Epcot Italy Pizzeria: Naples 45 Menu

New York's Naples 45

New York's Naples 45

WDWNewsToday is reporting that the Epcot pizzeria currently under construction will be another Patina Restaurant Group “Naples 45 Ristorante e Pizzeria.” (See Construction Pics here.)

This is a chain restaurant with its original location in New York City (on 45th St., which is where the name “Naples 45″ was born), and another location in Disneyland’s Downtown Disney.

Both the Disneyland and New York City locations are table-service, and the menu includes a wide variety of appetizers, soups and salads, fish and meat dishes, and pizzas. No word on whether the Disney World location will be table-service, counter-service, or both.

Here are the New York restaurant’s menus — no idea if they’ll be the same, but I bet they’ll translate at least some of these dishes to the WDW location:
Naples 45 Breakfast Menu (note — the World Showcase location means breakfast might not be served in the Disney World Naples 45)
Naples 45 Lunch Menu
Naples 45 Dinner Menu
Naples 45 Dessert Menu


  1. KC says

    Is it me or is there something terribly lame about another chain at Disney? What happened to magical unique restaurants?

  2. JulFromMD says

    Am I reading that menu right? On the lunch menu, there’s a $37 pizza? Holy heck. Quality may be iffy for most Disney pizzas (aside from WP Express), but ain’t no way I’m spending $37 on a pizza for me and family unless it comes on a gold platter I get to keep! And no way you can justify that $37 is reasonable just because it’s a sit-down lunch.

  3. says

    Jeff: I’m hearing September 1st, Jeff — we shall see!

    KC: It’s a little disappointing, but maybe they’ve got something else in store…

    JulFromMD: Quite pricey indeed; and no side dishes or anything! Hmm… maybe those NYC prices will be lowered in WDW.

    Lori: We’ve gotta get some good veggie stuff up here for you guys!

  4. says

    Another outsourced restaurant? Seriously? When are we going to get a new restaurant owned and operated by Disney? I’m trying to think of the last restaurant that opened at WDW that wasn’t owned and operated by a 3rd party and I’d have to go to Sanaa but if you look in the park, it’s been years (Tutto Italia, Yak and Yeti, T-Rex all outsourced).

  5. says

    Matt — where does Kouzzina fit in there? It’s Disney operated, right? But still not in the parks… Who knows; the news could be wrong, but it seems that’s not the case — the menus clearly state that there’s a location in WDW.

  6. Rich T. says

    I’d be ok with having an option for take-away cannoli and grappa, but other than that, not impressed.

  7. ErwinM says

    Yes, Kouzzina is Disney-run (and it was a pleasant surprise to hear that when it was announced). And no, those prices probably won’t drop. When I was in Long Beach on a work trip a couple of years ago, I had an evening to myself to go to Disneyland (and a weekend with Jul, but that’s another story), and I strolled through Downtown Disney looking for dinner. I looked at Naples 45 there and realized that my per diem allowance wouldn’t cover even half of the likely bill — take the prices on their website now and drop them a buck or two to 2007 levels. I ended up at House of Blues instead.

    Anaheim is on par or slightly below Orlando for restaurant pricing, so if the company is doing the same pricing out there that they are in NYC, they’ll surely do the same at WDW.

  8. says

    I saw the menu prices yesterday and I was FLOORED. I am frugal by nature but I don’t mind paying for good food, service, etc. But pizza?!?!? Really?

    I guess my pizza eater will just have to stick to Pizza Planet.

  9. Ro says

    Any idea if it’s only going to be pizzas or the full menu, too? Because wouldn’t the full menu put it in direct competition with Tutto Italia? I have to say, some of those apps and entrees look yummy, and I wouldn’t mind trying them!

  10. says

    Rich: Takeaway cannoli and grappa sounds like a pretty good World Showcase meal to me ;-D

    Erwin: Thanks for the info on the Naples 45 in Disneyland. That pricing would probably take me out of an every-trip visit, I imagine.

    Janna: Yeah; that’s pretty high. Even my favorite pizza places in NYC don’t come close to that pricing.

    Ro: No idea whatsoever. All of this is speculation, but, as mentioned before, the menu DOES say WDW on it. Maybe it’ll end up being a Chefs de France/Bistro de Paris kind of thing, where you have a moderately-priced (??) restaurant and an expensive restaurant in the same pavilion.

  11. Ro says

    Thanks, AJ. Was just wondering. I don’t think I’ve ever paid that much money for a pizza, even in NY.

  12. says

    For good, wood-fired pizza with high quality ingredients, I’d pay that kind of money. Gladly, considering the pizza I can get around here is okay at best. Unfortunately, I don’t know if Disney can pull off the kind of pizza that will make paying those prices worth it. I’m willingto keep an open mind.

  13. says

    Chris — Good point!

    Disney Dad — Yep, that’s what I was thinking, too. I figured that since it was in World Showcase, we probably wouldn’t be seeing breakfast from this place. Unless, of course, they bring characters ;-)

  14. says

    I actually work on 45th street directly across from the original Naples 45. I’m not sure if the Disney version will be set up the same, but the sit-down restaurant is insanely expensive (I have paid $24 for a bowl of spaghetti – sigh). However, they have a take-out window that is only $2-$3 per individual slice and it is seriously some of the best pizza in New York, it’s hard not to eat there every day. Hopefully Disney will offer the take-out window option. There’s only one Naples restaurant that I know of, so it’s not exactly a “chain” either, it’s just totally delicious.

  15. says

    Liz — great news! I would love to have some good New York take-out pizza available in the World Showcase. It can be a great addition to “eating around the World.” Also, there’s a location in Disneyland, so we know there will be at least 3 Naples Pizzerias, but, you’re right, it’s not like there’s going to be an Olive Garden in the middle of the World Showcase! ;)

  16. Bill says

    WOW! The prices look out of sight. $6 for orange juice! I agree that I hate to see another “chain” restaurant coming. The ambiance of a Disney theamed restaurant is what we want. Come on DisneyWorld, put on your thinking cap and build us another great restaurant! NO MORE RAINFORESTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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