Fun World of Color Dining Treats

Food Featured at Disneyland Resort's World of Color

In addition to the World of Color Dining Packages and Picnic Meals, guests will also get to experience edible color in other ways!

Spectrum Splash: Beverages in light-up souvenir glasses with a colorful choice of flavors –- strawberry red, blueberry blue, or sour Granny Smith apple green.

World of Color Specialty Drinks

Light-Up Cotton Candy: White cotton candy with a colorful swirl, on an illuminated wand that lights the cotton candy from inside.

Light Up Cotton Candy

Multi-Colored & Flavored Popcorn: A delicious treat that comes in three flavors – red cherry, blueberry and purple grape – and mixed in with regular kettle corn, all served in a Disney California Adventure see-through “World of Color” souvenir popcorn bucket.

Tropical Mist Cocktail (for adults): It’s a passion fruit and mango liqueur with coconut rum – and a light-up swizzle stick. Available at the Cove Bar and Ariel’s Grotto restaurant.

Sounds awesome to me!

Images/Source: Disney


  1. Galloping Gourmand says

    The multi-colored and flavored popcorn is an import of something they serve from carts at Tokyo Disney. This image of just some of the flavors is from the wonderful folks at Theme Park Review. The folks at wikitravel also helpfully add Curry, Soy, and Honey flavors to that list.

    Each popcorn cart has it’s own flavor collectible, somewhat themed to the land it’s in – Honey is by Pooh, for example – and theme bucket. Although I haven’t had it, I’m curious about “milk tea” flavor.

    I hope the flavored popcorn idea takes off.

  2. Tina says

    tasted the popcorn. I love it!! Someone said, ‘fruity pebbles’ is what it reminds them of… definitely sugary fruity flavor… it’s great!

  3. says

    Katie– Agreed!

    GG — Thanks for the photo! That’s awesome, weird, and interesting all at the same time! I’m really shocked at how long it took us in the US to even start to accept sugared popcorn — we’ve done caramel corn forever!

    Tina — Thanks for the review!! So exciting! I hope you liked the show last night!

  4. Pamala says

    We are leaving for Disneyland in 23 days! Does anyone know what the cost of the popcorn and cotton candy are? Thanks =-)

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