Update on Cars Land Dining

So, I have clearly developed a little obsession about Cars Land. I think it’s going to be one of the coolest things to ever come to Disneyland, and it’s natural for the obsession to extend to where I’ll be eating in Cars Land. Hopefully you’ll indulge me. ;-)

We recently posted a piece speculating about what would happen with the table-service restaurant slated for Cars Land in Disney California Adventure. We’d heard some rumors about a “drive-in” themed restaurant similar to Disney World’s Sci-Fi Dine-in, which might replace — or accompany — the originally proposed “Flo’s Cafe.”

These rumors were clarified with a comment on our previous post from Michael Crawford of Progress City USA, “There was a drive-in proposed, but it’s not going be a part of the first phase of this area. Its budget was diverted to other things. Instead, it’s likely that it will be added later. I asked an Imagineer if it had been cut completely or might resurface later, and he said that it’s definitely something that they still want to do.”

Driving home the point, the Disney Parks Blog recently showcased this image of Cars Land’s Route 66, featuring a very cool rendering of Flo’s Cafe, the original restaurant proposed for the new land.

Artist Rendering of Cars Land, copyright Disney

So, in addition to what might be two very cool restaurants in Cars Land, we also learned that the Sally’s Motel cones will sell “cone-themed” quick service items, like “Cone on the Cob!”

Just wanted to keep you updated!


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    They need more restaurants. I really thought the selection of in-park table service eateries at both DCA and DL was poor. Now MK is similar in that regard but it has three other sister theme parks, a shopping district and over a dozen hotels with plenty of eating choices. With World of Color and Cars Land and the other pars of the DCA expansion effort, the hope is to bring more people in (and WoC is doing that already). And with volume, they need to support it better with dining options. And within that, more Table Service options. I know that a lot of guests on that side of the country tend to be more local and may usually skip dining in park, but it would be beneficial to those travelling from afar. And those with varied tastes.

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    Keith — ::rimshot!:: Hee hee — love that idea. I wonder if they could get away with it…

    Stephanie — Me too!! I have no idea why I’m so excited about it, but I really am.

    Jason — I agree 100%. While the quick service food at DL is better than at WDW (imho), the undeniable lack of good table service dining in DCA is abysmal. I really hope Cars Land infuses some great, fun sit-down food.

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