“The Best Thing I Ever Ate at Disney!”: Breakfast

We’re headed back to our “Best Thing I Ever Ate at Disney!” series today

I did a post a couple of weeks back titled The Five Best Things I Ate In Disneyland, which sparked a fun series based on the Food Network’s (very cool) show, The Best Thing I Ever Ate. Based on some keen suggestions from readers, we’ll be splitting our series up into different sections: breakfast, appetizers & side dishes, snacks, entrees (lunch and dinner), and desserts & drinks.

Today, let’s talk breakfast! I’ve done my favorite brand of informal polling (i.e. posted questions on twitter and facebook ;) ) to find out others’ experiences of the Best Thing They Ever Ate for breakfast at Disney. I must say, the conclusions aren’t all that shocking, but they are delicious! Here’s what we’ve all come up with:

Mickey Waffles

Ah, the glorious little Mickey Waffle! I have no idea why these little guys taste as wonderful as they do, but it’s like melt-in-your-mouth happiness as soon as you bite into one (you think I’m being overly dramatic, but I promise, they’re delicious).

Multi Grain Mickey Waffles from The Wave!

Luckily, you can get them all over Disney World (I have a partial list here) — book a breakfast buffet and you’re almost sure to see them. If you’d rather not deal with locking off time for a full meal, head to Sleepy Hollow in the Magic Kingdom to get a giant version!

Giant Mickey Waffle at Sleepy Hollow

Tonga Toast at Disney’s Polynesian Resort

This isn’t your standard stuffed french toast. Tonga Toast is basically a 2-inch thick piece of banana-stuffed, cinnamon-sugar coated, deep-fried goodness! You can find it at the Polynesian’s Kona Cafe as well as at Captain Cook’s downstairs!

Be sure to request strawberry compote and macadamia nut butter to go along with your toast!

Kona Cafe's Tonga Toast!

Cinnamon Roll at Main Street Bakery

Finally, we arrive at the larger-than-life Cinnamon Roll at the Magic Kingdom’s Main Street Bakery! (I wish we had smell-o-blogging!) These cinnamon rolls seem to get bigger and bigger each time I’m in the bakery, and they’re definitely enough to share. We can only hope they return when the bakery re-opens from its Starbucks renovation.

Main Street Bakery Cinnamon Roll with Extra Icing!

There’s one important thing to remember, though — make sure you get the extra, added scoop of cream cheese frosting on top of your roll! That’s right, the Bakery actually has a vat of melty frosting that they use to top the ordered rolls going out on the plates. Now that’s a Disney difference…

Main Street Bakery cinnamon roll cross-section!

Other Suggestions

Of course, while those were the most-recommended breakfast options, there were other stand-outs as well! Here are a few of the other “Best Thing I Ever Ate at Disney!” Breakfast suggestions:

  • Beignets at Port Orleans French Quarter
  • Chocolate danish and Cheese danish (Yes; it was that specific!)
  • Date nut bread from the old Tangaroa Terrace at Disney’s Polynesian Resort

Anything we’ve missed? Tell us about your “Best Thing You Ever Ate” in Disney for breakfast in the comments section below!

Thanks to all of you who made my mouth water with your delicious “Best Thing I Ever Ate at Disney!” breakfast suggestions! Next up in the series: Appetizers and Side Dishes!


  1. Lillian C. says

    Oh, I haven’t had a chance to eat a nice breakfast while at WDW. The breakfast fair in this post looks yummy! Since we’re “west coasters”, it is always too early for us to get up for breakfast. We usually head straight to the parks and get a quick coffee and a snack!

  2. says

    Im in Epcot October 3rd… cant wait to hear what you have planned!! We have a 7:10pm reservation at Le’Cellier. YUM

  3. says

    Honorable mention at the Main Street Bakery is the Ham, Egg and Cheese Croissant. Quite possibly the best croissant I’ve ever had.

  4. Renee says

    Sadly our plane leaves at 8am on October 3rd, so we won’t be able to join everyone :o(

  5. Beth Mc. says

    The best breakfast I ever ate at Disney World sadly no longer exists. My hubby and I spent our honeymoon at the Grand Floridian in January 1996. We had the Grand Plan (as it was called then) so we had to force ourselves to get up and eat breakfast before 1030 every morning (I know, I know!) We’d rush down to the GF Cafe and have our breakfast and I would always order the Citrus French Toast with a side of Strawberries & Cream. The French toast was incredible – made from Brioche with this amazing citrus syrup. I have never been able to replicate it!

  6. Melissa says

    WOW! Now I really want to go get Tonga Toast lol. My husband’s favorite food is breakfast, so we have eaten many a breakfast at WDW, and I definitely agree with your list! I asked my husband, and he said he would add the Big Kahuna to the list as well :)

    I live 15 minutes from Disney…I’m interested to see what you have planned for Oct. 3 :).

  7. says

    Oh, I wish I could join you in October. Unfortunately, the 1st weekend in October is one of 2 weekends I have to work every year. :-( (Unless of course, I can find a different job before then! LOL)

  8. Liz says

    The tonga toast is definitely to die for. I’ll have to try the cinnamon roll next time I’m there! And two of the best things I’ve ever had at Disney are the zebra domes at the AKL and the watermelon juice at the Food & Wine Festival… though they don’t sell it anymore :(

  9. Liz says

    Oops, I forget you were talking about breakfast. Best breakfast item ever is the breakfast pizza at Wolfgang Puck Express in downtown Disney.

  10. Gillian says

    All those are great breakfast options, but I would also include the warm doughnuts from Typhoon Lagoon. They are made fresh and then covered with cinnamon sugar. They are definitely a must get for breakfast whenever I go to Typhoon.

  11. Jeff W. says

    The five items that immediately leap to mind (besides the aforementioned Tonga Toast):

    – Puffed French toast from the Crystal Palace

    – Breakfast lasagna from the Crystal Palace

    – Macadamia pineapple pancakes from the Kona Café

    – Big Kahuna breakfast from the Kona Café

    – Bobotie from Boma

  12. Tiffani says

    YUM! These all make my piddly breakfast look just sad today! I’ll be there Oct 3rd, interested to see what you have planned!

  13. shunter504 says

    Yummy Blog!!

    I agree with all of your items. We usually stay at the Boardwalk Villas and some of my favorite breakfast items used to be over there. Sadly one is gone now and I’m not sure about the other.

    Ham and Egg Wrap from Boardwalk Bakery – HUGE and CHEAP – No longer available…. :-(

    Pecan Waffles from Spoodles – it looks like there is something similar on the Kouzzina menu but I haven’t tried this yet.

    In addition we LOVE the Breakfast Flatbread from Saratoga Springs Artist’s Palette. Always make a special trip over there to make sure we get it. We text pictures of it to other family members just to make them jealous!

    Best breakfast buffet? Boma! No contest!

  14. Liz says

    Kelly – you’re right. There’s nothing wrong with having zebra domes for breakfast :p

  15. says

    We live close by, love eating, and love playing silly games, count us in!

    On a related note, we just finished our “Drink Around the World” game. Unlike your traditional “grab a beer in every country” game, we’ve worked up a point system and included food and ride options and even bonuses and penalties. I’m not sure what you’ve got planned for Oct. 3rd but it could make a fun side game while we pillage and plunder our way through Food & Wine.

    Shoot me an email if you’d like me to bring a few copies for everyone.

    Link to the game:

    P.S. shame on you for not having the beignets on the official list :p

  16. Lynnette says

    So I’m eating this paltry bowl of cereal while reading this post and am finding myself wanting to just lick the cinnamon roll on my screen! Mmmm-mmmm good! Have never been to WDW (YET) but it looks like I will gain 20 pounds before I leave there just from breakfast!

  17. Michelle P. says

    I second the macadamia nut pancakes at Kona! No syrup needed with that amazing macadamia nut butter!

  18. says

    Lillian — You can definitely get that giant Mickey waffle or cinnamon roll as your snack in the parks! Sleep in with confidence! :-)

    Nicola — Sounds great! I can’t wait to meet you (and you’re taking me with you to Le Cellier that night, right ;-) )

    Mark — For sure! I remember how much you liked that from your guest post! It’s also a good option with a little bit of protein, so it’ll carry you further through the day.

    Renee — Oh NO! It was so hard to pick a date, because I knew I’d miss some folks. Don’t worry, though — there will be lots more meet-ups, including a big one we’re planning for next October!

    Beth Mc — That *sounds* amazing! Citrus french toast — light, airy, delicious… Yum! I wonder if there’s a recipe floating around…

    Melissa — Ha ha! I love that your husband’s favorite food is breakfast! That’s my mom’s favorite food, too ;-) Can’t wait to see you on the 3rd!!

    Kelly — Ah yes; the French Toast Loaf. I will honor your moment of silence…
    So excited you’ll be there on the 3rd!!! :-)

    Gray — New job!!!!!

    Liz — No more watermelon juice? I didn’t realize that! Also, thanks for the tip on the WP breakfast flatbread!

    Gillian — I have NEVER tried those donuts, but I SO want to!!! Thanks for the reminder!

    Jeff — I am with you 100% on that puffed french toast. Also have had others suggest the Big Kahuna and macadamia nut pancakes — I should add those to the list! Bobotie…interesting!

    Tiffani — Woo! Can’t wait to see you on the 3rd! Thanks in advance for joining us!

    TechyDad — If my butterfinger brownie counts for me, then tie-dye cheesecake counts for you!

    Matt — Awesome!! Thank you for the support.

    Kelly and Liz — Ha! They probably have just as much (if not less) sugar than that cinnamon roll!

    PTTP — I saw that game on twitter and RT’d it! Fun!! Looking forward to seeing you at Foodie Fest. I’ll email/DM you about the game!

    Mark — Have you ever made the breakfast lasagna? I posted the recipe a while back! Seems complicated, but worth it!

    JulfromMD — LOVE it. ;-)

    Lynnette — Are you a Disneyland girl? Those cinnamon rolls are just as bad!! :-)

    Michelle — thanks for the second on the pancakes! I think I’m going to have to update the blog post based on these great comments!

  19. Lynne says

    Hey Kelly–there is a recipe for the French Toast Loaf over on AllEars. I made it one time and it was so fantastic and yummy, but you have to be willing to really indulge. My husband keeps asking me to make it–maybe for Saturday breakfast (has to sit overnight).

    One thing I really got hooked on last Jan–the cherry danish at All Star Sports. I don’t know what they put in them, but I still have danish cravings and it’s been a year and a half! I also really loved the breakfast pizza at Pizzafari–super yummy!

  20. Abby says

    Cinnamon Puffed French Toast at The Crystal Palace! My favorite Disney breakfast food ever!

  21. says

    This isn’t fancy, but my husband and I love the chocolate croissants from the Pop food court. Even Panera’s version doesn’t compare…

    I am excited about Tonga Toast at Captain Cook’s! I don’t usually make breakfast ADRs because my older son (a Disney ‘adult’) pretty much only eats cereal. I foresee popping over to the Poly for breakfast take-out!

    AJ, that cinnamon roll picture is still one of my all-time favorite food pics!

  22. says

    Big Tonga Toast fans here and hubby recently made a healthier version at home. We also fell in love with the french toast “bake” of sorts at the Cape May breakfast. As you mentioned the cinnamon rolls are an amazing breakfast on the fly at the Magic Kingdom (using snack credits of course). Trying to remember what I liked at Tusker House breakfast since it was also really delicious. Hmmm…will remember later I am sure.

  23. Joy says

    I LOVE the cinnamon rolls. We will be in Disney the weekend of 10/3 too! We are staying at the Polynesian for the first time so I can’t wait to try the Tonga Toast. We usually stay at the French Quarter and enjoy the beignets as our breakfast treat.

  24. Donna says

    I agree on the macadamia pineapple pancakes! I like them better than the Tonga toast.

  25. Beth says

    Pineapple bread at ‘Ohana’s! I could eat baskets of that, drink loads of Kona coffee, and stare at Cinderella Castle off in the distance…..the best way to start the day at WDW!

  26. EEFoster says

    So hungry now. Along with the indulgently delicious breakfast foods at WDW, I’d have to add the French toast at Cinderella’s Royal Table. So fried. So good.

    I also have to say that one of the best healthy breakfasts I’ve had in a long time was the spinach omelet at the Wave in the Contemporary. Completely yummy, with a great fresh fruit accompaniment. Wonderful detox after a week of non-stop carbs at WDW.

  27. says

    First of all, I’m ridiculously sad that I cannot join you in October. That would be a blast! And I demand a raincheck.

    Second of all, Grand Floridian Cafe used to have a breakfast scramble with eggs, biscuits, sausage, bacon, cheese… basically a heart attack in a bowl. And it was GREAT. You can see a pic on my flickr page. flickr.com/nathanpgale Mmm. So good when waiting for your hotel room to open up and you just got off a plane not too long ago.

  28. Alan says

    The best breakfast in all of WDW is easily the Maple Vanilla French Toast, Bacon, and side of Eggs at the Grand Floridian Cafe. Those babies put Tonga Toast to shame (which are most over-rated non-French toast item I’ve ever regretted ordering). :)

  29. Mark D says

    AJ – I haven’t made the breakfast lasagna, I haven’t been brave enough to try it yet.

  30. Keith C (TheFugitiveGuy) says

    I had Tonga Toast on our last trip to the world. I didn’t really know what to expect, but certainly had heard all the buzz about it. Wow, it lived up to expectations! I think the strawberry sauce is probably the best part. I tried some of that on my kid’s pancakes, and it was delicious as well. Basically, I’d like to have a side of strawberry sauce with whatever I order at Kona :)

    Honorable mention for me is the awesome breakfast at Trail’s End. Not a high-end “foodie” type place, but I have fond memories of heaping plates of waffles and pancakes, covered with warm walnut syrup. And I swear, there’s something about eating off those metal plates that makes everything taste better!

  31. Gin says

    I love breakfast foods, so we had many a breakfast at WDW last week (our first visit ever!). My favorite breakfast item was the apple turnovers at Akershus–not a rare or exotic item, but very good!

  32. Kim says

    I have to add the pancakes with pineapple and macadamia butter at Kona Cafe. We were on our way back home and decided to stop in yesterday. Oh my gosh were they good. Worth the trip to the Polynesian! Actually we had three meals at the Polynesian this trip…breakfast and dinner at ‘Ohana…both good. And then our last meal at Kona. REAL coffee too!

  33. Alan says

    Back in the eighties and early nineties there was a restaurant at The Polynesian (Village) that was not in the main lodge. It was called the Tangaroa Terrace, and was a short winding walk away from the lodge. It was an exotic setting, especially if you were staying elsewhere on the property and served a delicious buffet breakfast (and lunch too, if I remember correctly). It may be a fond memory only but it is my best breakfast memory.

  34. Valerie says

    For us it’s the ham, egg, and cheese on a coissant at MSB. Or as my oldest has dubbed it “Crack on a Coissant.” It’s the best way to begin a day at MK and honestly it can be split between two people, unless one of those people is my oldest in which case…count your fingers.

  35. says

    i have a new breakfast favorite….the Blueberry/Orange/Granola pancake at Kouzzina. And the frappe (iced coffee) on the side. This was the most amazing pancake – thin, a slight orange zest to it, filled (and topped) with blueberry and then sprinkled with granola. So yummy. And the frappe? Best iced coffee I’ve ever had.

  36. S. Jones says

    Several of my favorites are served at 1900 Park Fare. I love the Strawberry Soup and the Cheese Blintzes (which mercifully returned after they were removed from the offerings).

  37. Emily says

    I have been to Disney nearly 20 times in my life (27 years) and on my last trip in November 2010 I found the most amazing breakfast at Grand Floridian Cafe. Lobster Eggs Benedict. It had a lobster bread pudding, with poached eggs, chunks of lobster meat, hollandaise, and chunks of asparagus. I loved it so much I went back 2 more times during my trip!

  38. Tara says

    I love the goat cheese and chive scrambled eggs at Boma. I also favor their waffles and syrup there’s something about them that are so amazing and flavorful!

  39. Joe Grassi says

    The best Breakfast I ever had a WDW no longer exists. It was the Sweet Potato Pancakes at Boatwrights Dining Hall. Boatwrights does not serve breakfast anymore. What a shot to the gut!

  40. Valerie says

    I agree with the comment about Wolfgang Puck Express breakfast pizza at Downtown Disney. This is our all time favorite breakfast at WDW and we stop by at least once every time we are in Orlando. The crunchy French Toast is also amazing at WP.

  41. Iris says

    mmmm, the best thing I ever ate at Disney for breakfast is/was Lobster Eggs Benedict at the Grand Floridian Cafe’. I must have it at least once each trip

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