Snack Attack: Matterhorn Macaroon

Check out this fun addition to the Blue Ribbon Bakery in Disneyland!

Matterhorn Macaroon

This Matterhorn Macaroon, named and shaped after the famous Matterhorn mountain icon in Disneyland, is a new arrival on the snack scene in the west coast park.

A “mountain” of coconutty goodness dipped in white chocolate “snow,” it’s a fun reminder of the other times Disney’s made edible representations of their well known iconic structures — castles, Mickey Mouse, and Spaceship Earth being just a few examples!

Disneyland's Matterhorn

Matterhorn Poster

So what do you think? Is it a good copy, or should they go back to the drawing board? ;-)


  1. says

    I’m sorry AJ, but everyone knows a macaroon needs to be covered in chocolate.

    And yes, I’d still eat that.

  2. says

    Doesn’t it look good?!? And just the perfect amount for a snack. Plus, it’s *almost* covered in chocolate…you can just skip the part that didn’t get dunked. ;-)

  3. Sarah says

    Are they available without the “snow”? I know it would defeat the aesthetic purpose, but I don’t want to have to chip away at the white chocolate to get to the coconutty goodness below!

  4. says

    Heather — Definitely worth a try! :-) I didn’t even pay attention to the price point — great point!

    Robin — Agreed!

    Adam — Ha! You should call and ask — “One dozen Matterhorn Macaroons, please!”

    Chip — Nom Nom Nom!

    Sarah — No idea on that one! I bet if you catch them while they’re making the macaroons, you’d be able to get a “snow-less” one.

  5. Martin says

    They had a drizzled chocolate version as well but this one heavenly…best macaroon i ever tasted!

  6. Darren says

    I had one of these at Disneyland the other day … It was DELICIOUS! … and yes Sarah, they are available without the white chocolate “snow”.

  7. Pam says

    I had these last September and I cannot stop thinking about them! Best macaroon ever. The light glaze on top adds to their deliciousness. Does anyone know if you can order these through the mail? Thanks.

  8. William Wells says

    What a cute idea, AJ. Wish I where there to try one. I have a sweet tooth.

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