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Breakfast Specialty Showdown

Note to readers: This is what happens when I stay up too late before writing my blog post for the next day…especially after watching action movies…

I think it’s time to pit one favorite against another in a…


…starring your favorites and mine, the well-known, specialty breakfast dishes from Chef Mickey’s, Akershus Princess Storybook Breakfast, and Crystal Palace!

Who will win the Breakfast Specialty Showdown Crown?! We shall see…

Contender #1: Pooh’s Breakfast Lasagna
An unpretentious mish-mosh of ingredients — delicious on their own, but outstanding when smooshed together — create the formidable Pooh’s Breakfast Lasagna. Crystal Palace knew that naming the dish after an unassuming, honey-loving bear would lull opponents into a false sense of security. Overconfident challengers beware, the collision of flavors is greater than the sum of its parts, and moves the Breakfast Lasagna fully into Breakfast Specialty Showdown contender status!

Pooh's Breakfast Lasagna

Contender #2: Pluto’s Cheese Blintzes
Don’t get the wrong idea. Even though these delectable little pockets of cheese are named after the strong, silent type, that doesn’t mean they won’t start to shout when you taste them. A “grown-up” dish in a sea of kid-focused breakfast cereal and pastries, the blintzes are the Pow! and Zam! of Chef Mickey’s. No wonder they get their very own corner of the room… . Everyone knows a Breakfast Specialty Showdown contender when they see one…and cuts it a wide berth. Making them even more dangerous, the available sauces give the blintzes a tangy edge.

Pluto's Cheese Blintzes

Pluto's Cheese Blintzes

Contender #3: Lingonberry Muffins
Ah…I know what you’re thinking. The muffins couldn’t possibly hold up in the ring against those hearty cheese blintzes and the hefty breakfast lasagna. Well, don’t speak too soon… You’d be surprised what kind of taste profile punch those Akershus favorites can pack. With the sweet-tart lingonberries hidden from view like a secret weapon, they use the crumbcake camouflage to their advantage by staging sneak attacks on your taste buds! Plus — you’ve never heard of lingonberries before, have you? Advantage: lingonberry muffin.

Lingonberry muffin

And the Winner is?
Which breakfast specialty has your vote for the crown? I can’t promise I won’t come back on Monday with a photo of a breakfast item wearing a cape and giant WWF belt, so choose wisely…


  1. Susan Smith says:

    I vote for the Lingonberry muffin :) But my favorite breakfast item of all time is the Puffed French Toast from the Crystal Palace. Especially when the Crystal Palace was a cafeteria style restaurant… it just seemed better in the bigger version (or maybe because I was a kid!). I loved getting a plateful of that crispy, sugary goodness!

  2. AJ says:

    Susan — I LOVE that puffed French Toast. I’m so glad it’s one of the standard menu items they’ve kept at Crystal Palace.

    OKAY — 1 vote for the Lingonberry muffin!!

  3. Kelly says:

    I’m in love with blintzes, so my vote is going to have to go there.

  4. William says:

    Nothin better than a dollop of sour cream on a warm blintz. Pluto gets my vote.

  5. Cheyenne says:

    My vote is the Pooh’s Breakfast Lasagna! I love Crystal Palace:)!!!

  6. Jeff W. says:

    I’d have to go with the breakfast lasagna, but my favorite WDW breakfast items are (as Susan Smith remarked above) Crystal Palace’s puffed French toast, and Boma’s bobotie.

  7. AJ says:

    Kelly — Got it. One from Rochester for Pluto!

    William — And another Pluto Vote! :-)

    Cheyenne — Good to hear Pooh’s representing!

    Jeff — It’s neck and neck — Pooh and Pluto!! (Love the bobotie, too…)

  8. Shayne says:

    Chalk up another vote for Pluto. Love those blintzes!

  9. Tricia says:

    I guess I have to go for the Muffin, But I think the french toast is better and should be added in as a late contestant.

  10. Kathy says:

    Love Pooh’s Lasagna but the puffed french toast is my all time favorite!

  11. [ this is jerry ] says:

    I’m convinced you’ve posted again about the blintzes just to taunt me. Mmmm.

  12. AJ says:

    Shayne — You got it! :-)

    Tricia — The french toast now has 3 unofficial votes, so I might just have to add it in!!

    Kathy — Oh NO! Four Unofficial votes!!

    Jerry — Think of it as a well wish toward your next Disney vacation ;-)

  13. Christina says:

    Pooh’s French Toast! Love it! <3

  14. AJ says:

    Christina’s vote makes me officially want to add that French Toast as a contender!!

  15. Ellen says:

    I’m old school and like my fruit inside my blintzes. My vote goes to a dish UNIQUE to the WDW resort: CP’s breakfast lasagna.

  16. […] shares with us the Breakfast Specialty Showdown starring your favorites and mine, the well-known, specialty breakfast dishes from Chef Mickey’s, […]

  17. AJ says:

    Ellen — Thanks for your vote! Staying true to the original dishes — I like it!

  18. jme says:

    While my all time favorite breakfast item at WDW is the Pap & Chaka Laka from Boma – between these three I would vote for the Lingonberry Muffin. I must disclaim that I have never had Pooh’s Breakfast Lasagna before though!

  19. AJ says:

    jme — Thanks for your vote! Your love for Pap & Chaka Laka is noted, as well!

  20. I adore the Breakfast Lasagne at Crystal Palace, however I must tell you, they don’t produce it anymore! A major faux pas in my opinion, that’s what we went for x

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