Stop the Presses: New Pizza Place in Disney World?!

Don’t get too excited; we don’t know too much yet, but MousePlanet has reported the following:

It appears that a new pizzeria will be coming to Epcot’s Italy pavilion. A construction permit has been filed for construction of the new pizzeria, naming the Patina Group as the owner/operator of the facility. Patina also owns and operates Tutto Italia.

This would be a welcome addition, as WDW has — shall we say — never been especially known for it’s pizza…


  1. says

    i wonder where it would go?? an already in use buidling? OR a whole new building? there is SO much space not in use around Italy

    If true this would definately be GREAT addition, even though i kinda like Pinocchio’s pizza :)

  2. says

    A quality pizza place in Epcot’s Italy would be most welcome indeed. I’m assuming this would be a counter service restaurant?

  3. says

    A restaurant like this has been on the boards for years at Italy. If memory serves from some of the last models I saw at imagineering years ago, it will go in the rear right of the pavilion. Regardless, it would be great to have an expanded Italy pavilion.

  4. James (Disneynorth) says

    This is very good news. If it is a Table Service, you can expect to book your ADR 180 in advance, in my opinion.

  5. says

    Yeah! My daughter had a really good flat bread pizza at The Contempo Cafe at The Contemporary Resort the other day–I can highly recommend this pizza!

  6. ErwinM says

    It would be great if they can get a seal of approval from the certifying authority in Naples that they are making traditional Neapolitan pizza. Then there could be a good Epcot-style educational opportunity about the history and traditions of pizza making.

    Not holding out hope since it’s being run by a restaurant group, but it’s nice to dream.

  7. says

    I agree with ErwinM. World Showcase is a place to experience food and culture that perhaps you haven’t before. Who hasn’t tried pizza? Naples is the only city in Italy where I ate pizza. If the Italian Pavilion is going to do pizza, make it authentic. A pizza stand in the middle of World Showcase would be like bringing back more McDonalds products into the Magic Kingdom.

  8. Lori says

    We are vegetarian and need more choices while visiting WDW.
    Would love to see some veggie wraps and larger salads (meatless).

  9. says

    Please please please let someone at Disney figure out wood fired pizza and buffalo mozzarella. It’s not rocket science–if anyone should be able to make a good, authentic pizza, it’s Disney.

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