Have You Ever Been to the Sunset Room?

You’ve probably walked past the grand old Sunset Room restaurant many times, but you’ve never stayed for dinner. Too bad, as they have a delicious-looking menu… from October 31, 1939.

You see, the Sunset Room is a chic restaurant in the Hollywood Tower Hotel — a place to see and be seen.

Hollywood Tower of Terror

Hollywood Tower of Terror's Sunset Room Restaurant

Hollywood Tower of Terror's Sunset Room Restaurant

At least…it was a chic restaurant. Today, there’s not much left but dust, locked doors, and that menu, still posted with the specials of the day, which you can read yourself on the way to the hotel’s gift shop. I wonder whatever happened to that old place…

Sunset Room Menu

Sunset Room Menu


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    This is one of my favorite details from the Tower of Terror, perhaps because it is so intricate but yet doesn’t have an actual tie to The Twilight Zone. I can remember taking multiple pictures on multiple trips last year before I took a decent one last fall that I could use. Thanks for sharing this great piece, and for giving me a stroll down memory lane!

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    …not to spoil the magic, but if I remember correctly, those doors lead to where Merchandise CMs would go to “monitor” the cameras that took the pictures on the ride. Just in case something not so family friendly was snapped. I only worked that area a handful of times when I was a CM, mainly the front line ringing out the photo purchases, but I thought those were the doors to the camera area…man, it has been a long time…

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    Ryan: Thanks for your comment, and good point. I didn’t realize that it didn’t have an actual tie to one of the episodes.

    Chrissy: Ha! What a great piece of backstage info!

    Jenna: Isn’t it strange? I never noticed it before my past trip, either. I think my eyes are more attuned to “foodstuffs” these days…

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