Disney Food Post Round-Up: April 25, 2010

New truffles in WDW

As you know, I’m reporting from Disney World this weekend, and from Disneyland next week! Here are some of the latest news items:

Now — on to the round-up!

OC Register preps me for the best dishes to sample at Disney’s California Food and Wine Festival next week!

Main Street Gazette shares a love of Frozen Sunshine at Beaches and Cream!

DisneyGeek has some great shots from the Food and Wine Festival in Disneyland in his Disneyland photo round-up this week.

The LA Times Travel Blog features videos of John and Nancy Lasseter talking wine and the Lasseter Winery at this past weekend’s California Food & Wine Festival opening. Here’s one to whet your appetite:

The Disney Chick makes Fettucini Alfredo from Epcot’s Tutto Italia!

Babes in Disneyland posts about special dietary needs in Disneyland.

Disunplugged visits Napa Rose and chats with Guy Fieri at the California Food & Wine Festival.

Disney Parks spots Tina Fey at the Sci-Fi Dine-In!


  1. Jeff W. says

    Nice round-up, as usual, A.J.! And I can tell from reading your blog regularly that you’re a genuinely good, fun, kind, non-judgmental person (which, believe me, is a GOOD thing!). Still, it was a bit disheartening to see a couple links to the Galactic Empire of Disney fan sites (or should I say, travel company sites disguised as fan sites in order to drum up more business for the travel company), the (damnable) DIS. Unfortunately, Pete Werner and his business associates at Dreams Unlimited Travel… er, I mean, the DIS already have a more than generous amount of foot traffic, and I just hate to see *true* Disney fan sites that I genuinely have great affection for, such as the Disney Food Blog, giving them any more publicity than they already have (and, trust me, they wouldn’t, and don’t, do the same for the good people at the FAAAAAR superior touringplans.com).

    Having said that, though, I know this is your site to do with as you please, and I will always love and regularly read this site day after day. Unless, of course, you, too, decide to publicly go on an anti-immigration rant sometime in the future (kidding). ;-)

  2. says

    Thanks for the comment, Jeff, and for your dedicated reading of the site (and for the fun interchanges on facebook!). I figure that my job is to link to good food articles when I see ‘em — no more, no less. ;-)

    And I always thank the kind people at TouringPlans.com for allowing me to guest blog for them now and again… . I’ve always been a superfan of theirs.

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