Flying In To Scuttle’s Landing

Over the course of this next year, we’ll have to look at several Magic Kingdom establishments that are soon to be no longer. Princesses, beasts, and faeries are taking over Fantasyland, so there just won’t be room for seagulls anymore!

Scuttle's Landing

Scuttle’s Landing has long served as a waiting area for moms and dads while daughters waded into Ariel’s Grotto or sons flew with Dumbo, a dance party location during Magic Kingdom parties, THE place to get your frozen coke, and where everyone waited for you while you went to the bathroom over by Pinocchio’s Village Haus.

But, come 2012, and probably sooner, we’ll have to say goodbye to the bumbling Scuttle and say hello, I’m assuming, to a new forest friend…who hopefully also will sell frozen coke.

Counter and Menus

Counter and Menus

Close-Up Menus

Close-Up Menus

In the meantime, though, for those of us who are lucky enough to see Fantasyland before the renovation, head over to Scuttle’s, grab yourself a sweet cream cheese pretzel and a cherry breeze, and sit it out for a spell while the World scurries about around you.

Doesn’t it feel good to relax? Have a great Thursday, all!

Scuttle's Landing Seating

Scuttle's Landing Seating


  1. says

    I work for Pepsi so I drink a lot of water at WDW. A frozen root beer, now that I would be interested in since I don’t like cola (of any kind).

    Besides Gaston’s Tavern, did Disney mention an other counter service places in the Fantasyland re-do?

  2. says

    Tim — I do believe you’re right. I must have been thinking of Finding Nemo!!

    Scott — The only two restaurants I saw in the plans were Gaston’s Tavern and the Be Our Guest Restaurant. I figure there will also be a few more counter-service spots like Scuttle’s or Mrs. Pott’s (which, due to the new thatched roof, I think is staying)

  3. says

    Ironically, the ONLY time I have ever noticed this place was at Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Parties (cookie and hot chocolate station)! I love a good ICEE, though, so I hate that I’ve missed it! I usually get my ICEE fix (before they left the Pop food court) at Peevy’s at DHS or Club Cool at EPCOT.

  4. says

    We went to Scuttle’s twice last week thanks to your post. We skipped breakfast before heading to MK on Tuesday and were hungry after waiting for Dumbo. Stopped there for two cream cheese pretzels to eat while heading back to Space Mountain.

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