Belgium, Singapore, and South Korea Rumored to be New 2010 Epcot Food and Wine Festival Booths

Epcot Food and Wine Festival

According to the twitter feed of a friend at the D23 Flowers and Fireworks event this weekend, we’ve learned some exciting new information about the 2010 Epcot International Food and Wine Festival!

As you know, the festival revolves around dozens of country-specific tasting booths, which are set up along the World Showcase Promenade. Every year, Disney World has added one or two new booths to the mix (last year, we got to sample Thailand and Brazil).

Word is that this year, Epcot will be introducing Belgium, Singapore, and South Korea to the line-up! (I don’t know about you, but I’m hoping for chocolate in that Belgium booth!)

There are other surprises, too! Disney’s introducing a special 3D Dessert party and more! Stay tuned to our Epcot International Food and Wine Festival page for the latest info!


  1. lauwers joel says

    Hello. We do have more than chocolate in Belgium. We have about the largest selection of beers to. We’ll be seeing you in july, then we are visiting Epcot for the first time. A big an from Belgium.

  2. Rob Crawford says

    Belgium? Beer. Lambic, to be precise — sour wheat beer with fruit.

    Korea? My favorite would be tough to pull off at Food and Wine. Dolsot bibimbap — rice, vegetables, beef, and egg in a hot stone bowl. They could do everything but the stone bowl.

  3. says

    Belgium? Not only chocolate and great beer, but I’m looking forward to delicious fries + mayo and mussels…

    OK, now I have to call my travel agent!

  4. Abby says

    Oooh I hope the Belgium booth turns in to a reality! Mussels and fries, waffles, and dark chocolate please!

  5. Tuelle says

    Trappist ales and Daeji Bulgogi! Can’t wait can’t wait can’t wait. Celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary there that week!

  6. Rich T. says

    I really hope the Belgium booth has more than just the one or two beers to choose from that most of the booths do. There are so many possibilities.

  7. says

    Lauwers Joel — I hear that! Thanks for commenting! What are your dining plans for July?

    Rob — I wouldn’t put it past them to give you the option of paying for the stone bowl ;-)

    Kelly — I’m antsy, too. Checking the F&W Festival site every single day for news and info!

    Jenn — I’m with you.

    Brular — Love the frites idea!

    Abby — Fingers crossed!

    Tuelle — Congrats on your anniversary! This is the perfect place to celebrate!

    Rich — Maybe there will be a Belgian Beer walkabout!

    Ro — Now I’m primed for frites. Can’t wait.

  8. Galloping Gourmand says

    This is going to be my first food and wine, but I’ll be going for a brief, brief with people who most definitely are not going to be there for food and wine! It’s going to be torture.

  9. says

    GG — That’s horrible! Let me know when you’ll be there and we’ll meet up and do foodie things.

  10. Cookie says

    Can’t wait! Already have our room reservations and am looking forward to the full activities announcements so I can begin planning what to do while my husband and I are there. Wonder if there will be the TIW announcement for booking the wine seminars and culinary demos.

  11. Gillian Lang says

    Belgian waffles too … mmm mmm good.

    We haven’t been to F&W in 12 years, darn school aged kids ;-)


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