Disneyland’s Homemade Candy Canes — Reserve Ticket Required!

FOR 2010: 2010 Disneyland Candy Cane Reserve Ticket Dates Here.

Disneyland’s homemade candy canes are a Christmas tradition… so much so that you now have to get a reserve ticket to buy one! This holiday delicacy is returning to Disneyland’s Candy Palace this Friday.

According to the OC Register:

This year, the Candy Palace on Disneyland’s Main Street is issuing tickets so park guests can reserve candy canes ahead of time, avoiding the massive lines that mark candy cane day at the Palace every Christmas.

Disneyland-goers can find out when candy canes are being made by calling a special phone number, updated each Sunday with information about what kind of candy is being made each day that week. The Candy Kitchen Menu line is 714-781-0112.

Check out this article for more information about Disneyland’s Candy Canes, including how they’re made, why they limit the number sold, and more!

Also, set your DVR for Saturday night, when you can see the Food Network’s Guy Fieri highlight the candy cane-making along with other Disneyland holiday treats on Guy’s Disney Holiday!


  1. madoka says

    The link to the article for more information in the last paragraph does not work. Could you please double-check it?

  2. Stephanie says

    Does anyone know how you get a ticket? Where to go? When to go? Any help is appreciated.


  3. says

    Stephanie — you can get a ticket at the Candy Palace. Head over in the morning and get the first come, first served tickets for the different candy cane batches that will be made throughout the day. If you don’t get a ticket, there is a stand-by line for folks who might get lucky if someone with a ticket doesn’t come back. It’s like fastpass for candy canes!

  4. Stacy says

    I bought one of these candy canes today from the shop at Pooh’s Corner. Seems like they had some leftovers that weren’t purchased that ended up there. There was a bucket with about ten of them in it. Yum!

  5. says

    Saw Guy Fieri’s piece on this last week before I saw the blog post. It’s amazing how they take the time to do absolutely everything by hand with these. It’s no wonder they are so popular.

  6. says

    That was a great show, wasn’t it, Mush? Dis Unplugged also did a cool post about them here.

    Hope you’re having a great holiday season!

  7. krysta says

    We are going to be there on the 24-5th. Does anybody have any tips about getting these?
    Basically run to the candy palace as soon as you get there? I need one!! :) Just watched Guy Fieri too, it made me so excited.

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