“You Won’t Believe This Snack!”: Carrot Cake Cookie

The Writer’s Stop is an unassuming little bookstore. It offers comfy chairs and couches, books lining the walls from floor to ceiling, every coffee drink you can dream of…and baked goods. That’s right, this is another location in Disney’s Hollywood Studios harboring a “You Won’t Believe This!” Snack!

While most folk just wander right past this little corner store on their way to the American Idol Experience, Toy Story Mania, or Tower of Terror, there are a few of us who feel the call of the item that has made The Writer’s Stop famous: the Carrot Cake Cookie.

Speaking of unassuming, you can’t even see the Carrot Cake Cookie in the bakery counter display. It’s shrouded in a paper bag until purchased. Seriously — how are you supposed to know what you’re getting?! I guess you’ll have to take my word for it ;-)

Come Out Come Out Wherever You Are

But once you have one in your hot little hands, you won’t be able to help yourself. Find yourself some seating (my favorite spot is a little “study nook” by the front windows of the shop — if it feels like you’re back in your College Library stacks, you’ve found it!) and get down to business.

Carrot Cake Cookie in Full View

The moist cake is decent (anyone else wish there were raisins and walnuts in there?), but anyone who knows me knows that that’s not what I’m after.

Just leave me with a fork and the pile of thick cream cheese frosting and I’ll be juuuuuuuust fine.

Carrot Cake Cookie Cross Section

At least until the sugar shock sets in. Yeah. Then I’ll need a nap. ;-) By the way — at around $3, this is a less expensive snack. And, of course, you can use your dining plan snack credit!

Have you tried the carrot cake cookie? What did you think? Does it top your list of favorite snacks, or are there others that you’d order first? Let us know in the comments section below!

And if this isn’t enough sugar for you, check out our other “You Won’t Believe This!” Snacks in the series!


  1. DisneyandBeyond says

    I go into this place all the time to look at the book collection, but I never knew they had something this yummy looking! Wow!

  2. Abby says

    I tried this in March. I think the ratio of icing to cookie was off. They should use less icing – and I like the idea of raisins in the ‘cookie’.
    It was super sweet, and super good! Perfect snack for those in need of a good Disney sugar rush!

  3. says

    Since I cant eat walnuts I don’t mind but holy bananas does this look yummy!!!!! I am there!!!!!!
    AJ you are going to have to aid me in buying a new wardrobe if you don’t quit soon ;)
    Love you MUCHO!!!!

  4. Renee says

    You know if you keep showcasing such good looking food, I’m going to have to go to WDW a few more times just to taste everything :)

    Poor me, HAVING to go to WDW… I wonder if I can use that as an excuse with my husband

  5. says

    Not a Carrot Cake Fan, so this will be the ONE of your special posts that i wont be eating. LOL. Though i DO love the Writer’s Shop, its so quaint, and quiet!

  6. says

    I heard about this AFTER I got back from my trip this summer and have been waiting for you to review it. There are SO many amazing snacks in WDW that deserve my undivided attention and daily caloric intake, so I don’t know if this one will ever make my cut. However, I do love carrot cake, and I have to say I prefer it without walnuts or raisins.

  7. Mark D. says

    Abby, what is this “less icing” you speak of. I don’t understand this concept.

  8. says

    I went there a couple weeks ago specifically to get a Carrotcake Cookie. As I checked out some other stuff, I said “Oh, I also need a carrot cake cookie!” The cast member replied with a knowing, “Oh, yes you do!”

    I am not a fan of carrot cake. I am not a big cookie guy. I LOVE AND CRAVE THIS COOKIE! It was one of the top food items from our trip!

    Actually, I had brought a little 6-pack cooler to bring it back to our room and we had it in our fridge. The icing is clearly what makes this dessert so wonderful. The combination of the cool, firm icing with the spongy and slightly-sticky cookie was exquisite. The sweetness of the icing blended perfectly with the slightly spicy cake. I’m not big on the spice-cake spices, so I was very pleased that the seasoning was hinted and not overwhelming.

    Ok, I need to stop now.

  9. Rebecca says

    Yummy! My husband and I share one of these every time we visit WDW. It actually does have a few golden raisens in it…at least, it did last month.

  10. says

    DisneyandBeyond — It’s pretty good! I love sitting in Writer’s Stop just relaxing, though. The book collection is admirable.

    Abby — Did I see you say they should use LESS icing? You’re going to WDW with ME and I’ll take care of that extra icing for you ;-)

    Aurora — I hear you! The outward growth factor as a result of this blog is a definite problem! ;-)

    Renee — I think there’s definitely an imperative here!

    Cody — No worries; I’ll eat your share :)

    TJ — Maybe this will make the cut on a future trip. The icing alone is worth it!

    Mark — Ha ha! My feelings exactly. It’s OK. We’ll convert Abby eventually and bring her to the dark side!

    John — PERFECT description! It is more cake than cookie….almost a carrot “whoopie pie” with icing… Agreed that the icing should be cold to get the best effect.

    Steph — Yes! Put it on your calendar! It’s also a great place to get a nice warm drink in December.

    Robin — This’ll be on our “WDW World Tour” if we meet up in Florida!

    Rebecca — Ooh! Thanks for the golden raisins info! Maybe I got a dud!

  11. says

    I don’t think I’ve ever even seen this place before, but that cookie looked too good to pass up. I’ll have to remember it when I’m back there in November. I’m counting down the days of course!

  12. says

    Oh, this is sooooo much on THE LIST.

    I know Epcot will have F&W while I’m there in October, but oh, here I come hollywood Studios!


  13. Marianela says

    I’ll try it on my next trip!
    I love this shop, i always found the books and cd that I’m looking for.
    The cinnamon roll es great too!

  14. Sandra says

    We love the Writers Stop; although we enjoy Starring Rolls, WS is our favorite afternoon break place in DHS. Squishy seats, a selction of gifts and reading materials, hot and cold beverages, and fantastic snacks. I have not tried this one but will definitely do so on our next trip, although I may still have to buy my favorite cranberry-orange muffin to take back to my room!

  15. says

    Nate — Glad I could share something new!

    Molly — You’re going to love the Writer’s Stop. It’s a really relaxing place to recoup while you’re in the park.

    Michele — Just a hop, skip, and jump from Epcot, so it won’t ruin your F&W Fest plans at all! ;-) Maybe you’re appetite, but…

    Marianela — It’s a great little spot, isn’t it?

    Sandra — I’ll be doing a full Writer’s Stop post in the future. There’s so much to say about that place!

    Matt — Indeed!

  16. says

    Okay, so unfortunately for me, I didn’t discover this snack until AFTER gastric bypass surgery. But even before surgery, I don’t think I could have eaten more than a couple of bites. I feel the need for a dental appointment almost as soon as I bite into it – it’s THAT sweet!

    I usually buy just one, and the whole family shares it – there’s more than enough to go around my family of 5. It’s a yummy treat, but just way too much – maybe they need mini carrot cake cookies?

  17. Brandice says

    Mmmmm this cookie is by far one of my favorites!!!! We always stop at this little shop! Its like an undiscovered treasure of hollywood studios! My favorite park! It will always be MGM to me though!!

  18. Galloping Gourmand says

    The Writer’s Stop was one of the great little secrets of Hollywood Studios. Sometimes I wondered if people even knew it was there. Everyone seemed to walk from that corner to Starring Rolls for some reason, and I enjoyed the relatively light crowd. Well, if the little secret is out I’m glad they will get to enjoy the carrot cake cookie.

    I find myself liking the things about the cookie you don’t. I think the carrot cake is just right, and if anything there is a little too much filling. It was sort of like taking a bite out of a pack of cream cheese. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, mind you. Like a good sandwich, a good cookie of this sort needs the right balance and this one is just a hair on the cheesy side. That doesn’t stop me from having it when I get down there, though. (my sugar level, well that’s another story!)

  19. Vance says

    Def my favorite snack at DHS, and pretty close to being number 1 on property…nothing like enjoying the cookie with some coffee on the sidewalk while the Osbourne lights are going on (of course it helps if it’s a slow night so you can enjoy it and not be stepped on)

  20. says

    Are you, by any chance, aware that this very gem of which you speak has been the hot food item of discussion on Lou Mongello’s WDWRadio podcast?!

    During one of his recent live video sessions he had an impromptu taste test (with the group of friends who were accompanying him) between the Carrot Cake Cookie and the Butterfinger Cupcake! They even pulled in a couple poor strangers who just happened to be at the Writer’s Stop with them. It was all in good fun, but my jaw did drop slightly when I saw the subject of this post!

  21. says

    Anna — I love the idea of mini carrot cake cookies!! What a great idea!

    Brandice — (psst! we call it MGM at our house, too!)

    GG — You couldn’t be more wrong. MORE cream cheese frosting would be better. In fact, perhaps they need to cover it with cream cheese frosting as well — TWO layers. ;-)

    Vance — Well…the stepped on part is a problem, I must admit. Go to Osborne in late November and this will be just about perfect, no?

    Chuck — I DO know! In fact, I linked to his original “best snack” video in a Sunday Food Post round-up of mine not too long ago! :-) This is definitely one of the gems of the park.

  22. Kelly W says

    I LOVE this snack! My husband and I always get one to share and we fight over it, but sharing makes us feel less guilty. And we also buy a few extras to take home for after our vacation is over. Sometimes they make it home, sometimes they help make the 8 hour drive back to NC more bearable… :)

  23. Abby says

    OK AJ! The trip is your treat right? Since I’ll be giving you all my extra icing? ;-)

  24. Fielin says

    Yes, I tried it after seeing a video on the best snacks in DHS. I couldn’t wait to try it, and I was very disappointed.

    I love everything sweet, but I found my master there : this is TOO SWEET.

    BUT, the selling point for me is that you can easily share it with one or more friends… making it one of the least expensive snacks !

  25. Liz says

    Where exactly is the Writer’s Stop? I’ve been to the Studios so many times and the Writer’s Stop isn’t ringing a bell. My husband loves carrot cake so I’ll have to take him in there when we go in November :)

  26. Eric says

    Haven’t tried it but ever since Mongello proclaimed it the best snack at DHS I’ve placed it on the list of food I have to get this Dec. Even though the Butterfinger cupcake came in second, my wife and I will also try it and then WE will decide the best snack at DHS.


  27. says

    AJ I did hear Lou Mongello talk about this and wondered what the big deal was….I can now very clearly see what the big deal is! Have now added it to our “Food To Do” list, along with a host of other goodies you keep sharing with us! :)

  28. Nick says

    I like the version at Goofy’s Candy Shop at Downtown Disney. It is one of Selma’s cookies and the cream cheese icing is on top and it tastes a LOT better and more like carrot cake!

  29. says

    Husband had to hunt this one down after we saw a video podcast on the best snack at HS. He LOVED it. I’m not the biggest carrot cake fan, but I still had a bite, and it was scrumptious.

  30. says

    I’ve never had it (something I need to remedy, obviously); however, I did have a dream about getting one once.

  31. Tom says

    If you love Carrot Cake Cookies, hit up your local Trader Joe’s. They sell them as well…

  32. John Fuchs says

    AJ – This treat was bigger than I expected. “Cookie” is not really the right term – it is more the size of a good-sized pancake and could easily be shared by two as long as they weren’t you and me ‘cuz I like the frosting too!

  33. Susie Taylor says

    Ooooohhh! These are so yummy!
    My family was in too big of a hurry to stop in the Writer’s Stop, however, I went to DHS alone one morning and found these tasty treats at the Villan’s candy shop. I snacked on it all the way back to my resort…the long way! I can’t wait to head back and try some of the other “snacks” you have here!

  34. Cliff says

    I just had my first carrot cake cookie last week – and it will not be my last. Wow!

    Finding this gem was a bit of good fortune – I only went into the shop because my wife saw the caramel apples from the window and wanted to have one (which she loved, btw), and once inside I saw this in the case. As I was enjoying it I thought of it just like AJ and John above did – more of a cake or a whoopie pie than a cookie, but the name is not important, right? It’s the amazing taste that matters!

  35. Ashley W says

    I think this is my new favorite snack in WDW. It’s not TOO sweet, but has the yummy-goodness of carrot cake, and CREAM CHEESE FROSTING! Although I could NEVER finish one of the cupcakes from Starring Rolls by myself, this is a treat I could easily inhale.

  36. Kelly M says

    AJ I have to say I sought this out in the Writers Stop thanks to DFB and it was a week ago today that I was eating it. I had been in there many times but this managed to slip past me.
    It was delicious! I wish I had one right now. I almost quit two thirds of the way through…but I fought on! It was worth every bite!

  37. Mariam says

    It is PERFECT!!!! You could touch heaven with a bite. And it is huge you can share it with someone else and you would get enough.

  38. Mel_C says

    This is by far the best cookie I’ve had in my entire life! My hubby got a chocolate chip but once I had mine all of a sudden he was very interested in sharing!

  39. DeAnna says

    Had this for the 1st time a week ago. It is, hands down, my new fave snack at WDW. I, too, would be interested to know if theyd a recipe?

  40. WDWCanFan says

    I’ve just added this to my “MUST TRY WDW Snack List!”

    I think HS is the 1st park in this year’s visit. I wonder if I should choose this or the cream cheese bagel as my snack. If I had to choose just one, that is!

  41. Allen says

    OhMyGod!!! An off duty cast member told us about the cookie the first time we had one. The Writer’s Stop is a mandatory stop for my wife and I at Hollywood Studios. We’ve eaten our Carrot Cake Cookies in the store, and we’ve eaten them at the stunt show. Absolutely awesome!

  42. Caroline Lentz says

    Does anyone know where I can find the recipe for these? I have been looking for four years!

  43. Sarah says

    I had one while at WDW last week and I am still thinking about it! lol Seriously, the best cookie I have ever tasted hands down!


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