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A few months ago, Erin Foster sent over a photo of some fun candy sushi she and her girls made after getting the idea from California Grill…

Candy Sushi Inspired by California Grill

Candy Sushi Inspired by California Grill

This Disney-inspired treat has become one of their family favorites, and I wondered how many more of us have tried our hands at Disney dishes. After all, how many of us have tried a certain dish or food in a Disney park or resort and thought, “I wish I had the recipe for that!”

Cooking at Home, Disney-Style
As it turns out — lots of us have! I received dozens of responses via twitter, facebook, and email from readers who have had great success with creating their favorite Disney favorites at home. Here are a few that came with photos — just click on the links to get the recipes:

Erwin sent a delicious photo of some Chicken Corn Chowder from Boma simmering on the stove:

Boma Chicken Corn Chowder on the Stove

Boma Chicken Corn Chowder on the Stove

Shannon actually sent along her photo of Le Cellier’s Filet Mignon with Wild Mushroom Risotto and White Truffle Herb Butter a few months ago via Facebook:

Le Cellier-inspired Filet Mignon with Mushroom Risotto

Le Cellier-inspired Filet Mignon with Mushroom Risotto

Erin Foster also sent along a great photo of the Artist Point-inspired kids’ “paint-a-cookie” dessert. She and her girls make these en masse for parties! The paint pots were bought at a local arts store and filled with frosting!

Artist Point-inspired Paint a Cookie Dessert

Artist Point-inspired Paint a Cookie Dessert

Finally, Stephanie, the founder of TeacupsAndToasters.com sent along another Boma soup — Coconut Curry Chicken Stew!

Boma-inspired Coconut Curry Soup

Boma-inspired Coconut Curry Soup

Now, if you’re like me, you’re ready to hit your kitchen and get cooking. But first, here are a few resources for cooking Disney recipes at home that I know you’ll enjoy.

Disney Cooking at Home Resources
If you’re interested in making Disney dishes at home, there are a few sites you should check out:

  • Kristen from Cooking with Mickey includes in her repertoire several videos where she demonstrates cooking Disney dishes in her kitchen. She began the Cooking with Mickey series in 2007 for the Sorcerer Radio Community. In 2009 she became the restaurant critic for the Disney Dining Experience, a segment on the Character Breakfast Podcast.
  • The Disney Chick includes recipes once or twice a month in her blog. She walks us step-by-step, via photos, through creating some fantastic Disney favorites.
  • The All Ears Net Recipes Page includes updated recipes for just about every dining option in Walt Disney World. If you can’t find the recipes anywhere else, you can probably find them here!

Also, you can always purchase one of the Disney Cookbooks produced by the Disney parks and resorts!

Finally, if you’re at the Disney parks or resorts and find a dish you’d like to duplicate, simply as your server if the chef will be willing to share the recipe. More often than not, you can simply give your server your email address and the chef will send along the recipe. Talk about customer service!

Let Us Know About Your Successes!
Have you sampled a Disney recipe at home? Post a comment to this blog or drop me a line via twitter, email, or facebook! I’d love to hear about what you’ve made!


  1. says

    Just the other day, my dad and i made the Macaronni and Cheese from Les Chefs de France.. it was DELISH! i thought about taking a picture, and was like nah! wouldnt need this.. haha

  2. says

    YUM, Cody! I love that stuff. Also, I’ve learned that when it comes to food and Disney, I always take a picture! I figure there’s gotta be somewhere I can use it! Probably the same as you with Disney and pins.

  3. says

    Yum! I had seen the pictures of the candy sushi on Twitter that Erin had posted. I plan on making them for my daughters 13th birthday in April. Do you know how to contact her? I’m wondering where she got the plastic black plates that she served it on.

    Thanks AJ, Great post!!

  4. says

    Heidi, there were some technical issues not allowing Erin to post the following:

    “The black plastic plates are from Party City. I got them at a local store,
    but you can get them online too:

    black plates at Party City

    I would over-order, as my experience is that there is about 5-10% breakage
    in transport.

    The first time I made the candy sushi, I wanted to use real sushi trays
    with lids. At the time, I was unable to find a good source online (this was
    five or six years ago). I went to a sushi restaurant near me and asked if I
    could buy some trays from them. They were not able to sell them to me, but were
    kind enough to give me a stack to have. Another good, possibly free, option
    is the black foam trays that meat comes on in the supermarket. If you make
    friends with the butcher, sometimes you can sweet talk them into giving you
    some — unused, of course :-)

    I have found that the presentation is everything. Two key elements are the
    chopsticks and the “soy sauce”. I found packages of 100 disposable
    chopsticks for about $3 at a local Asian grocer. Another cute idea is to make the
    chopsticks as part of a party favor. Something like this is fun:

    Animal Cheater Chopsticks

    The “soy sauce” is really chocolate sauce. I served it in 1 ounce “portion
    cups” that I also found at the Party City store.

    Other attempted embellishments were slices of dried mango to be the
    “ginger”, tinted frosting to be the “wasabi”, and tinted coconut to be a “seaweed

    There are also many place online to get bulk gummi sea creatures.

    Good luck with your party and happy birthday to your daughter!


  5. Laureen says

    Cheddar Cheese Soup from Les Celier – yum!! I asked for the recipe when there and our server handed it right over with a smile. VERY easy to make and it is filling!

    I also get emails monthly from The Swan and Dolphin with a recipe of the month. We stayed there last April and signed up to receive them but I think anyone can go to their webpage and sign up from there.

  6. says

    Laureen — Great idea to get recipes from the Swan and Dolphin! And thanks again for the birthday photos!

  7. says

    I’ve made a few Disney recipes at home and have really enjoyed it!! I’ve made honey sesame chicken from Nine Dragons, the Hollywood Brown Derby grapefruit cake, and pollo a las rajas from San Angel Inn. I have a list of others I want to try. So much fun!! I’ve shared the recipes and photos on my blog!

  8. Tiffany Goral says

    Ive been looking for the peanut butter cake recipe that is at the boardwalk bakery at disney world. I found a few and they just didnt taste right like there was ingreadience missing. If anyone has a good recipe for me to try it would be great my bf is waiting lol.

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