Animator’s Palate Reimagined for the Disney Dream

Animator’s Palate, the well-known, standard-to-all-ships, Disney Cruise Line restaurant has always been an attraction for the “transformational” experience it gives to guests. In the past, the restaurant has slowly bloomed from black-and-white surroundings to full-color depictions of Disney animated favorites throughout the evening while guests dined.

Disney is polishing and upgrading that “transformational” experience in the Animator’s Palate restaurant on their brand new Disney Dream cruise ship. When walking into the restaurant,

…it will feel like you’ve entered a classic animation studio, filled with character maquettes, paint brushes, colored pencils and other tools of the trade. Throughout the restaurant are sketches from the Disney•Pixar film “Finding Nemo.”

Animator's Palate "Before:" (c) Disney

Throughout the meal, the room will transform into an underwater dining space. The “sketches” will fill with bubbles, and guests will be surrounded by portholes to the fascinating life under the sea.

Animator's Palate "After:" (c) Disney

For a truly interactive experience, Crush, the sea turtle from “Finding Nemo,” will play the same role he does in Disney World’s “Turtle Talk with Crush.” He’ll swim around the restaurant (visible through the various portholes that have appeared) to discuss with guests their activities on board the ship, and to answer questions about his life underwater. Guests will also see many of their other favorite characters from “Finding Nemo” during the evening.

Here’s a great video fly-through of the restaurant!

See more at the Disney Parks Blog!


  1. Jeff W. says

    Holy cripes on toast! I’ve never taken a cruise before, and always thought that when I did it wouldn’t necessarily be a Disney cruise (the thought of being trapped on a boat for a week with a bunch of annoying children tends to make me break out in a cold sweat), but after seeing this, I just might reconsider!

  2. says

    Jeff — I LOVE turtle talk with Crush and think it’d be a blast to have him swimming around the restaurant talking to everyone. So cool! (Agreed on not planning to take a cruise, but the interactive features of the Disney Dream might be too good to pass up!)

  3. Lauren says

    I know it is a cruise ship and all but lord, there seems to be a lot of tables and chairs all crammed together! I hope it won’t be that crowded in real life, nothing like eating on top of the table next to you. Other than that – I love, love, love the concept!!!

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