Chef Robert Irvine Cooking “Dinner:Impossible” in Epcot?

Chef Robert Irvine from Food Network’s Dinner:Impossible is running around the World Showcase today with a team of Disney volunteers. What are they doing? Looking for food! Chef Irvine, it’s been reported, will be cooking our Give a Day, Get a Disney Day media event dinner tonight! (Update: to see the full meal and photos from the event, check out our Dinner:Impossible post here!)

Stay tuned for photos of the food. For now, here’s a few pics of Chef Irvine headed around Epcot and getting to work in his kitchen.

Chef Irvine and Team Run to Find Food

Chef Irvine and Team Run to Find Food

The Chef and His Team Pause to Deliberate

The Chef and His Team Pause to Deliberate

Chef Irvine's Advance Team Prepped Each Upcoming Location for Filming

Chef Irvine's Advance Team Prepped Each Upcoming Location for Filming

Chef Irvine's Kitchen in World Showcase

Chef Irvine's Kitchen in World Showcase


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    ‘Tis a cool life you lead, AJ! Thanks for letting us live vicariously through you!

    And in other news…I was able to snag tickets for the shuttle launch in March so it looks like I may get a Disney day or two then! WOOHOO!

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    That is so cool! He is one of my favorite Food Network Chef’s.
    Cant wait to see some more pictures and hear about his good eats!

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    Awesome! He did this a couple of years ago at Epcot for something else. I’ve seen it on Food Network a couple of times and it looks like they had fun. I would love to be there and see some of it. Thanks for posting the pics. Can’t wait to see the show on Food Network.

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    This was such a fun surprise as part of this conference! We had just come from meeting Tom Staggs and saw Robert Irvine talking to some of his team. We paused (my family and Disney Mom Kathie Flood with her family) and he waved at us. I waved back and he came walking over to talk to Gio! It was so cool. Then Kathie asked if he was making anything vegetarian and they went back and forth for a bit, it was great. We all got pictures with him as well. What a wonderful man he was! Here’s a twitpic of him talking to Gio – I’ll post my pic of him later! You got some good shots as well!!

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    Zanna — I was pretty much Robert Irvine paparazzi that day! ;-) Posting my full article about the Dinner:Impossible event, with more photos of the kitchen and the food, tomorrow!

    Gio is so gorgeous! Can’t wait to see more pics!

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    You should have seen our reactions (TechyDad and CutestKidEver) while we read that he was doing our dinner. We were waiting on line with the kids for Pirates of the Caribbean and we jumped up and down and screamed! We missed all of the preparations, but now I can catch all of the amazing items thanks to you. Can not wait to read more. Going to link up in my post about things.

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