Magic Kingdom Wishes Dessert Party Extended into January 2010

Wishes Dessert Party Buffet

Wishes Dessert Party Buffet

Just confirmed a rumor with Disney Dining that the Wishes Dessert party has been extended through January 2, 2010!

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I was told that in November and December, the party will only be held Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. Not sure if I’d bet on that, though… . As always, you can book 90 days in advance.

Thanks to reader Psg42 for the tip!
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  1. says

    I’m beginning to wonder if they are not taking reservation for parties of 1. I just tried to book the party for several nights in early November for just myself, after being told they had extended the event, and was told they had no availablity. The same thing happened when I had tried to book for this week’s trip a while back…

  2. says

    I don’t understand having it during a party night…why would I spend more money that evening to watch Wishes from that spot? Plus, it would take up more of my “party” time. I know I wouldn’t do it!

  3. says

    Bet on it. I just called to make an ADR for the event and discovered that those are, in fact, the only days they are doing it. I can’t understand their logic behind not offering it on non-party nights.

  4. Stephanie says

    we just got back from our trip and we did this on our last night. it was worth it but be careful that you get there early enogh to stake out a good spot at the railing. the front desk gave us teh wrong time and by the time we go there space was limited. we got spots right next to where they were taking pictures and they kept asking us to move DURING the fireworks while they took pictures of people in front of the castle. definately put a damper on the event for me. how ever i spoke with the manager and he assured me that they would take steps to fix it in the future and that the photographer shouldn’t have been taking pics during the show. on the plus side you are FEET away from where Tink “zips” too! good luck and enjoy!

  5. Andrea says

    I just tried to book this party for Tues. the week of Thanksgiving and was told it was not available. I am going to keep trying. I just can’t believe there is no availability.

  6. Angela says

    I just called last night to book the dessert party for Monday, Nov. 30. I called to reserve for 2 adults and was told the only time left open was 7:20pm. It had booked that fast from just being announced. The Mickey’s Christmas Party is not happening this night, so we do not need to worry about purhcasing separate tickets. My husband did do some research and found out that the dessert party is being limited to about 35 people. Apparently, they had been letting in up to 80 people per event, but the food would run out and the place was crowded. However, the price was increased to compensate for the smaller group of people.

  7. says

    Disney emailed me a response to my comments about Dessert Buffet only being offered on selected days. They said that it is offered every night that Wishes is shown, and that it was happening on non-party nights.

    So I called Disney Dining again and this time I was able to book 7:20 PM for 12/16. Obivously something changed in the last week.

  8. says

    Scott — Good to know Disney’s changed some things around to accommodate folks not going to the parties. Thanks for letting us know. –AJ

  9. Monica says

    Can someone please tell me if you could see the Spectromagic parade at 9pm while you are eating dessert. thanks

  10. says

    I think it would be excellent if they would entertain the idea of having this at the train depot too… lots of area for quaint tables and desserts Viewing of the parade and fireworks!!!


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