Welcome to Disney’s California Food & Wine Festival!

The time is finally upon us! We arrived in Disneyland this morning and had a great time wandering around Disney’s California Adventure for an introduction to the California Food & Wine Festival.

We’ve got a good game plan for sampling all of this food — and more — in the coming days, but for now, I wanted to introduce you as well to Disney’s California Food & Wine Festival!

This Festival Center is the backbone of the festival. It houses temporary shops for wine and merchandise, seminar rooms, a kitchen for some of the signature dishes, and more!

Here are several items that you’ll see “in person” via my blog very soon! Click image for larger photo)

Festival Center Menu

I love the idea of this schedule — very easy to see who/what/when/where your favorite chefs are!

Arrival Day Schedule

And here’s where you can find gourmet chefs throughout the day!

Food and Wine Festival Chef's Showcase

And, finally, here are some merchandise pics for the Food & Wine Festival! (The Chef’s Coat comes in several different colors — and there’s even one for your little Chef-in-Training!)

Disney's California Food & Wine Festival Chef Coat

TD Rogerson Print

Food and Wine Festival glasses

There’s more where that came from! Stay tuned for dining reviews, merchandise, and more as we travel through Disney’s California Food and Wine Festival this week!

Also, stay tuned for more great updates from my trip to Disney World last week!


  1. says

    Have a great time AJ! I am really looking forward to reading all of your posts from Disney’s California Food & Wine Festival. I will be interested to hear how you think it compares to the Epcot version.

    I do think tweeting dessert options while you were at dinner last night was a little cruel, but the choices looked great!

    Enjoy all of the great food!

  2. says

    Anderson — Thank you! Have you been to the California Food & Wine Festival?

    Gray — Thanks, my friend! I love that artwork, too! I think those glasses would make great gifts, so I’m wondering if I should buy a few and ship them home…

    Jamie — Thanks for your comment! My apologies for last night. I thought it’d be fun to “crowdsource” my Napa Rose ordering ;-) We ended up ordering two desserts, but they brought out an incorrect order first, so we ended up eating three! Ho-hum!

  3. Ro says

    Ooo, I like those pint glasses. Hope WDW’s event has those this year. Really looking forward to hearing about your adventures out there. The desserts last night looked DEE-vine!

  4. says

    Nice pics! We just got back from the festival and have started posting our experiences on my blog. Going back next month, too, for more food and wine fun. The artwork was fabulous – so tempted to get some.

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