Breakfast on the Range: Whispering Canyon Cafe

Global Disney Pinvestigator is back with another round of comments and photos about a recent meal. This one, breakfast at Whispering Canyon Cafe, is a great read, so settle in my friends, and don’t forget to give us your comments…


“Once again getting to the restaurant early, we were definitely the FIRST people there (and this might have been unfortunate). I have heard of the great show the waitstaff puts on, but I was a bit disappointed. The show couldn’t really begin until the restaurant filled up a bit more, and as it was 7:50am, things weren’t as rowdy.

(Interestingly, I overheard one waiter “breaking character” to ask about the time. When her co-worker responded “8:15,” the waiter replied “Oh…I’m ready to sing, and we have to wait 30 more minutes.” I’m guessing this means that if you have a later reservation, you may get a better show, as waitstaff aren’t allowed to get loud until after 8:45 due to sleeping Wilderness Lodge Resort guests!)

Dining Room

Dining Room

While Whispering Canyon has a nice-sized menu for breakfast, we decided to go for the Canyon Skillet, which is all-you-can-eat scrambled eggs, biscuits, potatoes, bacon, sausage, gravy, and mickey waffles for $14.99.

OJ a la Jam Jar

OJ a la Jam Jar

All You Can Eat Skillet

All You Can Eat Skillet

It was good, standard breakfast food, but it wasn’t refilled as much as our ‘Ohana breakfast servings and the Mickey waffles arrived a bit cold. The food was fine, though I would definitely rather go to ‘Ohana for breakfast.

Plate With Mickey Waffle

Plate With Mickey Waffle

Additionally, though we’d been looking forward to the Whispering Canyon’s rowdy reputation, our waiter was not that “entertaining.” While other waitstaff seemed much more “awake” (throwing straws and rounding up the ketchup), our waiter was pretty low-key. I’m sure that if I hadn’t been expecting a rowdy atmosphere I wouldn’t have been disappointed, but we were really hoping… .

In the end, I might go back for a different meal (lunch or dinner); and while I may go back for breakfast again, I found it just “OK.” I enjoyed ‘Ohana much more.

Rating: 3 of 5
Tables in Wonderland: yes
Food: 3 of 5
Entertainment/show: 2 of 5″


  1. says

    Great post! I think WCC is definitely better for lunch or dinner. I’ve also found that if you have children with you, it’s a much better time.

  2. Amy says

    I remember going to WCC when I was really young–7 or 8. I couldn’t get enough of the sausage gravy, as that’s something that you can’t really find in my native CT. It’s definitely better later in the day. Dinner is probably the best time to go if you’re looking for fun. The more crowded the restaurant, the better.

  3. says

    Jenn — This is a guest review, so it’s not necessarily my personal review. We really like it for breakfast.

  4. Dianne Autenzio says

    I have to say we dont make a trip there without having breakfast there during our stay.
    The food is excellent, the best banana bread french toast, the platter plentiful and can be
    customized a little. The waitstaff some are funny some are just putting in their time like anyplace. We had Craig for our server the last two times and would request him again
    the grandchildren ranging from 16 to 6 really enjoyed him.

  5. says

    I think restaurants are the best place because they are good for children, and for adults I remember the kid I was dreaming exactly this.

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