Epcot’s Yorkshire County Fish Shop

Yorkshire County Fish Shop

Yorkshire County Fish Shop

The Yorkshire County Fish Shop in Epcot’s UK pavilion is a quaint, corner counter-service eatery with a gorgeous view from the outdoor tables. Located next to the Rose and Crown Pub and Dining Room, this Chip Shop in the World Showcase offers a quick and hearty meal you can grab on the go, or snack on while waiting for Illuminations.

Fish and Chips

Fish and Chips

My husband visited the Yorkshire County Fish Shop on his own last week and gave the following review:
“The fish and chips in Epcot were a pleasant surprise. World Showcase counter service has been known to fall short of the country being represented, and while I’m sure the Brits in the crowd might disagree with me, I found I was given a reasonable facsimile of ‘real, British’ Fish and Chips.

The fish didn’t have a terribly strong taste, but I honestly prefer it that way. I like to taste my vinegar, or ketchup (yes I use ketchup on my fish) as much as I like the taste of the fish. I thought the batter was quite tasty.

The chips were ‘authentic.’ They’re just right for absorbing vinegar, although once again I tend to mix it up and use ketchup on some. To be fair, I’d use HP sauce if they gave me the chance, but I figured I was lucky they even had vinegar.” (Psst — He also told me he liked that they served it in newsprint.)

Don’t forget to head over to the kiosk outside of the Pub to grab a nice Yard of Ale to accompany your meal!

Fish Shop Menu

Fish Shop Menu

Have you had the fish and chips at the UK pavilion? Do they remind you of your days across the pond, or do they fall flat on your “British-y” scale?


  1. Mark says

    One note about this place: the animals (which you aren’t supposed to feed, people) were WILD in the seating area behind this. We were eating our fish and chips, and a very brave squirrel just jumped up on the empty chair at our table, then ONTO our table. He wanted our food! We eventually threw a french fry/chip away – to get him away from our food! – and he jumped off and ate it. THEN CAME BACK. Repeat about four times. I imagine someone long before us fed this bugger a fry, and now he comes all the time and knows how to harass you into feeding him! We felt a little in danger, really… he looked like he’d go through us and go FOR our food!

    Please don’t feed the animals! They will want everybody’s food after you leave.

  2. Allison says

    I can taste the fried goodness right now! Very good fish and chips, and the seating area is excellent for catching a cool breeze and a break during your day at Epcot. Also, the assortment of ducks and bunnies around the seating area is always good for a laugh, especially if there are young children nearby. :-)

  3. PW Edwards says

    Absolutely wonderful food and a great atmosphere. Even my teenage son, who normally won’t eat any type of fish, loved it. Highly recommend this quick stop in Epcot and, if you’re looking for the best meal at Disney World, be sure to visit the Rose and Crown. Our waitress, Lady Sara, was the absolute best.

  4. Sarah says

    I had been wanting to try the fish & chips for quite some time, and I finally did last month. I liked that the fish was mild and flaky, and the batter had a nice crunch. The chips left a little to be desired, as they weren’t piping hot (but Matt had no problems ‘helping me finshing them’ even though I gave them a healthy dose of malt vinegar). I thought it was a reasonable price for the amount of food. Also, I don’t find using ketchup on fried fish weird – it’s one of the very few things with which I’ll use ketchup. I’m more of a mustard kind of gal anyway. :)

  5. says

    Mark — Oh NO! Duly noted on the over-eager animals! I hope you liked the food anyway :)

    Allison — Thanks for your review! You make it sound all lovely and Disney-like.

    PW Edwards — I think you mentioned a great point — take your non-fish-lovers here and you might get some omega 3s into them after all! Also, Rose and Crown is one of my favorites these days. I just love that restaurant.

    Sarah — Ooh, good point. Good chips have to be right out of the fryer; no heat lamps, please! And hubby’s pleased that he has a ketchup compadre :) (Ketchup’s my favorite vegetable, so I don’t count.)

  6. Angie says

    Last year my companions on the trip had just come back from a visit in England, so we decided to give these a try. I think their verdict was that they didn’t taste exactly like the fish over there, but it was still pretty close and the fact that they had the vinegar available helped a lot.

    I’ve never been to England myself but I love all kinds of fried fish, so this is definitely now a once per trip stop for me. You can currently (or at least as of January) also get these at the ABC Commissary in Hollywood Studios.. malt vinegar is available there too.

  7. says

    Angie — Thanks for the review and the tip on ABC Commissary!

    Scott — Indeed, fine sir!

    Kelly — It’s quick, easy, and yummy. The line CAN get long at times, though…

  8. says

    I’ve never been to England, but the Yorkshire County Fish Shop is one of my required stops on any trip to Disney World. I love the chips, which are the perfect thickness and never too salty. And the fish, including the batter, is also dee-licious.

    I’ve never tried it with the malt vinegar. I know that’s the “authentic” way to do it, but I like them so much plain that I’m afraid to mess up a good thing!

  9. says

    I LOVE the fish and chips! I have not been to England so I cannot compare but they taste really good to me.

    Mark – I was attacked by the birds outside of the former McDonald’s spot at EPCOT. It was quick and brutal. LOL I will try to keep my distance from the birds next time!

  10. says

    We finally tried the Fish & Chips this past trip in September – always meant to, and finally made it a point to do so this time. Loved them! I’m not from across the pond, but I love fish & chips, and I loved these! Great balance of batter to fish. AND….I had on my birthday button (and birthday ears…and birthday lanyard…subtly never was my thing) and the folks putting my order together surprised me by writing “Happy Birthday Jeff!” on the tray underneath the fish boats. So when I sat down and took out the boats, there was a wonderful personal message! I loved that touch :)

    But I totally agree about the wild animals – the ducks were quite forward, and while it clearly says not to feed, it’s just as clear that people do.

  11. says

    Janna — Love your description of the bird attack! Ha!

    Jeff — What a great story! I’d love to hear your other Disney food birthday stories :)

  12. says

    AJ how do the Yorkshire Fish n Chips compare to ones you had over in England?
    Are then best served with a warm pint of bitter?


  13. says

    I a not a fan of seafood (although I wish I were as a lot of it looks so beautiful), but the chips here are excellent. And, as a bonus to potato lovers, the chips are fried in a separate fryolator from the fish.

  14. says

    Chip — I’m not a big bitter fan, but I agree that the fish n chips are pretty good!

    Ryan — Thanks for the info! I hate when my fried stuff tastes like other fried stuff…that it shouldn’t taste like. ;-)

  15. Travelnut1974 says

    ate the fish n chips from here on my last visit in 1999 – and will be when i return later in November this year!

    the fish is very good, fresh and the batter nice and crispy – pretty authentic coming from the UK – although in Scotland we tend to use haddock rather than Cod which is more english.

    Like Laura i do love my ‘Brown chippie sauce’ which is particular to Edinburgh in Scotland (a mixture of brown sauce mixed with vinegar – excellent on both the chips and fish batter) but i also do like ketchup on the side to dip my chips in!

    the chips in Epcot from what i remember are of the frozen variety – to be truly authentic they should be hand cut so its more homemade feel to them.

  16. Emma says

    Gotta admit i love the whole newspaper thing. They used to do chips in newspaper years ago here in England but stopped cos of health and safety. It will be good to have a bit of nostalgia when i go next year!

  17. says

    I’m very late on commenting on this, but had to say, I avoid this place like the plague. I’ve havent tried them for a long time, so to be fair it might have improved. My last experience was that the chips weren’t bad but I don’t like the fish. It’s not exactly complicated but for some reason it doesn’t taste anything like the fish and chips I get at my local! Oh and you’d never get two small bits – its one big piece of batterred cod/haddock!

  18. Steve says

    Went to Epcot with my wife of 22 yrs and our 6 children ages 5 to almost 17. None of us are big fish eaters esp. my oldest “Kayla who went to England with family friends for month when she was 11. She was excited to stop in the “UK” at Epcot and we also took in a half hour show by the “British Invasion” who were quite good. Getting back to the fish n chips, everyone really loved them having said that I strongly feel the could give at least 3 pieces if not 4 so i wouldn’t have had to fight my boys over the youngest ones scraps. I mean 8 bucks should have covered at least 3 pieces but oh well this is Disney were talking about here. With regards to wildlife while taking in the view of the water was limited to 2 ducks shaking us down for food, but the worst was this little 9 or 10 yr old boy who was attempting to chase the ducks and torment them like a deranged mini Elmer fudd or even worse like Jeffery dahmer chasing his 1st animal kill! Lastly after shelling out nearly 100.00 bucks for our fish n chips a lg older lady told us we had 10 mins. to consume our bits as the tables and area were reserved for an affair! So it was like hurry up and enjoy your food! Thanks Disney I guess my family of 8 who are Florida seasonal pass holders don’t count for much these days…

  19. Monte says

    When using your Disney Dining Plan, how does it work when you try to purchase a quick service meal for a child and they do not offer anything on the menu for children (9 and under)? Ex. Yorkshire Country Fish Shop. Thanks!!


  20. Figment says

    The rule for children (the last time I was there in 2009, at least) is that they have to order from the children’s menu WHEN ONE IS AVAILABLE. Since there is none at this location, my guess is you could still use a child’s credit to buy a meal for a child.

  21. Ron hutchcraft says

    Im concerned! having eaten in England several times (and drank my share of pints)
    It seems no one wants to mention the ridiculous prices for ever shrinking portions!
    And when someone speaks well of Disney dining…The fact is things are so out of hand at the theme parks, that everyone sounds like an unrealistic Disney commercial! Listen I spent time working at the Magic Kingdom, and anyone
    That would rather eat at those theme parks, than go off property save money and
    Actually eat well and in peace (by the way) is full off their rocker !!! Dont play into the hands of an organization that could care less about you!!!

  22. Jojo says

    I’m English and live right near Yorkshire infact my kids school is in Yorkshire. I love Whitby fish & chips (if you don’t know the place google it a beautiful fishing town near where I live famous for its fish & chips. Anyhow we had the in laws with us in Epcot and they were missing their food from home, so went here. Pleasantly surprised I thought they were lovely!! Enjoy!

  23. neil says

    This is always a sure stop for a quick inexpensive good meal @ WDW. Love the size of the portions, excellent flavor..

  24. says

    Ate here back in 2008 or 2009. My experience with the fish was that it had no taste at all. And I do mean NOTHING. (Which is better than tasting bad I guess). The only way I tasted anything was by putting salt on it. Still… it was filling and the portions weren’t huge.

    That was a while back, so I’ll likely give it another chance when I return this year.

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