The Healthiest Menu in the “World”

As you know, Disney has had an exclusive contract with Coke for quite some time (interesting story about that on snopes, true or false?), so the giant Coke bottles in Disney’s Hollywood Studios shouldn’t rattle anyone.

coke bottles in disney's hollywood studios

These are just past Pixar Place or the Streets of America, depending on which direction you’re walking, and will offer a refreshing spritz of water if you pass by at just the right time.

Thar She Blows

Thar She Blows

But, honestly, it’s not the giant bottles or the spritzer action that has me, your faithful food blogger, interested. It’s the menu at this place…There’s not a single thing on it that can make you fat. Well, not unless you eat a whole LOT of it…

Coke Bottle Menu

Coke Bottle Menu

No kidding; the menu reads like a health food store! I’ve seen a lot of menus in Disney parks and they all have at least something listed that is a vehicle for buttercream, cheese, or some other sort of fatty dairy product. I was amazed and energized, to say the least.

So, need a quick snack for the kiddos or yourself after waiting for an eternity to take a spin around Andy’s Room at Toy Story Midway Mania? This is a great place to stop. But if you choose to head over to the Writer’s Stop for a cookie instead, well, that’ll be our little secret.


  1. James (Disneynorth) says

    Is this a “teaser” to future posts that would involve a certain collection???? LOL!

  2. says

    Will this place, along with the store beside the Backlot Tour still be open while the Baclot Tour and Studio Catering are being ‘refurbished’??

    We love that water spray!

  3. says

    James — I was thinking of your collection when I was researching the Disney/Coke connection. Can’t wait to start the series of posts about your stuff!

    Janna — I’m not sure! I was wondering the same thing. The set-up looks permanent enough, but you never know. This was taken in Fall 2009.

  4. says

    Allison — Let us know if it’s open!

    Matt — No kidding. I was considering mentioning combining this snack spot with the veggie wrap at Starring Rolls for a guilt-free visit to DHS.

  5. says

    I’m stunned on 2 fronts. One, that I’ve never seen this place. How could I miss those giant coke bottles??? Two, that a place sponsored by Coke, of all, things has such a healthy menu! (Well, okay, the caramel probably isn’t all that good for you, nor is soda in general BUT still…) I’m flabbergasted.

  6. says

    All that stuff looks good, right Gray? I agree that the caramel is the worst thing for you on the menu, but they give you a smallish amount… :-)

  7. says

    I missed those giant coke bottles as well. Will have to look for them when we go to the Social Media Moms Celebration. I do recall another cart selling almost the identical items right near the Beauty and the Beast stage. Bought my son an apple there because he slept through lunch and did not want anything else.

  8. says

    TAF: I have a horrible feeling that when I have a son he’s going to want a lot more than an apple when he sleeps through lunch! ;-) Have so much fun at the celebration, too — I wish I could go!

  9. says

    I happen to notice you didn’t say you stopped and ate there and finish the story with a reference to a cookie..hahaha

  10. says

    I totally missed this. Will check it out next time.

    And AJ, the answer is Cheerios. If you have little kids you’re required to keep them with you at all times.

  11. says

    Chip — Well, UNFORTUNATELY the stand was closed when I was there bright and early in the AM… ;-)

    Chris — Indeed! Cheerios really got into a whole new demo when they realized they were the go-to for kiddos!

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