Disney Food Rumor: The Victoria Room at Victoria and Albert’s?

Victoria and Alberts Dining Room

Victoria and Alberts Dining Room

Rumor has it that Victoria and Albert’s is developing a new, and even more sumptuous, offering for patrons: “The Victoria Room.”

According to a message board postings, The Victoria Room will be a dining experience even more extravagant than the Chef’s Table.

Rumored Specs
–Menu will have a 12-16 course dinner
–Experience will include all new menus and wine pairings, and level of service will be stepped up
–The number of diners in this private seating room might be limited to between 12-16
–The cost will be $295.00 per person, inclusive of the wine pairings
–As far as we can tell, this will NOT be the same as booking a private room for a party (i.e. no minimum number of guests)

Right now, there is no launch date (though there’s a hope that it will premier this winter), and, again, this is all rumor. Also rumored is a new website for V&A (Victoria_Albert.com) — not yet launched as of this posting — and a new V&A-only phone number (407-WDW-DVNA).

Unanswered Questions…
How different is this from what you get with the “private dining room” option currently at V&A? Will you be dining with other patrons, or just your group? Could the “New Years Eve” experience be the “pilot-test” of this room? Not sure yet…

Do you have info about the rumor? Would love to hear your updates, all!


  1. says

    How can anyone eat 12-16 courses of food???? Unless it’s stretched out over several hours…Good lord. Interesting rumor, though.

  2. says

    Gray — I bet the portions are teeny-tiny! Just a bite or two for each course. That’s my guess… and hope… ;-)

    Emily — Really? Interesting… Thanks for the tip.

  3. says

    I would LOVE to hear all about it, Sara. Pics, too! :-) Sounds like a really wonderful way to celebrate with friends. Are you going for a special occasion?

  4. LovetheMouse says

    After dining at V&A this past summer — I must say that the meal, while good, was not spectacular. Several courses were indeed superb, but few lived up to the satisfaction and flavor explosion of the amuse bouche. Several proteins/courses were over salted and lacked the wow factor you expect from such high end and exclusive dining.

    We still had an enjoyable evening, the service and ambience were superb, and the wine pairings far too generous in terms of size of pours. (How anyone can safely drive home after partaking in their wine pairings is beyond me). They treated you very well and never rushed you through the evening.

    But in the end, the restaurant doesn’t live up to the culinary hype they advertise from beginning to end — at least as compared to other high end, multi course offerings from top-shelf international chefs and kitchens around the world. Based on our first experience there, I would not return for the rumored 12-16 course feast described above.

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