A Candy-Lover’s Guide to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party

Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party entrance sign

As you saw with the pumpkins on main street, Disney World hasn’t left the foodies out of the Halloween plans. There’s plenty more where that came from, and I can’t wait to share with you more Halloween food items at Disney World.

But today I want to focus on the real reason why we spend all that money on tickets to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party (MNSSHP): the candy.

MNSSHP Trick or Treat bag

MNSSHP Trick or Treat bag

The Basics
For those who haven’t yet attended, this year’s party is much like those of past years. Simply request your Trick or Treat bag from the CMs at the front of the park, get your MNSSHP brochure with the candy spots marked, and you’re off. Look for the Goofy’s Candy Company balloons throughout the park and follow the lines to the candy.

MNSSHP Brochure With Map and Showtimes Inside

MNSSHP Brochure With Map and Showtimes Inside

These Balloons Will Mark Candy Spots

These Balloons Will Mark Candy Spots

Once you see the balloons, just find the entrance sign for the candy line and follow the crowd.

Trick or Treat Spot Entrance Sign

Trick or Treat Spot Entrance Sign

The actual candy tub will look like this, once you approach. The line will usually split into two lines, each going to one of the two CMs manning candy tubs at each location. Note: Occasionally you’ll see a third candy tub behind the initial two. This one has only raisins, so choose accordingly.

Candy Tub and CMs

Candy Tub and CMs

The candy haul is pretty good this year — Buttefingers, Dots, Twizzlers, Mike and Ike, Snickers, Now and Later, Sugar Babies, and other name brands are mixed in with the smarties and suckers — and if you’re diligent, you can really fill that bag up! Granted, for the amount you’re paying for the Party tickets you could probably buy a whole shelf of candy at the Walgreen’s, but the experience has always been worth the money for us, even when we go without kids.

Also, this year there are more “indoor” candy spots than in prior years. Be sure to head over to Pirates of the Caribbean — there’s a Trick or Treat location in the Pirates’ League. Of course, the CMs handing out candy are pirates, so be on guard!

Tip to Maximize Your Haul
As has been the case for the last few years, the highest concentration of candy goodness is in Mickey’s Toontown Fair and the subsequent Alice and Mad Hatter’s Treat Party, which is located on the path between Toontown and Tomorrowland.

Toontown Fair

Toontown Fair

MNSSHP Alice and Mad Hatter Treat Party

Decorated with images from Disney’s Alice in Wonderland (the animated version — not the upcoming Depp-ified, Burton-ified version due in March), this little walkway is rarely crowded, and happens to hold about 3 or 4 trick or treat spots in close proximity. This is also where you might catch a glimpse of the White Rabbit during the evening!

CM Manning the Treat Party

CM Manning the Treat Party

Speaking of characters, in between your Trick or Treating, keep your eyes open for some rarely seen characters at MNSSHP. Lots of Villains abound, and you might catch a glimpse of Tarzan and Jane, or even Snow White, accompanied by ALL SEVEN of her dwarf friends.

Snow White and the Seven (ALL Seven!) Dwarfs

Snow White and the Seven (ALL Seven!) Dwarfs

And be sure to catch one of the two showings of the Halloween Boo to You Parade, which is by far one of the best parades on Disney property. Of course, it highlights Goofy and his famous Candy Company!

Goofy's Candy Company Parade Float

Goofy's Candy Company Parade Float

MNSSHP has always been one of my favorite Fall activities at Disney World. Trick or Treating is done by ALL, not just the kiddos, so get out there shamelessly with your bag, my friends! And costumes are optional; you’ll blend in with one or without one. The only rule? Have fun!

Still don’t have your tickets to MNSSHP? There are plenty more dates available (even though Halloween is now sold out). Just call 407-WDisney to purchase tickets, or visit DisneyWorld.com’s MNSSHP page!


  1. NewEnglandCamper (Bob) says

    Did you get the Star Wars – Tunes Toothbrush?
    I would of preferred some more chocolate in my goodie bag and I do have to admit I felt a little bit foolish Trick or Treating at the newly age of 40!

    It was a great time though. I really enjoyed the parade. I really really really wished we got to see Snow White and all the dwarves. That would have been awesome!

    Definitely want to do that again plus the Christmas party!

  2. says

    This raises an idea that had never occurred to me before: How much fun would it be to go trick or treating at Disney World? When I was a kid, we had to trudge all over town all night in the hunt for candy. Nowadays, kids go trick or treating at the Mall, and in half an hour or less, their bags are full. But Disney World…that’s the mother lode! Not only do you get tons of candy,but you get to enjoy the parks and parades and decorations, too. What a great idea! I’m starting to think I need to move to Orlando so I can enjoy all the different holidays and festivals at Disney World without worrying about airfare and hotels. LOL!

  3. Jackey says

    Those are some good tips to finding the candy. I have only gone once and I couldn’t seem to find many candy spots. Although I didn’t go over to Toontown. I will have to hit up Toontown next time I go to a MNSSHP.

  4. Sarah says

    I’ve been attending the party since I moved to Orlando 2 years ago. My third trip to MNSSHP will be Tuesday, and I can’t wait! Two good spots (as I have noticed in years past) to get candy is where the parade starts, right by Pecos Bill, and where it ends on Main Street. When Goofy’s float comes out, CMs are there with big handfuls of candy. They give out a decent amount at the beginning, and really start unloading at the end. If you don’t want to lug around the bag of candy all night but want a lot, CMs literally will grab huge handfuls at the end of the night to give to you.

    Also, I had the opportunity a couple weeks ago to watch Hallowishes from my balcony at the Contemporary, and there were perimeter fireworks that went off. I don’t recall those from years past. It was amazing! A couple weeks prior to my trip, I had gone over to the Magic Kingdom on my birthday so I could put my ‘birthday ticket’ towards renewing my pass. The road outside of the Contemporary was blocked off from 9:15-9:45 to accommodate those fireworks, so if you’re hoping to see the fireworks without attending the event, either go to the Contemporary early, or watch from the Poly or Grand Floridian. Hit the Tambu Lounge at the Poly for a drink to go and head down to the beach. It’s location gives it the most front-and-center view for the display. Truly an awesome show!

  5. says

    Hi Bob! I did NOT get the toothbrush, but kind of wish I had! Glad you trick-or-treated — everyone’s a kid in Disney World. Thanks for your comment!

    Gray — if you move to Orlando, let me know. I’ll be around regularly to crash on your couch!

    Jackey — Definitely Toontown, but it might be gone by next year with the Fantasyland expansion! What shall we do then?!?

    Sarah — GREAT tips! They really do unload the candy at the end of the night. Also, the perimeter fireworks are fantastic; they also do them for Holiday Wishes at Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party! We caught HalloWishes from California Grill this year — so surreal to be sitting at California Grill and hearing the Haunted Mansion music piped in!

  6. says

    We’re heading out next week! Looks like I’m going to be baking with a lot of candy this year.

    Still can’t decide on a costume, though.

  7. says

    Kelly and Kim — You lucky things! I think the hard-ticket parties are some of my best memories at Disney World.

    Anna — Hmm… I wonder how many things you can make with Shock Tarts…

  8. Big Bad Wolf says


    I will be there on the 31st as well… I doubt you will be able to figure out which one I am, but let’s just say that I will be dressed as one of the Goofy’s wandering around… lol

  9. says

    I know this is a bit late but one tip that I have heard is to start in the back of the park and make your way up towards the entrance as it is less busy that way and you have more time!

  10. Debbie says

    Two more days and we will be in Disney. We are running for our first Marathon on Saturaday and then we will be attending the MNSSHP on Sunday evening. Unfortunately, we are heading home Monday afternoon. :( Can’t wait.

  11. Lost in Wonderland says

    This is Disney World, right? Sounds like this was a better venture. I went to Disneyland for Halloween over the promise of Tim Burton homage and was kinda disappointed. The treats were great and the parade was fun and The Haunted Mansion all decked out was my favorite part but the cast member suit characters mainly only appeared in the brief parade and we didn’t get fireworks because it was too windy. The only character photo I have from that Halloween is me, my ex and Jack and Sally. Which was amazing but now it’s hard to wanna keep the photos because my ex is in them. Also I had waited two whole years for those specific fireworks and when they didn’t do them I was so disappointed. I was also miffed about not seeing any villains on the streets. I wanted to see Oogie, Maleficent and Queen Grimhilde… And Frollo. Or Br’er Fox. But there was not a single one. Not even good characters were out. Not since Jack and Sally went home. It kinda sucked.

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