MK Renovations: Mrs. Potts’ Cupboard & Main Street Ice Cream Parlor

backlot notice
Mrs. Potts’ Cupboard
In keeping with the upcoming Fantasyland revamp into a forest wonderland housing princesses, mermaids, and beasts, Mrs. Potts’ Cupboard has lost her clock tower and has received a renovated thatched roof.

Check out WDWMagic for before/after pics!

Main Street Ice Cream Parlor
WDWMagic is also reporting that the Main Street Ice Cream Parlor has disappeared behind a scrim due to extensive external renovations. The parlor is currently open to guests during construction.


  1. says

    I saw the wooden front on the Ice Cream Parlor last week..Alot of people were asking about what was going on while we were eating our yummy ice cream sundae :)

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