The S’mores The Better!

smoresIn honor of those Disney fans heading to Tent Fest in Walt Disney World this weekend, I got the great suggestion to chat a bit about Disney s’mores!

S’mores on Demand
There are two restaurants that currently have fun s’mores desserts on the menu; the first is more of a kid-friendly version, while the second will satisfy any of our many grown-up marshmallow cravings:

Le Cellier’s colorful s’mores-on-a-stick has been a go-to kids’ dessert for years, and it never fails to impress. “Built” with a graham cracker, chocolate, and ice cream base, the “wow” factor comes with a sprinkle-y marshmallow topping it all off.

Le Cellier Smores Dessert

Le Cellier Smores Dessert

The 50’s Prime Time Cafe s’mores dessert is a more “gourmet” offering — mostly because they can use a blow torch to make it — but the fun of having those ooey gooey marshmallows arrive on your table will turn everyone into a kid again. This one’s big enough to share.

Smores Dessert at 50's Prime Time Cafe

Smores Dessert at 50's Prime Time Cafe

Sadly, we’ve lost the s’mores cheesecake from Pop Century…I haven’t seen it in years…

Pop Century Smores Cheesecake

Pop Century Smores Cheesecake

But, let’s not forget about the S’mores fudge that can be found throughout the parks!

Smores fudge is on the right...

Smores fudge is on the right...

Make ‘em Yourself
Also, many Disney World resorts have campfires with s’mores kits available each night! The most famous, of course, is Chip and Dale’s Campfire and Sing-a-long at Fort Wilderness (and I hope this is on the schedule for all of you TentFesters!). This campfire happens nightly, and includes fun and songs with Chip and Dale by the campfire, followed by a Disney movie projected on an outdoor screen! S’mores kits are available at the concession stand, and usually cost around five bucks. (You can always bring your own s’mores stuff, too.)

Yacht and Beach Club Resorts Campfire and Smores

Yacht and Beach Club Resorts Campfire and Smores

If you’re not ready to make the trek to Fort Wilderness and don’t mind missing the chipmunks, many Disney deluxe resorts offer campfires and s’mores on select nights of the week, including the the Beach and Yacht Clubs, the Contemporary Resort, and the Grand Floridian.

Contemporary Resort Campfire

Contemporary Resort Campfire

See ‘Em “Live”
AND, if you’re in WDW for this year’s Flower and Garden Festival, be sure to check out this cool S’mores topiary! I love this!

Epcot Flower and Garden Festival Campfire Topiary

Epcot Flower and Garden Festival Campfire Topiary

Now that you’re in a giant sugar coma, it’s time to crawl into your snuggly sleeping bags and turn in for the night. Sweet dreams, and have a great Tent Fest!

Photo Credits (thanks to our friends!):
— FJ Fuchs
Erin Foster
April Baker


  1. Anne says

    There are s’mores at Jiko too – they’re on the kids’ dessert menu, and they’re fantastic!

  2. says

    That Smores cheesecake looks great. We love their Tie Dye Cheesecake – so much that I recreated it at home after our trip last year. Your photos of the Smores Cheesecake has got me thinking of merging the two – Tie Dye Smores Cheesecake? I’m thinking Chocolate cake base, topped with Tie Dye Cheesecake, marshmallows and graham cracker crumbs. I might just need to make this one!!!

  3. Erin Foster says

    The S’mores Cheesecake is at the Whispering Canyon Cafe! We had it last month. MMMMMM. No photo though :-(

  4. Erin Foster says

    Yep, that’s pretty close to what we had at the WCC.

    My kiddos are pretty S’mores obsessed. DD13 makes herself one every night using this:

    My preferred version of S’mores is a variation on the Rice Krispie treat:

    – Use Golden Grahams instead of Krispies.
    – When the “batter” is still warm, dump a few big handfuls of chocolate chips on top.
    – The chips will melt. Spread them around with a knife.
    – Cool, cut, and serve.

  5. says

    While its not quite a smore when we were in the Magic Kingdom a few months ago. I went in to take some pictures for a Disney Food Site I know of ;) We stopped at the Main Street Confectionery Shop and was drooling on all the food there.
    One of the girls working in the back gave our little one a marshmallow with alll kinds of sprinkles for free.

    So parents next time your at WDW and you have a little one stop by and see if they will do the same for you. Having the little one press her nose against the glass helps too :)

    we were drooling over these btw

  6. says

    Love this! Now I want S’mores!! Did you see there is a s’mores display in topiary at the Flower & Garden festival? Perfect timing!

  7. says

    Erin — I saw one of those little machines when I was doing research for the blog! I love that it looks like it has little hands :) Thanks, also for that recipe; sounds wonderful.

    Chip — Great tip (especially about the little on pressing her nose against the glass — too funny!)!!

    Zanna — I didn’t see the topiary, yet; I’ll have to go hunt down an early picture! Thanks for the heads up!

  8. Stephanie says

    I was just going to post about the S’mores cheesecake at WCC. That picture you posted is actually my picture from when we ate there in 2007. =)

  9. says

    Plush Puffs — Thanks! I’m not usually all that funny, so I’m always glad to get a good one-liner in there now and then :-)

    Cody — Can you believe I haven’t eaten one, yet? I gotta get on the ball with that one!

    Stephanie — Oh my goodness! That’s so cool! How’s the WCC cheesecake?

  10. Chandra says

    Anyone know if the Campfire and Sing-a-long at Fort Wilderness is for Disney resort guests only? We are not staying at a disney property, but this event and smore kits sound fun!

    By the way, I just found this blog and am really enjoying it. Thanks!

  11. says

    Chandra — Welcome to the blog! Thanks for the feedback and comment! To my knowledge, they don’t check whether you’re a Disney resort guest at the Fort Wilderness Campfire. I’m pretty sure it’s open to everyone. That said, it never hurts to give Fort Wilderness a call just to double-check before you head out there! I think the number is (407) 824-2900

  12. says

    Chandra and AJ, they welcome everyone. It is very casual at the Fort Wilderness Campfire. They have stadium bleachers and two fires going. A little cart sells refreshments, like the kit (a stick, some marshmallows, graham crackers and chocolate).

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