Disneyland’s Redd Rockett’s Pizza Port

We’re back with another Disney World and Disneyland comparison! Every Wednesday in May, Main Street Gazette and Disney Food Blog are reviewing back-to-back, mirror image foodie havens in the Florida and California parks. Whether you’re headed to the East coast or the West, we’ve got your Disney Food needs covered!

Today, I’ll be checking out Disneyland’s Redd Rockett’s Pizza Port, and Main Street Gazette will be taking a look at Disney’s Hollywood Studios’ Pizza Planet.

Redd Rockett’s Pizza Port is a counter-service location in Disneyland’s Tomorrowland, offering pizza by the pie or slice, salads, and pasta dishes. Built in the space previously inhabited by Flight to the Moon and Mission to Mars, the restaurant carries a space port theme and provides a great spot to grab a bite after numerous flights on Space Mountain.

Redd Rockett’s is set up in a cafeteria style. You can head to the Salad Station, the Pizza Station, or the Pasta Station to order and receive the dishes you’d like, then grab your beverages and proceed to the check-out location to pay.

From there, you have your choice of outdoor seating in front of Redd Rockett’s, indoor seating, or outdoor seating located outside the back door of Redd Rockett’s, underneath the queue line for Space Mountain.

Indoor Seating Area

When the indoor seating area gets loud and raucous during prime mealtimes, head out the backdoor — you might find relative peace back there.

Space Mountain Pavilion Seating

The first thing you’ll realize when choosing your food from the Pizza Port is that the space port themeing is reflected even in the menu. From Mars-inara with Meatballs, Venus Vegetarian pizza, and Celestial Caesar Chicken Salad to the “Space-ghetti” on the kids’ menu, ordering your food is going to make you feel like a kid again — like it or not. ;-)

And believe me when I say this place can get busy. I’m still pretty sure my husband hasn’t forgiven me for letting him battle the crowds to get the food while I secured a table. My job was most definitely easier.

As I mentioned above, the menu choices are pretty minimal —

Pizza Port Menu -- Click for Larger Image

You can grab a salad:

Salad Counter

Have a slice of pizza, or order a whole pie:

Pizza Counter

Pizza Options by the Slice

Or opt for Pasta:

Pasta Counter

Once you’ve grabbed your beverages, you’re good to go!

Beverage Station

We sampled a piece of “Mega Pepperoni” pizza and the Count-down Chicken Fusilli. The pizza, I have to say, was less than impressive. You know I’m a pizza snob, and I’m completely aware that this is a mass-produced counter service pie, but it’s still pretty bad. The crust was soggy and the toppings were bland. But when you’re sitting in the kind of chaos that is the Pizza Port at dinner time, I can’t imagine that anything tastes all that great…

Pepperoni Pizza Slice

…oh wait. I was wrong. We dove into the pasta next. This stuff looks pretty pedestrian at first, but for those of you who love rich Alfredo-type sauces, you’re gonna love the Count-Down Chicken Fusilli. We had planned on eating only a bit of each dish, as we wanted to save room for a churro later on, but we just kept eating the Fusilli! Seriously, we even started to talk about the fact that we weren’t hungry at all, but were still shoveling fork-fulls of the pasta into our mouths. It was delicious. I have no idea if this was a function of the pizza being so bad that anything after it tasted top-notch or what, but we really, really enjoyed this stuff.

Count-Down Chicken Fusilli

Once we were finished eating, we took a last look around the place. Massive school groups were running from table to table, children who were exhausted after a day in Disneyland were screaming their heads off, dazed guests with trays full of food were wandering around hoping that a table would miraculously open up (and wondering if they were tired enough to just sit on the floor)… it was chaos. And while that sort of energy might be what you’re looking for on vacation, it’s not what we tend to choose.

We made the decisions right then and there that the next time we visit Redd Rockett’s Pizza Port, it will be right at opening time, or right around 3:30pm, when the lunch crowd is gone and the dinner crowd is still in line for Peter Pan; we’ll order two of the Fusilli so we don’t have to fight over the really cheesy parts; and we’ll sit outside in the back, near Space Mountain. Let this learning be our special piece of wisdom passed on to you. Enjoy! ;-)


  1. says

    i ADORE any rich, creamy sauces so i will be sure to try this next time i’m at disneyland! good to know about what times would be best to eat there. thanks AJ!

  2. LIllian C. says

    This place offers a great variety of salads and they have a great fruit parfait as well!

  3. says

    Lillian — Thanks for the input on the salads. Would love to know which is your favorite!

    Robin — It really was good! Let me know what you think!

  4. says

    We had a slice of pizza (agreed, awful) and the Asian Chicken Salad. The salad was great. I’m jealous that the pasta was good though!

  5. Galloping Gourmond says

    Disney makes great Asian Chicken salads all around. While they tend to fall flat on their face with most asian inspired food (yes, even O’Hana lately) this is a moderate level success. It’s very good for counter service.

    I agree with you on the atmosphere. It has my second least favorite in all of Disney – first being Electric Umbralla’s Purple Star Trek bridge theme.

  6. says

    Galloping Gourmond — The fact that you called the Electric Umbrella’s theme “Purple Star Trek bridge” makes me like it even more. I always thought it was pretty boring, but now that it’s been associated with Star Trek, I’m enamored! ;-)

  7. says

    Haven’t been here in a while, but I do remember that pizza being abysmal. Don’t know if it’s now different abysmal pizza or the same ol’ junk. :)

    Hey, do they still have the retro Tomorrowland attraction posters in the restaurant? Looking at those designs was always my favorite part of going there.

  8. says

    Nate — They have them, yes! They’re awesome. Definitely the best part about the restaurant.

  9. Lillian C. says

    We went back to the Pizza Port last weekend and had the starfleld of greens and the chicken caesar salad. The starfield of greens is far better. Had the breadsticks too. They looked like they were wheat breadsticks and not greasy at all. Hadn’t tried the pasta there. We’ve sat outside just next to Space Mountain in the past and sat inside last week. Both are not noisy. They still have the attraction posters which are really cool (I agree).

  10. Avery R. says

    This kind of sucks, I was hoping for good pizza since that restaurant has cool techno decor and I’m a major pizza lover. I thought it would be nice to stop by but I’m not willing to take my chances. Thanks for your opinion AJ.

  11. says

    Lillian — Thanks for the review!!

    Avery — You bet! There’s SO much good counter service in Disneyland — let me know if you’d like some recommendations :-)

  12. Marissa says

    The Asian chicken salad is AMAZING! i was at Disney for three days and i think i got that salad at least four maybe five times.

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