“You Won’t Believe This!” Snack — Chocolate Peanut Butter Cupcake

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cupcake Disney

Woo! We’re back with another “You Won’t Believe This!” snack from Starring Rolls Cafe in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Of course you remember the Butterfinger Cupcake, which had more frosting than most birthday cakes. Well this Chocolate Peanut Butter Cupcake rivals, and might even top, the Butterfinger!

Starring Rolls Cafe

Starring Rolls has one of the most incredible rows of cupcakes I’ve ever seen in a bakery. These are monstrous, giant, frosting-laden pieces of heaven…and I haven’t found one yet that I didn’t absolutely love.

Cupcake Row

Cupcake Row

On this trip, I decided I needed to try three of them. Yes. Three. (But this post will only be about the Chocolate Peanut Butter Cupcake; you’ll have to wait to find out what the other two are!) And when they talk about Disney magic, I’m pretty sure they mean this cupcake.

Disney Chocolate Peanut Butter Cupcake inside

The chocolate cake base surrounds a huge, gooey pocket of chocolate peanut butter frosting, and the same frosting is piled high on top of the cupcake.

Disney chocolate peanut butter cupcake cross section

And on top of the frosting sit huge curls of milk chocolate! It would truly be impossible to get a bite of this thing without cutting it first!

But something you don’t even notice when you start eating is that the chocolate cake has chocolate chips incorporated into the batter, so you get that added burst of chocolate as you’re eating.

Disney Chocolate Peanut Butter cupcake full view

This is undoubtedly the choice for all of you choc-o-holic Disney fans out there. And for those of you who, like me, can’t get enough chocolate and peanut butter — you’re going to LOVE it!


  1. Connie C. says

    We had one of these in November after reading your post about the Butterfinger one. (had a Butterfinger one also) They were both very good, but the cake was really dry. Maybe we got a bad batch. The best part though was the staff. The lady who worked the register was joking with us about trying to eat the whole thing. She remembered us when we came back later in the day for the chocolate one!

  2. says

    Mallory — I KNOW! It really is incredible.

    Connie — That’s a bummer that the cake was dry. I think I was too busy eating frosting to notice! So, did you eat the whole thing? :-)

    Chip — These really are the most outstanding “snacks” I’ve ever seen in WDW.

  3. says

    Hmmm…I’ll try this again…

    DHS is the park we’ve chosen to visit on our shuttle launch trip next month. I see cupcakes in my future!

    I have eaten at Starring Rolls before (in the CHAOS of Super Soap Weekend) and I have never noticed the cupcakes…till now!


  4. Lynne says

    I’ll have to mention this to my husband–I’m allergic to any kind of nut, so no trying for me. I don’t remember there being all of those cupcakes in there, but we’ve only been in the morning for breakfast–do they come out more around lunch time? I guess that maybe I missed them because I’ve always been looking for a danish or blueberry muffin when I’m in there! :)

  5. Jo says

    That appears to be Chocolately-Peanut Buttery goodness! I love Starring Rolls, but don’t get there often enough. However, I will definitely put this on the list! YUM! Thanks for the tip and great photos!

  6. says

    WOW, that looks so so good. I am a huge peanut butter fan and definitely need to try this. We tried the butterfinger one as well, as per your suggestion, and three of us couldn’t even finish it! The photos are priceless, though!

  7. says

    Oh, here’s my dream turned into reality! Peanut butter and chocolate are magical words when mixed together. Although I’ve enjoyed Starring Rolls for breakfast, I have not tried this cupcake. Thanks for sharing this delightful treat that will be a must on my WDW snack list.

  8. says

    Janna — Woo! The only problem is picking which one to buy!

    Lynne — Forget the blueberry muffin! High tail it over to the display counters and get this thing. Or one of the other decadent goodies. It’s not a DHS day without making yourself sick at least once. (BTW, they do come out in the morning, but they’re over near the counter, not in the cases of pastries along the wall.)

    Jo — You’re welcome! Starring Rolls has become one of my favorite spots to visit. Fits in the schedule right between Tower of Terror and using the Toy Story Mania fastpass!

    Heather — I’m proud of you for attempting the Butterfinger Cupcake! I think all we need is a little training and we’ll prevail…

    Kimberly — Can’t wait to hear what you think of this one! I love peanut butter and chocolate, too!

  9. Connie C. says

    We (my husband and I) did eat the whole thing. We ate the Butterfinger one at lunch time and ate the Chocolate one while waiting for the parade. I love sweets and nothing is really “too rich” for me, but those were too big to finish on my own. I wish I had picked up a bottle of milk to go with it though.

  10. James (Disneynorth) says

    AJ, you’re killing me with these posts. Here I’m trying to improve my diet to lower my cholesterol, but then you go and post things like this! I think my levels just shot up looking at it! LOL!

    Looks awesome. Can’t wait to see the other ones and try one on my next visit.

  11. says

    James — My sincere apologies. Just think, my husband is trying to lower his cholesterol and he has to GO with me! ;-)

    Matt — Indeed! The little epicenter of Sweet Spells and Starring Rolls — with Hollywood Scoops just down the road — is a lovely trifecta.

  12. says

    AJ – Great pictures! As a peanut butter and chocolate fan, this certainly sounds like a new Disney World snack that I will have to add to my must do list for my next visit. Thanks again!

  13. says

    Chip — Imagine how many pounds I put on! I will say — we didn’t finish it. We had two others in the line up to try!

    Jamie — Hey you! Yes, definitely put this on your list. It’s highly recommended!

  14. says

    We ate there for breakfast on Saturday morning. If I had known about that cupcake, I would have eaten it — regardless of the time of day!!

    I have to say that the blueberry muffin I did have was pretty tasty.

  15. says

    Jennifer — I don’t think you can go wrong with Starring Rolls. I did a “bakery throw down” a few weeks ago here on the blog, and I have to admit I voted for Starring Rolls!

  16. says

    This is ridiculous!!! 5 trips to Disney and we’ve never had a cupcake from here! I ad no idea! What is wrong with us?!! Thanks for the info – now I know where and what my lunch will be next trip….

  17. Shayne says

    This cupcake is so delicious! I would probably never have ventured into Starring Rolls if not for your earlier post on the Butterfinger cupcake.

    As a friend of mine says, “The only way to make chocolate better is to add peanut butter.” Amen, my friend, amen.

  18. says

    Jeff — I’m so glad I could help! Or, in this case, it’ll probably end up being more “hurt” than help!

    Shayne — 100% agreed on the peanut butter line! Thanks for your comment and review!

  19. Jo says

    AJ, just got back from WDW a few days ago and did have the chance to try this cupcake. It was so rich and delicious! Loved it! You were right on with your review…thanks!

  20. Becky says

    I saw these at DisneyQuest two months ago and took a picture. Now I really wish I had eaten one! I went to DHS tonight but Starring Rolls was already closed when we got there :-(

  21. Becky says

    They do! The butterfinger ones too! Not sure about the marble one as my photo only has those 2 in it. I am now convinced they must be somewhere else too, I must find them!

  22. katy erin and rebecca says

    we found this while searching for a science picture……we would really like to eat this now!

  23. katy erin and rebecca says

    haha! we searched something like over crowded and this came up! and now we were bored so we came back!!!!!1

  24. betsey says

    these are the best cupcakes ever. does anyone know where to get the recipe? they are now officially a family favorite and i would love to try to make them at home. or it would be nice if they had them at dlr out here in cali

  25. SharonC says

    I am feeling nostalgic for the World so I came to look at pictures of the best cupcake on Earth. My next trip isn’t until December, I don’t know if I can wait! Maybe Chef BigFatPanda can create these and show the rest of us how it is done. Mmmmmmmmmmmm cupcakes……….

  26. says

    We were in the World in Jan. & I either missed the cupcakes or the kids (all in their 20’s) didn’t tell me about them. I have just started trying making specialty cupcakes, 1st try Red Velvet with Champagne frosting. No complaints. I can’t wait till they start to release some of these recipes. Until that time, I have lots of recipes to try. Happy testing, as I won’t get back to the world for another 2 years. The kids r now on their own!

  27. Joy says

    Wow. They better still be doing those cupcakes in august! I’m from the UK and sadly there is not the same obsession with peanut butter over here. Peanut butter obsession is one of the many reasons I love visiting the USA *Joy goes off to console herself with a Reese’s peanut butter cup* :-)

  28. Brooke says

    Believe them when they say one person can’t eat the whole thing. It took two of us two different trys to get it all consumed. Delicious!!

  29. Milkayphoto says

    Just tried the Chocolate PB cupcake and sad to say, VERY disappointing. More like a dense chocolate cake with a caramel-y like center rather than decadent PB. We also detected hints of coffee flavor which was off-putting. Cupcake ended up in the trash bin. :-(

  30. Amanda says

    My family absolutely loved this cupcake! I suggest letting it warm up a little first if you can wait! The frosting is delicous and the cake is moist and decadent!

  31. Sab says

    Oh man… I’m pregnant and we will not be able to go back for such a long time (we live soooo far away, it’s a 30 hour drive or $2500 to fly our family! Ack!)! I SO want one of these now! I wonder if I could whip up something ‘similar’ in my kitchen? Ah, who am I kidding, I couldn’t make that! It looks spectacular (although, my husband would LOVE me for trying to… pb fans that we are!)

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