2009 Epcot International Food and Wine Festival Merchandise

Some great merchandise available this year! Here’s a sneak peek!

One of the many Festival Shops

One of the many Festival Shops

These are my favorite item. They’re messenger bags recycled from last year’s banners. Once they’re gone, they’re GONE! Get one soon!

Messenger Bags recycled from last year's banners

Messenger Bags recycled from last year's banners

Recycled Messenger Bag

Recycled Messenger Bag

Recycled Messenger Bag

Recycled Messenger Bag

This year’s Cookbook! I really like the styling of this.

2009 Epcot Food and Wine Festival Cookbook

2009 Epcot Food and Wine Festival Cookbook

A couple of recipes in the book

A couple of recipes in the book

Pins and T-shirts! This year’s designs offer men’s and women’s styles — and plenty of them! There’s a great selection this year; everyone will find something they like.

This year's pins

This year's pins

epcot food and wine festival tshirt

These depict this year's theme artwork

These depict this year's theme artwork

Women's shirt

Women's shirt

And other items…

Another t-shirt option and the tote bags

Another t-shirt option and the tote bags

Coasters, notecards, and wine charms

Coasters, notecards, and wine charms


  1. says

    Uggg, you’re killing me! We are going until mid October and now you’ve got me wanting to plan a quick trip now! Love Food and Wine Festival.

  2. says

    Hey AJ… last year we bought a cookbook and somehow it disappeared on our way home, so we are looking to pick up another cookbook this year, however we won’t be down in time. Can you provide all of us folks with the UPC on the cookbook? That way those of us far, far from the World can order a copy through Disney Mail Order.

    Thank you so so much!!

  3. JohnW says

    Has Disney posted anywhere the cost of the EIFWF Merchandise?? I’d
    like to know the cost of the Men’s Tshirts. Also I definitely want to get
    a signed Festival Poster. Wonder how much that will cost??

    Will be at Epcot the week of Columbus Day.


  4. says

    Cody, JulFromMD, and JohnW — I’ll be at the Festival Center tomorrow and will check in on these questions! –AJ

  5. says

    I’m guessing all of those cool messenger bags will be gone by Oct. 14, huh? Well, as long as I can buy that pin, I’ll be happy!

  6. James (Disneynorth) says

    Love, love, love the messenger bags!!!! Anyone going want to do me the huge favor and pick one up for me? Of course, I will reimburse…….

  7. Leota says

    I love the messenger bags & the red Chef women’s tee. I know what I’ll be trying to get when I get down there. I suspect the bags will be long gone tho :(

  8. Sarah-bird says

    Hey James (Disney North),

    I am going to be there tonight and maybe even next week. Still want a messenger bag? E-mail me at sarah.bird.com and I will pick one up for you. Please send your phone number also and I will call you with the options I see at the park.

    I know, strange offer from a stranger but us Mouse Junkies have to stick together!!

  9. janet says

    I am trying to replace a 2007 festival poster……is it possible to purchase past years?
    Thanks for any help….

  10. Marguret says

    Does anyone know how I can go about getting a cookbook from the festival? I was just there but the store I went to were out of them…Please help!!

  11. says

    Hi Marguret: The UPC code on the cookbook is 4 0019185026 0. You can contact WDW Mail Order and order one for yourself!

  12. Nancy says

    Disappointed the recycled messenger bags were gone so soon…we were there the first Sunday and were told they were gone the first day. Would love to have had one!

  13. Shane says

    I was just down at the Food and Wine fest, I went to pick up a poster at the end of the night and the booths were closed. Is there anyway I can one up through Disney Mail Order??? If so, how???

  14. IE says


    I am so glad I found this site! I was just down there at the Food and Wine fest.
    I loved one of the dish from Ireland Kiosk, and been trying to look for the recipe.
    (Didn’t think it would be this hard.)

    Someone on different site stated that the Cookbook has all the receips from all the Kiosk.

    Is this a true statement? If so, I want to mail order the cookbook from WDW mail order as AJ suggests.


  15. says

    Hi IE. Not sure if the cookbook has ALL recipes from this year’s festival. Even if not, it’ll surely be a good cookbook to have around the house! I’d suggest picking it up either way ;-)

  16. Maryke says

    I bought the cookbook for $15.00 I think it was. I’ve tried 3 recipes out of it so far and been very disapointed with all of them. I LOVED the food at the festival but recipes are obviously not the same as the tastes I bought in Epcot. The recipes so far (Indian, Australian and Thai) have been, in general, far more spicey and less sweet than I actually ate in Epcot. I may not be a gourmet chef but I’m quite sure I didn’t screw up the recipes that badly! Very sad as I really wanted to eat that Australian lamb again!

  17. says

    Maryke, that’s so unfortunate! I wonder if something happens during the “mass production” that makes the recipes taste different. Hmph. That’s frustrating. Keep us updated as you try other recipes — there’s bound to be at least one good one…I hope…

  18. steve says

    I just happened onto this website. I would love to get a replacement event polo shirt that I got last year. If someone will be at this festival over the coming weeks, would be grateful if you can let me know the UPC so I can get one by mailorder. Many thanks.

  19. says

    Hey Steve, you can also just give mail order a call/email and see if you can describe what you’re looking for well enough for them to find it. Sometimes you don’t need a full UPC. Good luck!

  20. Roy says

    Not all the food at the festival this year is in the cookbook and nobody knows how to get the recipe’s that I want. The Lobster and Scallop shepards pie in Ireland and the Braised Pork rib in France were fantastic and recipes are not in cookbook that I know of for sure.

    So to answer your question’s NO not all the food is in the cookbook only the top 50 items but not sure who decided what 50 are the Top.

  21. says

    Hi Roy. Thank you for this info. One possibility is to contact Disney’s “special diet needs” email/phone number and see if you can get the recipes that way — they might know where to go to get it:

    General Disney Special Diets Contact: SpecialDiets@DisneyWorld.com, or 407-824-5967
    Animal Kingdom: WDWAKSpecialDiets@email.disney.com, or 407-938-3288
    Hollywood Studios: WDWSTSpecialDiets@email.disney.com, or 407-560-3551
    Epcot: WDWECSpecialDiets@email.disney.com, or 407-560-6395
    Magic Kingdom: WDWMKSpecialDiets@email.disney.com, or 407-824-5967

  22. Bonnie Johnson says

    I was at the Food and Wine Festival yesterday and did not get the chance to purchase a cookbook. Am I able to do that online. By the way the festival was fantastic a litle warm but once the sun went down there was a nice breeze off the lagoon. Hope someone can help. Thank you

  23. Jana Farley says

    I was just at the F&W Festival. My favorite dessert was the Frozen Grand Marnier Parfait w/Orange Coulis (from the Champagne & Dessert kiosk). Does anyone know how to get the recipe? Is it in the cookbook? I don’t want to order the book through the merchandise store without knowing if it’s included.

  24. GB says

    Just got back from F&W yesterday! But, forgot to pick up a tee shirt this year! Gasp!!! Does any one have the UPC number for the woman’s blue shirt???

    Thank you!!


  25. says

    Hi Jana — Not sure if it’s in the cookbook. I’ll put out a call on twitter and facebook to see if it’s there!

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