New Latin-Inspired Menu at Epcot’s Refreshment Port

Long gone are the McDo’s fries; in their place is a snappy new menu with Latin favorites at Epcot’s Refreshment Port. Thanks to Amanda Tinney of for this guest post!

Epcot Refreshment Port

Epcot Refreshment Port

Adios McDonald’s. Bienvenidos Latin Flair!

Chicken Nuggets and French Fries have been replaced with Empanadas and Tostones at the Refreshment Port in Epcot’s World Showcase. Cast members working there confirmed that the change took place right before the 2009 Holidays. The menu board reveals that a large portion of the items available are included in the Disney Dining Plan.

New Latin Flair Menu

New Latin Flair Menu

Looks like the Epcot International Food and Wine Festival might have had an impact on the newest change to this quick service eatery. On the menu we see things that have migrated over from the Festival’s Argentina Booth and Puerto Rico Booth.

While I have not tasted any of the offerings from the Refreshment Port as of yet, I have had the pleasure of sampling several of the menu items at the Food and Wine Festival. Empanadas and Tostones are fantastic finger foods that can easily be enjoyed while strolling around World Showcase.

For those of you unfamiliar with these Latin offerings… An empanada is, quite simply, a pastry pocket filled with either meat, cheese, or seafood and then deep fried. They are delicious. Tostones taste very similar to French fries. They are unripe plantains that are cut into chunks, deep fried, smashed flat into disks, and then deep fried again until crispy. And for the ice cream lovers, if you love caramel, then order yourself the Dulce de Leche Sundae.

Has anyone tried any of these new menu items? If so, I would love to hear your own personal review! Please leave a comment below. Hasta Luego! (See you next time)


  1. says

    I’m not embarrassed to say it: I’ll miss having the option to buy McFlurries there. Oh well, if it means we get some decent empanadas, so be it!

  2. gbastian says

    Dang it. i’m going to Cookes today. Cookes i tells ye….but this looks good…or the Bongos window, cause you know, Papa Rellena. Dang IT. Too. Much. Good. Food. ;)

  3. says

    Disney Chick — I’m excited to try it, too. Makes it a real contender for a quick service lunch or snack now.

    Jeff — Good point on the elimination of the McFlurries!

    GBastian — I had no idea there was a Bongos window. Where? What?

  4. says

    While I will probably enjoy the new fare, I still mourn the loss of that McD’s. WHY? Because unlike almost every other McD’s on the planet, the food here was actually fresh due to high turnover – nothing stayed long enough to dry out and get nasty. Goodbye, fresh, hot fries…

  5. says

    Janna — Good point! I was sad when the fries left DHS, too — I always liked to get them right when they opened.

    Ellen — Rock on! This place is for you!


  1. […] The other interesting news I saw was on The Disney Food Blog (great site, if you haven’t seen it).  The Refreshment Port at Epcot – you know the one; used to serve McDonalds fries & chicken nuggets.  They have a new menu, one seemingly inspired by the International Food & Wine Festival.  The new menu features Latin foods like empanadas, tostones & Dulche de leche ice cream sundaes as well as Frozen Bacardi Mojitos.  Check out the story & pictures of the menu board at The Disney Food Blog. […]

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