either bring your own s’mores fixin’s or purchase a s’mores kit (around $5) at nearby refreshment stands.

Movies are shown at varying times (usually beginning between 7-9pm EST); check with the front desk of each hotel for an activities sheet, which will give dates and times of movie nights, and a listing of which movies will be showing.


  1. says

    Excellent article AJ and the photos are very good! :) Definitely makes me want to go to some of these and take a bunch of shots with people roasting the marsh mellows! :)

  2. admin says

    George — good to know! I’ve never been to HHI!

    James — thank you! They are brilliant photos, aren’t they! Perfect lighting.

  3. Mike says

    Just got back from Old Key West and they have a movie night once a week and a fire ring behind the volley ball court. I am sure it is capable of smores too.

  4. Tara says

    so..if we are NOT staying at a Disney resort this time, are there any campfires/smores that we can attend?? :) or do you have to stay at a Disney resort?

  5. says

    Tara — Youcam go to the s’mores and campfires whether you’re staying at the resort or not. S’mores ingredients have to be purchased or brought with you.


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