Homemade Treats From Disneyland’s Candy Palace

Have you ever realized how many similar dining opportunities exist in Disneyland and Disney World? That’s what my colleague and friend, Ryan from Main Street Gazette, and I were discussing a couple of months ago when we came up with a fun idea. We knew we were both headed to Disney parks — he to Disney World, and I to Disneyland — and thought it would be an intriguing series of posts to compare our experiences at “mirror image” locations in Disney World and Disneyland!

For the next month of Wednesdays, you’ll see us reviewing back-to-back, mirror image foodie havens in the Florida and California parks! Whether you’re headed to the East coast or the West, we’ve got your Disney Food needs covered — please join us for the ride!

Disneyland's Candy Palace

Making Magic

Today, we’re discussing the homemade goodies from the Main Street candy stores at Disney World and Disneyland, which means I get to talk about Disneyland’s Candy Palace! And let me say right up front — this place is all about the homemade! You know they’re famous for their homemade candy canes during the holiday season, but they’re making homemade candy — front-and-center — every single day of the year here.

Making Peanut Clusters at the Candy Palace

From fudge and pecan rolls to molasses sponge and rocky road, there’s always something brewing at the Candy Palace — and you can buy freshly made packages of your nostalgic favorites. The best part, though, is watching the candy makers. The huge windows around the candy kitchen offer guests the opportunity to watch them make magic, and big, descriptive signs let you know exactly what they’re making inside:

Fudge Mallow Squares

Homemade Toffee Slabs

One item I’d heard rave reviews about were the Candy Palace toffee slabs, and I was lucky enough on my trip to watch them being made! This can be best compared to a Heath, Daim, or Skor bar in your grocery store, and consists of a buttery, hard candy covered in milk chocolate and coated with crushed almonds.

Naked Toffee

Dipping Toffee in Chocolate

Coating Toffee With Almonds

Finished Toffee Ready for Packaging

Packaged Toffee

Luckily, when I got back to the hotel room with this giant slab of toffee that I’d purchased from the Candy Palace candy counter, my husband was starving! We both tore into the confection, and while I’d prefer mine without the almonds, he absolutely loved his half! It was easily one of his favorite treats from the trip.

Toffee Slab Purchased at Candy Palace

Toffee Cross-Section

But My Favorite…

My favorite purchase from the Candy Palace was the molasses sponge candy I couldn’t resist. I grew up with this candy — a big package of it is my dad’s traditional Christmas gift from my mom every year — and I just realized that it isn’t actually all that well-known nationwide. Buffalo, NY, my hometown, lays claim to this specialty, in fact!

So, for those of you who haven’t tried sponge candy (also known as seafoam, hokey-pokey, honeycomb candy, and cinder toffee), I can highly recommend it! (The science behind how it’s made is pretty cool, too!)

Anyway, I scarfed this down pretty darn quickly.

Sponge Candy

Make a Visit…if you Dare!

Disneyland’s Candy Palace is an addictive place. You could easily spend an hour there watching the candy making, inspecting the fudge varieties, and playing with the numerous vintage boardwalk games linking the walls! And, I promise, you could easily drop some serious cash on all of the homemade favorites that you haven’t had in years. But, hey, that wouldn’t be so bad, now would it?

Thanks for visiting the Candy Palace with us today! Be sure to head over to Main Street Gazette for Ryan’s take on the Confectionery in Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom!


  1. Elisabeth says

    Glad you got to see some delicious treats being made! I haven’t had molasses candy in years. I didn’t see any when we were there, but I was so hungry when we stopped in, I didn’t really do much searching and browsing. I think the toffee sticks at DLR are much better than the toffee slabs at WDW and I wish they had the sticks at WDW. But I like the idea of being able to buy one piece of fudge at WDW and not a whole package like at DLR.

    Great idea about the comparison of the two stores though. It is fun to read about how different, yet similar the two stores are.

  2. says

    Thanks, Elisabeth! Your reviews and comparisons are appreciated! Looking forward to your comments on the other WDW/DL posts!

  3. Tricia says

    I wish they had sponge candy in WDW. I too am orginally from Buffalo, NY and have to bring some back each time I go home.

  4. says

    Tricia — I had no idea whatsoever that the sponge candy was a Buffalo thing — I grew up thinking everyone had it! :-) It’s one of my favorite treats, to be sure.

    Mark — Ha! That’s my job! Trust me, I’m not immune, either!

  5. says

    I had never heard of this honeycomb/sponge candy, but I will make sure to see if I can find some the next time I am in Walt Disney World or Disneyland, as it looks delicious! I love how the Candy Palace has signs to accompany the creation process so that guests are able to understand what they are seeing a little better.

    Can’t wait for to see the rest of the ‘menu’ in the coming weeks!

  6. Rhonda says

    We love the rockyroad candy from DL… but only the stuff sold in the smaller packages is the fresh stuff made onsite.

    No trip to DL is complete without rockyroad!

  7. Howard says

    Sponge Candy is definitely a Buffalo thing. I may have left when I was 6, but remember visiting my grandmother on Minnesota and walking to Parkside (on Main, I think). I’ve only seen it one other place outside of Buffalo. This is a MUST do on my trip to Disneyland!

  8. says

    Ryan — I thought the signs were cool, too! So old-fashioned-y. I wonder if they’ve been there since ’55!

    Rhonda — Thanks for the suggestion! I’ll get some next time, to be sure!

    Howard — Yes, indeed! The candy was pretty good, too — seeing as we’re experts on sponge candy and all!

  9. says

    Your husband enjoyed his half of the toffee? Clearly you are newlyweds–after a few years, you don’t share. Bwaa haaa haaa!!!!!!!

    Of course, they might explain why I’ve gained a few since I was married. Hmmm.

  10. says

    Linda — Disney doesn’t usually ship fresh candy, but you can always try! Call Disneyland mail order at 800-362-4533

  11. Paula k says

    I need to buy mOre of the chocolate covered toffee . Is there a web site u can buy it from?

  12. Lynn says

    I LOVE this candy and could eat it by the bagful!!
    Two things:
    (1) When I called the toll free number that AJ helpfully provided, they said the number has changed. New # is (877) 560-6477.
    (2) For years and years, I used to get honeycomb candy from Hammond’s in Denver, but when they changed to kosher ingredients, the candy became as hard as a rock. I’ve tried a few other companies but haven’t found anything close to their former quality UNTIL we found it at Disneyland this past summer! I will call them tomorrow and hopefully place an order. MEANWHILE… If you know of a realllyyy delicious brand of honeycomb candy, please send me an e-mail! LewisMom6@gmail.com I live in the mid-Atlantic but would be willing to pay shipping if it were REALLLLY good quality. Thanks fellow chocolatiers! :-)


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