7 Underrated Disney World Appetizers (You’ve Gotta Try These!)

We were chatting in my house about some of our favorite Disney World appetizers and realized that we don’t hear people talk about these seven very often! Are they underrated? Simply unknown? Who knows. Either way, I want YOU to know about them, because they’re quite yummy indeed.

1. Citricos: Arancini-Crispy Risotto
This appetizer, with Italian Sausage, Quattro Formaggi, and White Truffle Aïoli, is different. And that’s what I love about it. Fried risotto. Cheese. Sausage. It’s like a little ball of comfort. I love that this is the way I begin my slow, relaxing meals at Citricos.

Citricos Arancini-Crispy Risotto

Citricos Arancini-Crispy Risotto

2. Beaches and Cream: Chili
Simple. Straightforward. The best chili on property. If you disagree, let me know your favorite!

3. Liberty Tree Tavern: Tavern Fried Cheese with Marinara Sauce
You may think these are just cheese sticks. But you’d be wrong. See those little pudgy ones on the side? Curds. Curds! DeeeLISH! There’s a completely different flavor here than your standard chain restaurant cheese sticks; at least WE think so!

Liberty Tree Tavern Fried Cheese

Liberty Tree Tavern Fried Cheese

4. Le Cellier: Spicy Chicken and Chipotle Sausage with Roasted Corn Polenta and Sweet Onion Jam
While patrons (including me!) rave about Le Cellier’s cheddar cheese soup and trio of breadsticks, we were blown away when we tried this chicken and chipotle sausage. The corn polenta adds just the right texture to compliment the sausage. It’s a meal in itself, but don’t forget you’ve still got steak coming!

Le Cellier Spicy Chicken and Chipotle Sausage with Roasted Corn Polenta

Le Cellier Spicy Chicken and Chipotle Sausage with Roasted Corn Polenta

5. Rose and Crown Pub and Dining Room: Meat and Cheese Selection for Two
All you have to do is take one look at this beautiful board and you know it’s delicious. Black pudding, Stilton baked into a flaky pastry, sharp Cheddar, mushroom-infused Brie, candied walnuts, gherkin, a little pot of onions — it’s a little bit of everything. Truly, the best “cheese plate” I’ve found in Disney World to date. Pair this with a cup of the potato and leek soup, and you have an unforgettable meal. Thanks to WDWforGrownups.com for the photo!

Rose and Crown Dining Room Cheese and Meat Plate

Rose and Crown Dining Room Cheese and Meat Plate

6. ESPN Club: Patriot Clam Chowder
Liberty Tree Tavern has great clam chowder, too, but as they’re already on the list we wanted to mention our runner-up clam chowder at the ESPN Club! Brimming with clams and potatoes, we always order it with LOTS of oyster crackers…

7. California Grill: Potato Celery Soup
Unfortunately, this is seasonal. But I’m hoping it’s back next Winter! We were skeptical about California Grill until we dipped our soup spoons into this rich, flavorful, creamy soup. I wish words could explain how decadent this stuff is, but, alas, we’ll just have to hope we can fit all of the Disney Food Blog readers into a meet-and-greet at Cali Grill next February. For a hint of the recipe, check our California Grill review post.

California Grill Potato Celery Soup

California Grill Potato Celery Soup

There you have it! Our favorites, so far! Clearly we haven’t tried everything on every menu, so if you’ve got a contender, let me know by posting a comment. Thanks in advance!


  1. says

    @Heidi: You know, I ALMOST put a picture of the sticky wings at ‘Ohana/Tambu, but decided against it. I’m glad I did, because that means I got to go check out your cool blog post! You guys look like you had so much fun!

    @JulFromMD: Thanks for your insight — sounds like a must-try! (I love posting blogs that conjure suggestions for yummy new-to-me dishes for my list!)

  2. says

    You are right on with these choices. I haven’t had them all, but have had some…still working my way around to all of them. I would add just about any appetizer from Jiko’s menu to these, although it may not qualify as underrated.

  3. says

    You temptress, you! Those pictures are killing me, they all look so great (especiall 1, 3 and 5)! Believe it or not, I have tried none of these things. How could I have been to Disney World twice and not tried any of these??? Maybe my next trip will be a “snacking around the ‘World” trip. :-)

  4. says

    My Dad had the Risotto at Citricos when we went in February. I tried a bite, and it’s absolutely delicious.

    HOWEVER…I’m glad I didn’t give up MY app… I had the goat cheese truffles and O.M.G. (yes…O.M.G.) if you’re a goat cheese fan, these are to die for. Easily one of my favorite things I’ve ever eaten! Here’s a link to the picture: http://bit.ly/JQm9G

  5. says

    @Tim: I definitely considered adding a couple of Jiko appetizers! I love those…

    @Gray: I aim to please! Don’t they look great!

    @Kelly: Thanks for the photo! That looks fantastic.

  6. says

    Heidi and AJ

    I’m going along with you on the Sticky Wings. Delish! They serve them at Kona as an app and they are soooo good. Looks like it’s time for you to do a “Favorite Appetizer” poll here on the Disney Food Blog now that you have some suggestions for the non-underrated apps. I’d love to see more pictures!


  7. says

    Dang! I love the look of that cheese plate!

    I miss the warm caesar salad that used to be on the menu at Le Cellier.

  8. says

    Amanda — So right! Gotta do a favorite app poll!

    Janna — Isn’t that cheese plate amazing!! Great point on the warm ceasar.

  9. Meredith Koeval says

    How does the Beaches and Cream chili compare to the Trail’s End Buffeteria chili? That is my favorite!!

  10. says

    Meredith — There are Trail’s End devotees and Beaches and Cream devotees….that’s all I’ll say to that! ;-D Thanks for the recommendation of Trail’s End chili, though!

  11. Adi says

    Naan bread at Sanaa!!!
    The best appetizer on property!
    (the burger should make your best burger list too)

  12. Jill says

    The Wild Boar Tenderloin at Jiko is UNBELIEVABLE!! So tender, juicy, nicely charred on the outside. Absolutely divine. I wanted a whole meal of it!

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