Hidden Dole Whips?

UPDATE 9/9/11: Peter’s Polar Parlor may have discontinued Dole Whips per a reader comment below. BUT, see the list below — and the comments section — for updates on where other readers have found Dole Whip throughout the USA!

Believe it or not, Dole Whip — that delicious frozen treat that is the true Disney food for many of us — can be found in many other places around the country.

Scott Thomas, who runs the legendary website PSCalculator.net, told me a few months ago that his area has several spots that serve Dole Whip. These include Peter’s Polar Parlor near the New York State Fairground:

Peter's Polar Parlor in New York State

Peter's Polar Parlor in New York State

Peter's Polar Parlor Sign

Peter's Polar Parlor Sign

Scott says he’ll send “proof” photos of the Dole Whips in the Spring; right now all of the ice cream places are closed for the winter…brr!!! :-)

Now, about a month or so after Scott told me that New York State was riddled with Dole Whips, I was thrilled to see my very own outside-of-Disney-parks Dole Whip during my first trip to Hawaii!

These are from Zack’s in Kaua’i:

Zack's Dole Whip Decorative Tile

Zack's Dole Whip Decorative Tile

Zack's Dole Whip Sign

Zack's Dole Whip Sign

Zack's Dole Whip Menu

Zack's Dole Whip Menu

And Kilohana Grill in the San Francisco East Bay area (San Ramon) has just started serving Pineapple Dole Whip (as of June 2011).

Note: You can also purchase Dole Whip Mix online and make your own…but I think it’s always more fun to buy one from a vendor!

Where Else Can You Find Dole Whips?

Have you found Dole Whip somewhere other than Orlando or Anaheim? Let me know! We’ll make sure that other Dole Whip lovers know if there’s a hidden Dole Whip lurking in their backyards! Here’s what we’ve heard from other readers so far:

Got this email from Barbara R.:
“Boy Blue Dairy Treat Stores in Wisconsin carry Dole Whips. I have also ordered the Dole Whip mix from Hawaii and made it in my ice cream maker. Delish!!!”

“Dole Whip can be found at peachwave yogurt. It looks like they have locations in many states. I have had it several times at the Beaverton, OR location.”


“Mom & Pop’s Cone Corner in New Albany, IN sells the Dole Whip. I believe they are closed for the winter.”

“My husband and I have had the dole whip at our Indiana State Fair. We had the orange dream whip flavor. yummy!!!!”

Reader Mary found Dole Whips at the St. Louis Zoo! “I had the plain pineapple one while my fiance had pineapple and raspberry swirl.”

Reader James shared this Dole Whip Discovery: “My sister found this at Earth Fruits Yogurt in Sarasota, FL.” See www.earthfruitsyogurt.com.

Dole Whip at Earth Fruits Yogurt in Sarasota, FL!

“You can find Dole Whip & Dole Floats at Farrs Fresh frozen Custard, Icecream and Frozen Yogurt Cafe on Riverdale Road in Ogden Utah. We carry both Pineapple and Raspberry flavors.”

More in the comments section! :-)


  1. Cate says

    Martha’s Dandee Creme in Queensbury, New York carries Dole flavors. It’s right across the street from Six Flags Great Escape. We go to Lake George for vacation every year and Martha’s has always had the best ice cream and it’s 10 times better with Dole whips!

    They are a seasonal shop and rotate their flavors but they provide a flavor calendar that can be found on their website:

  2. jen says

    Pete’s polar parlor in syracuse ny has pineapple as of July 2012 and aslo Emma’s in lake placid NY as of 2011

  3. jen says

    Many places in Syracuse NY have orange and raspberry dole whip including chuck hafners and thee diner and big dip. Pineapple, my favorite is harder to come by. Peters polar parlor has pineapple as of july 2012, they said they only carry it for a short time over the summer though. Also Emma’s in lake placid NY had it last year 2011 when I visited.

  4. Kate Stickney says

    Jump-n-Jacks in Scotia, NY has had Dole Whip for years. It comes in several flavors but mine is still PINEAPPLE!!

  5. Sarah says

    Dutch Wonderland in Lancaster, PA has a Dole Whip stand! First I’d ever heard of it, and first time my milk allergic 4 year old has ever been able to enjoy a soft serve “ice cream” cone. We were thrilled! Mmmm!

  6. Jenni says

    We took the family to Noah’s Ark water park in Wisconsin Dells, WI and to our delete they serve Dole Whips. They tasted just as good at Disney, so good we any back for seconds.

  7. Cassie says

    Daisy delight in Jefferson City, MO has Dole Whip. They usually do a different flavor daily but I have gotten pineapple there on several occasions.

  8. Jen says

    They have Pineapple Dole Whip at Kelly’s Creme on Revere Beach in Revere MA. I got one 2 days ago and it was so good.

  9. DooWop Dan says

    Remember When Ice Cream Shop in Pittsburgh PA, carries five flavors of Dole Whip: Strawberry, Orange, Rasberry, Mango and of course Pineapple. On Friday and Saturday night during the ice cream season, they have a DJ playing music from the 50’s and 60’s. Just a great time.

  10. Lillian says

    I’m on o’ahu and of course they have it at the dole plantation, but they also have them at international marketplace in Waikiki & the Sea Life Park…

  11. Tricia says

    Dole Whips are now being served at the St. Louis Zoo! Pineapple & Raspberry flavors are available.

  12. Joe says

    In Bloomington, Indiana the Chocolate Moose has had dole at least since i first went there about 15 years ago I’m now 22. They only have 1 flavor at a time and when i go there is a different flavor being offered. they also let you do a Dole Whip twist which is dole whip with vanilla yogurt.

  13. says

    Urban Culture Frozen Yogurt in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin also carries Dole Whips. Conveniently located midway between Chicago and Milwaukee, just off I-94 east on Hwy 50.

  14. Trixie says

    District Donuts on Magazine St. in New Orleans has Dole Whip. I have heard a rumor that the New Orleans Zoo has it somewhere in there, too- but I haven’t verified it.

  15. says

    Coconut Cup Froyo in Allen TX. has Dole Whip in Pineapple and Orange we also make floats. We serve the float drinks in actual Coconut Cups…how fun is that!

  16. Linda says

    Westland, Michigan, a Detroit suburb. Dairy Dan’s on Ford Road just west of Wayne Road. They have a rotating flavor every week.

  17. says

    Pineapple Park offers ALL 7- Dole Whip flavors including the famous Pineapple Dole Whip in Las Vegas Nevada. Twitter @pineappleparklv.com Facebook http://www.facebook.com/pineappleparklv and Instagram PineappleParkLV

    Pineapple Park is currently open in the newly renovated Boulevard Mall inside the food court 2 blocks from Las Vegas Boulevard and 2 Blocks from UNLV.

    Plans are to open 5 more locations in Las Vegas by Summer 2015

  18. Melanie says

    Megaplex Theaters at the District in South Jordan, UT has Dole Whip! What’s better than Dole Whip and a movie?

  19. Ethan2226 says

    Found Dole Whips at Urban Culture on 9755 76th St, in Pleasant Prairie, WI 53158.

  20. says

    In North Ridgeville , Ohio, just west of Cleveland, Karen’s Dairy Grove serves Dole Soft Serve. During the summer months of June, July and August, there are two flavors each week. Check out Dairygrove on Facebook or go to the Website at http://www.dairygrove.com for the flavors of the week.

  21. Gary says

    You can get pineapple dole whip at Pokeatery in San Mateo.
    They have many flavors at Whip’d in West Hollywood. Or is it Los Angeles. Not too sure

  22. Susan says

    Wares Bros. on South Airport Road in Traverse City, MI, has been serving Dole Whips for many years now, with a different flavor every week. It’s always a great day when I drive by and see that Pineapple is the flavor of the week! :)

  23. Jen Mann says

    I had never heard of Dole Whip until I started researching for our first trip (planned for October 2016). Dole whip was at the top of my list of things I wanted to try. I was shocked to see a facebook post yesterday from a local ice cream shop, Bubbles in Michigan City IN that they have the pineapple whip! I went there on my lunch break today and immediately fell in love with it, absolutely fabulous!!!

  24. Jen says

    You can get the pineapple whip from the Surfin’ Turtle. 1210 Florida A1A, Satellite Beach, FL 32937

  25. Christin says

    They serve a different flavor of Dole Whip everyday at Lulus shaved ice in Wentzville, Missouri. Thurssay is pineapple day.

  26. Peggy says

    Storyland Glen, NH sadly hasn’t had for 2 years now. Any other New England suggestions, especially MA? Just had it in Disneyland (along with the Tiki room) and the kids are asking for it again!

  27. Kris Copeland says

    Jones Shave Ice in Miami serves Dole Whip. They are at the shops at sunset place at the waterfall.

  28. Jennifer McAtee says

    Ventura Harbor at the Costal Cone ice cream shop, Dole WIP pineapple ice and floats are served.

  29. Sara says

    We were delighted to find that Water World in north Denver, CO has added Dole Whip to their menus! We could pretend we were at Disneyland. . . Also glad to hear that there’s a place in Colorado Springs that serves it.

  30. WS says

    Stew Leonard’s stores in NY and CT are carrying Dole Whips now at their ice cream bar. Also found in East Brunswick NJ at Magnifico’s and my SIL says Busch Gardens in Williamsburg VA has it too.

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