Duck Three Ways

Disney’s Hollywood Brown Derby Restaurant currently has a dish on the menu called Duck Two Ways:

Duck Two Ways
House Cured Pastrami with a Vanilla-White Balsamic Melon Pear Salad, and Braised Leg
with a Ginger Carrot Puree, and Natural Reduction 28.00

But I thought we could do them one better. Here’s the DisneyFoodBlog’s Duck THREE Ways:

Chef Donald

Chef Donald

Beach-Bound Donald

Beach-Bound Donald

Safari Donald

Safari Donald

You can find these dressed-up Donalds at Chef Mickey’s in the Contemporary Resort, Cape May Cafe Character Breakfast at the Beach Club Resort, and Tusker House Safari Breakfast in Disney’s Animal Kingdom!


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    HA! Love it. We had duck two ways at the Tables in Wonderland dinner too. I was kind of scared (not a big cooked duck fan, Donald is another story) but it was really delicious.

    ANYway! Love this as usual! ;)

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    Zanna — I always like what I try in Disney World — even if it’s not something I’d normally eat. I think it has a lot to do with the atmosphere ;-)

    Stephanie — How can anyone not like Donald!? Have you seen the new Donald Duck Hallmark toy?

    Christine — Agreed and Agreed!

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    Sarah — I hear you! I think the Easter Donald would drive my cat crazy, though!

    Rori — To the Duck, indeed!

    Heidi — Thanks, Heidi! He’s so cute, isn’t he?

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    I’ve loved Donald for a long time. I think it goes back to (warning:nostalgia and randomness follow) my childhood. My brother’s middle name is Donald. My sister and I convinced him that ‘Duck” was part of his name, too, so always introduced himself as ‘Jason Donald Duck Rogers’ – it still cracks me up!

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    Janna — That is, beyond a doubt, the best thing I’ve heard all day. It makes me want to return to my childhood, have a younger sibling, and convince them to introduce themselves as a Disney character. Awesome.

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    Donald is my favorite Disney character, and so I always find it a little horrifying that they serve duck at Disney World. I mean good grief! They wouldn’t serve mouse, would they???

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