Disney Blog Carnival #2!

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For those of you who enjoyed the first Disney Blog Carnival, here’s the second one right on its heels!

Just head over to DisMarks to see over 30 great articles and blog posts about your very favorite subject — Disney! Click through and give those writers some love.

By the way, a blog carnival, for those who haven’t seen one before, is a collection of posts submitted from different bloggers on a similar topic. It often takes place weekly or monthly.

DisMarks.com is a Disney-focused social news website that launched a brand new Disney Blog Carnival two weeks ago. The Disney Blog Carnival is scheduled to occur around every two weeks, so stay tuned for even more great Disney articles all in one place.

If you’re a Disney blogger and want to participate in the next Disney Blog Carnival, everyone is welcome. Submissions for the next carnival are due on May 1st, and you can submit your articles or blog posts right here.

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