Disney’s California Food & Wine Festival Specialty Item Review: Chicken Wrap and Cheesecake

As I mentioned previously, Disney’s California Food & Wine Festival is highlighting several specialty items inspired by the festival’s “Art of Flavor” tagline and sold at counter service locations throughout the park.

Yesterday, I reviewed the pulled pork sandwich and mangia meatballs, and today I’m taking a look at the Festival Chicken Wrap and the Dulce de Leche Cheesecake.

Festival Chicken Wrap
The Festival Chicken Wrap can be found at the Bountiful Valley Farmers Market near Pacific Wharf in Disney’s California Adventure theme park. This item consists of a spinach tortilla filled with Buffalo-sauced chicken tenders, crumbled blue cheese, and diced celery.

Bountiful Valley Farmers Market

Festival Chicken Wrap Sign

When we received the wrap, it was ice cold and felt like it was taken directly out of the refrigerator. This was really surprising to us, as the description of a “crispy chicken strip” made us think “hot.” The chicken strip was a standard Disney chicken finger doused in Buffalo sauce. It was accompanied by what looked like fresh spinach as well as the promised blue cheese crumbles. We couldn’t find any diced celery in the wrap, so we assumed the spinach was taking its place at this point.

Festival Chicken Wrap

While we liked the overall taste of the sandwich and thought the fresh spinach was a nice touch, the cold chicken was soggy, and we couldn’t get over the feeling that it was supposed to be served warm. At least, we certainly would have wanted it that way. If you’re headed to the Farmers Market, my advice would be to order one of the newly re-located hand-dipped corn dogs instead of the Festival Chicken Wrap. Our corn dog was top notch (more on that in another post!).

Dulce de Leche Cheesecake
We were pretty excited to see this item on the list! I’m a huge cheesecake fan, and anything named Dulce de Leche has to be good, right?! You can find this at Cucina Cucamonga in Disney’s California Adventure’s Pacific Wharf.

Dulce de Leche Cheesecake Info

This one fell nicely into what I’ve come to know as “standard Disney desserts.” Small, sweet, possibly mass-produced items that taste good and fill the need for dessert, but that don’t really stand out in any way whatsoever. (These kinds of desserts happen all the time at Disney World’s table service restaurants, too.)

Dulce de Leche Cheesecake

This was a pretty standard vanilla cheesecake, served with some incredibly thick caramel on the side. It’s the kind of thing that you’ll keep eating…but you’re not really sure why. Overall — a decent dessert, but “commonplace.”

Up Next
There’s still a lot of reporting to come from Disney’s California Food & Wine Festival! Stay tuned for info from the Festival Center, the Chef’s Showplace, the Merchandise cart, and more!


  1. says

    that’s disappointing. seems like during such an event, disney would’ve stepped up their game just a tad above “commonplace”. boo.

    well, at least there’s the dole whip, which NEVER lets us down, right? ;-)

  2. says

    Robin — My husband took a look at the blog and said that I was unfairly negative toward the cheesecake ;-) He really enjoyed it, so maybe my taste buds were just having an off day? :-) Thanks so much for the kudos on the blog! Are you SoCal local?

  3. says

    commonplace isn’t being negative, i think it’s more neutral if anything. i’m sure the cheesecake was tasty. i mean, how could cheesecake not be, right??? ;-)

    however, i do think that it being a “food & wine festival” & all, the food should definitely wow you.

    anywho, i am a local but not local enough where disney is a reasonable driving distance with a toddler. and we all know how bad LA traffic can be! i know that if we lived closer, i would be there EVERY SINGLE DAY. well, maybe every other day. haha!

    are you still at disney? when do you leave?

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