Dinner and a Show at World Showcase

We talk a lot about food around here (can’t imagine why), but we don’t pay nearly enough attention to some of the great entertainment that Disney provides in and around its restaurants during mealtimes. I thought it’d be interesting to take a look at a few of the Epcot World Showcase restaurantsChefs de France, Restaurant Marrakesh, Biergarten, and Teppan Edo — that offer not only great food, but also fun entertainment!

Chefs de France
One of my favorite “acts” in World Showcase is just outside Chefs de France in the France Pavilion. This hilarious duo has a couple of different “schticks” — one in which the acrobat is dressed as a tourist and comes into the act from the audience, the other in which he’s dressed as a Chefs de France server as he is in the photos below. The basic gist is that he’s just trying to clean the chairs, but the Chef continues to push him into climbing higher and higher onto the balanced mountain of furniture! The finale is breathtaking!

And, recently, when you head inside Chefs de France, who’s been waiting for you? Remy, the lovable rodent chef from Ratatouille!

Chef Remy at Chefs de France in Epcot's World Showcase

Restaurant Marrakesh
This authentic Moroccan restaurant doesn’t just stop at great food — they like to immerse their guests in an incredible cultural experience. The tiles that surround you at Restaurant Marrakesh were laid by artisans sent directly from the King of Morocco, the food you’re being served is similar to what you’d find at restaurants in Fez and Casablanca, and the entertainment is straight from the source.

Most guests, at some point in their meal, are entertained by Moroccan musicians and a real, live belly dancer (no animatronics here!). What a fun an unexpected addition!

Marrakesh Musicians

Belly Dancer at Marrakesh

Of course, over at the Biergarten, entertainment is the main event! While the buffet of delicious meats, vegetables, pretzel bread, and other delectable delights is fantastic, what you’ll probably remember from the place is the rousing musicians performing for you! If you’re lucky, you might even be able to join the show!

Teppan Edo
And, finally, I always like to mention the “show” that you get at Teppan Edo‘s traditional hibachi grill! These Chefs are outstanding, and I always, always, always have some of the most delicious food of my trips at this restaurant.

Chef Entertains at Teppan Edo

What are YOUR favorites?
I know there were a few entertainers left out of this post — the singers in Mexico, the colonial marching band in America, Mo’ Rockin’ over by the Tangierine Cafe, etc. — and I’d love to hear your thoughts about the best entertainment to catch while you’re dining in the World Showcase!


  1. Evan says

    Does it count as dining if you bring your drink out from Rose and Crown to watch the World Showcase Players? In my opinion that group is the best in World Showcase since the show is unique each and every time you see it with their improv skills.

  2. Sarah says

    My thoughts exactly while reading the article, Evan!

    I am a fan of Remy and the musicians at Biergarten. I have yet to try Restaurant Marrakesh, although I love Tangierine Cafe. I’ve been to Teppan Edo a couple of times but prefer Tokyo Dining; I feel it is more relaxing to dine there.

  3. Karen Rice says

    Love the Biergarten…..food is excellent as is the atmosphere. And the entertainment is a real treat! Once I’m there, I don’t want to leave….it’s a real party!

  4. says

    I love the “dinner and a show” aspect of WDW restaurants! It’s especially helpful for solo travelers, since we have no one to talk to over our meal, we have something else to focus on. I loved sitting at Tangierine Cafe and listening to Mo’ Rockin’. That was a good time.

  5. says

    Evan — Those folks are great! You can call it dining as far as I’m concerned!

    Sarah — Can’t wait to hear what you think of Marrakesh when you get there — I just had my first experience not long ago and loved it!

    Karen — Woo! You sound like a blast to hang out with. Next time you’re at Biergarten, give us a call! :-)

  6. says

    Not sure if this counts either, but I love to get Fish n Chips from the Yorkshire County Fish Shop in the UK and then bring it over in between the UK and Canada to watch Off Kilter play. Those guys rock and are always so high energy.

  7. Rich T. says

    Oktoberfest Musikanten are great. While I can source better German food locally, nothing compares to the atmosphere they generate at the Biergarten. I have actually finished dining there and told the server I wouldn’t leave until they came on and I saw their entire set. They make the Biergarten a must-visit every trip. In fact, I will be there twice in a single day on my next trip in about two weeks.

    As far as joining the show, during my trip last October, I actually got selected to go up as the Burgermeister for the Oktoberfest celebration. It was my solemn duty to taste the first Maß from the keg to verify it meets the high standards of the Oktoberfest. They gave me the stein to take home as a souvenir and a certificate pronouncing my qualification to preside. It was a fantastic experience, and I actually went out and bought a frame for the certificate.

  8. says

    Rich — What fun!!! I haven’t been to Biergarten in way too long; your story makes we want to go back soon! (Also, no worries about going to the same restaurant twice in the same day — I’ve done it many times…)

  9. says

    Just wondering, since the uniform is somewhat androgynous, but is that a woman chef at the hibachi? Out of the many Japanese hibachi restaurants I’ve eaten at, the chefs have been exclusively male. If so, pretty cool…

  10. CanadiansloveWDW says

    teppen edo is a nice show.. but watching all the kids and some of the adults interact with the princesses at Akershus Hall is the best show..

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