Disney World Free Dining Extended Through December 21, 2010

Yay! The 2010 Free Dining promotion has again been extended into December.


  • You must book a full-price WDW vacation package, checking in *most nights* on these dates: August 15 – October 7, 2010, October 22-October 28, 2010, November 12-18, 2010, November 27 – December 2, 2010 and December 10-21, 2010.
  • You must stay at least three consecutive nights at an official Walt Disney World hotel (i.e., a hotel that is owned and operated by Walt Disney World) and at least a 2-day theme park ticket.
  • If you stay in a Value Resort: You’ll receive the Magic Your way Plus Quick Service Dining package for the price of a standard Magic Your Way package. You can upgrade to the regular Dining Plan for $10 per adult per night and $2 per child (age 3-9) per night, or you can upgrade to the Deluxe Dining Plan for $40 per adult per night and $12 per child per night.
  • If you stay in a Moderate, Deluxe, or Villas Resort: You’ll receive the Magic Your Way Plus Dining package for the price of a standard Magic Your Way package. You can upgrade to the Deluxe Dining Plan for $30 per adult per night and $10 per child per night most nights. Upgrade cost if you’re staying between December 17-21 is $25 per adult per night and $9 per child per night.
  • This offer must be booked by August 14, 2010, and the number of packages is limited (so book fast!)
  • Note: As long as you check in during a dedicated free dining period, you will have free dining throughout your stay — even if your stay extends into a black-out period.

To learn more about Disney World’s Dining Plans, check out our Disney World Dining Plans reference page!

To learn more about how to make dining reservations in Walt Disney World, check out our Advanced Dining Reservations reference page!


  1. says

    I always get all confuzzled with free dining. Well, actually, just plain dining confuzzles me.

    I do have to stay on site for the last few days of my Dec vaca, starting on Dec 10!

    I do qualify and I didn’t even buy my paek tickets get. But these rooms are non-discounted, yes?

    Is it ok that I already have my ADRs?

    *scratches head*

  2. Erin says

    This completely just made my day!!!!!!! I called my travel agent immediately and originally I was checking in on Oct. 21st (staying till the 29th) so it was well worth it to shift our check in date to Oct. 22nd (staying till the 30th) because we saved $400 and our trip is now paid off! Halelujiah!

  3. Dana says

    Thank you SO MUCH! for posting this! I just booked my Disney vaycay a few days ago and was paying full price for deluxe dining. I saved $500 thanks to this post!!! ♥

  4. Cara V. says

    I was just super excited about this, but I plugged it in like I was gonna book free dining, and it was still $1000 more expensive than the 40% off I already had while paying for DDP! Hope it works out to be a great deal for others, though!

  5. says

    And to think i was feeling all victorious that i nabbed Free Dining despite checking IN on the original “end-date” of the promotion! Well this is good for others and makes you wonder about the state of attendance at Disney if they’re pushing this promo to the limits. Maybe Iger’s dreams of killing promotions have been replaced by cold economic reality!

  6. says

    Michele — Yep, the rooms are full-price. No way to combine discounts :-(

    Erin — Great news!!! Congrats on the savings!!

    Dana — Hooray!! I’m so glad you could save some cash!

    Cara — Yup! That’s why I don’t book free dining — I get more $ off with room-only discounts.

    Jason — Ha ha! You’re still victorious in my book! :-)

  7. says

    As a local, im liking this free dining stuff STILL… didnt like it then, now, or i dont think i will ever like it… haha (sorry to be a downer). Its hard enough to get reservations at decent restaurants on a spur of the moment, this free dining just makes it harder..

    I DO think its a good thing, BUT since i dont use it, i dont like it… haha

  8. says

    Hey, glad so many people were able to avail of the great steal on Free Dining at Disney. This is my 6th. visit to Disney….however, because we are checking in on Oct. 12th. and departing on Oct. 22nd. we do not qualify for Free Dining…..I think this says a lot about Disney and it is nothing very nice in my view. Great if you happened to book your vacation since the Dining was offered Free…..but for those of us who booked a couple of months ago, and have purchased airline tickets (as my dtrs. B-Day is the 16th.)….TOO BAD! SO SAD!…I say to Disney, offer to everyone, don’t just block dates you know when you’ll most likely get the bookings. SHAME ON YOU DISNEY!!!

  9. says

    Cody — I think this is a huge problem for locals. First, the 180 day ADR period and then the free dining make it really tough for locals to plan a last-minute visit to the parks. :-(

    Rhonda — That’s really unfortunate! I think that prime Epcot Food and Wine Festival time is already filling up the resorts making it unnecessary for Disney to discount that time period. Still, it’s always a bummer when you miss it by one or two days!

  10. melissa sue says

    This is so awesome. I came home from visiting my parents to see this in my inbox, and I hopped immediately on the phone. I ended up saving $460 off of my vacation. VERY VERY happy, and we get to keep all of our ADRs!!!

  11. Andrea says

    I booked my honeymoon back in April. I saw the free dining advertisement on TV, and I was upset that we’d missed out on such a great deal. I called 407-WDISNEY, and she was able to apply this to our existing reservation! We saved $500.00!

    The first day of our trip was in a blackout day, however. So she made a separate reservation for our arrival night (room only, as we did not intend to go to the park the first day anyways), and changed the existing reservation to begin the 2nd day. She said all we had to do is go to the front desk of the hotel and “check-out” and “check-in” back into the same room. Usually, I try to avoid this kind of unnecessary work, but I’ll easily do this for the savings! And yes, we get to keep our ADRs!

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