Epcot Germany’s Karamelle-Kuche to Open in Late September

New info has surfaced about the Werther’s Candy Shop in Germany, set to open in September 2010.

The official name will be Karamelle-Kuche, or “caramel kitchen,” and the shop will take over the prior Glas and Porzellan shop in Epcot’s Germany. The store will feature a show kitchen, in which cast members will be making caramel popcorn and apples, and caramel-covered strawberries.

The shop will also sell gourmet caramels, cookies, brownies, fudge, and cupcakes. This is the only free-standing shop in the world for Storck, the makers of Werther’s candies, so there will be some one-of-a-kind items there as well.

Source: Disney Parks Blog


  1. says

    Replacing the tchochke shop with a caramel shop, eh? I think Disney is on to us… we love food!

    (I thought I remembered liking that shop, though… did it used to have ornaments in it or something?)

  2. says

    Oh my goodness. Does this mean I can use my undergrad German to order a bunch of caramels, ooops, I mean karamelles? I’m too excited.

    I’m going to wear my lederhosen too. Actually, I wearing them right now.

  3. says

    Oh, my! YUM!

    My older son and I are planning an EPCOT World Showcase candy tour in October. I think we’ll be spending a lot of time in Germany!

  4. Rich T. says

    I wonder what this means for the existing candy/fudge shop… I don’t really see a need for two.

  5. says

    Nate — It had a lot of…dolls…if I remember correctly. Anyway, I’m too excited about the caramel corn goodness!

    chris — I think you’ll fit right in at the karamelle shop, to be sure. They’ll especially be excited about the undergrad German…though I’m sure they’ve seen you in your lederhosen before…haven’t we all?

    Janna — You’re the coolest mom EVER! Who takes a World Showcase candy tour with their kid?!??!?! Awesome.

    Rich — Hmm…good point! Though I’m never one to admit that there are too many candy/fudge shops in any small geographic area, others might not be so thrilled about it. ;-)

  6. says

    Lederhosen are not German. It’s Bavarian! Like not everyone in Florida wears Texasboots.
    Just a klischee.-But the candys are good!

  7. says

    Michael — Thanks for the update! As someone currently living in Texas and coming from the stereotype-full New York City, I understand what you’re saying! (I don’t even wear Texas boots in Texas, come to think of it…. must remedy that!)

  8. says

    Michael, if you tell me that Toaster Strudel aren’t the national breakfast food of Germay, I will be crushed.

    Please. Just don’t do it. ;-)

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