Free Dining in Disney World: Rumors!

Our friends over at Touring Plans are hearing wacky rumors about Disney World Discounts, which include dining plans, coming round the bend!

We know that Disney has offered “free dining” in the Fall for a couple of years now, and this might be 2010’s version:

We’ve heard it will appear for Disney Visa cardholders around April 29, and the general public May 2. Travel dates should begin around August 15 …

We’re hearing conflicting details about the dining offer itself. Two sources says the offer will be scaled back (one says “drastically”) from last year. … However, one other source thinks the free dining offer will be the same as last year’s

Reports are coming in that some Disney Visa Cardholders are getting emails and pin codes for free Quick Service dining plan with Magic Your Way packages between March 14th and October 2nd. Others are saying they’ve been able to book free Quick Service dining plan with travel dates starting in June.

Go to Touring Plans to read the full post and get more info…


  1. says

    As i am one of the people the doesnt like the Free Dining (a ‘local’), i do think it is a good idea for the travellers, etc. BUT locals dont like it because we cant just go over for the day and say oh i want to eat in __ because it will be probably booked up.

    I think if they do change it a bit, it might be better, but if this is true (and they dont change it) i wont be liking it…

    Just my opinion :)

  2. says

    I did get the quick service pin, but we’re not going then. Free dining is great, but not as good as a room discount, unfortunately.

  3. says

    Agreed! We just took advantage of the bounceback code in our room for our October vacation. No free dining, but saving more!

  4. dee says

    I hope the free dining is offered. It has saved our family over 3 thousand dollars. Its the best discount for us. The best for 2 adults and a teenager all eating on adult menu. Stay in a value room during value time and it saves money too. We don’t need a fancy room as we are never in it except for sleeping anyway..

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