Now Serving Corn Dogs!

Heather Sievers, a Disneyland food expert, Mom, and inventor of Time Out Spots, is back! And today she’s sharing a bit of exciting news about the Bountiful Valley Farmers Market in Disney California Adventure — they’re Now Serving Corn Dogs! Read her delicious review of one of her (and my!) family’s favorite Disneyland meals…

There aren’t too many food items my entire family can agree on for a Disney dinner on any given night. There is, however, one thing that goes over well no matter what. A Disney corn dog. There is the ever popular Corn Dog Cart at the end of Main Street in Disneyland, but the line there is almost always ridiculous. You know what that means though? Long line = good food (well, usually that’s what it means; we’ve probably all waited in a long line that may have not been “worth it” at some point). Disney corn dogs are worth the wait, but if you’ve got a park hopper ticket, skip the line and head over to California Adventure.

When the Corn Dog Castle closed its windows a while back (due to the construction of The Little Mermaid ride), we were beyond upset. That is, until we saw the sign at The Bountiful Valley Farmer’s Market that reads “Now Serving Corn Dogs.”

Bountiful Valley Farmers Market in Disney's California Adventure

Update: Bountiful Valley Farmers Market has gone by the wayside with the California Adventure reno; find corn dogs at Award Weiners in DCA and at the Red Wagon in Disneyland Park!

YES! We can still get our beloved corn dogs at California Adventure. Please be aware that the corn dog meal at the Farmers Market is not a kid’s meal, nor does it come with a drink. It does however, come with fries — or you can pick the “healthy” (ha!) version which includes 2 snack packages of apples.

The corn dogs are gigantic. Really if you are feeding two children, you can share a meal between them. And you are able to purchase juice boxes, milks or small waters if you’d like. (Grown ups will definitely want their own.) We usually order 2 with apples and 2 with fries and share the sides.

Disneyland Corn Dog and Fries

Healthy Version

Now, about the flavor, the hot dog itself is a turkey dog, the batter thick and oh-so-tasty. When you first get your meal, you might think, “Hey, it looks kind of burnt!” But don’t judge a dog by its batter, it’s heaven on a stick and that’s just Disney’s way of cooking them. (Editor’s Note: Hubby and I love-love-loved everything cornbread in Disneyland. They have a special “sweet” cornbread recipe that is just fab-tastic. And the “burnt crispies” are our favorite part about the corn dogs.)

Corn Dog Close Up

Not a corn dog fan? The bountiful Valley Farmer’s Market also sells wraps, salads, chicken strips, fish and chips, and a variety of kid’s meals too. I must also warn you, they sell funnel cake ($5.49), another one of my weaknesses. Order one with your corn dog and you’ll immediately feel like a kid at the county fair. If you’ve got an annual pass, don’t forget to use it for your discount!

Bountiful Valley Funnel Cake

I’ve included a picture of my six year old with a corn dog to give you an idea of their enormous size. Enjoy!

Ginormous Corn Dog

Thanks again, Heather! Seriously, guys, these things are the Filet Mignon of corn dogs. If you’re headed to Disneyland anytime soon, be sure to save a meal for one of these!


  1. Lillian C. says

    Corn Dogs… my DH’s favorite! We’ll need to try these puppies the next time we’re hungry while at DCA.

  2. Lynnette says

    Yay for corndogs! The breading on these are MUCH thicker than I’ve had anywhere else. When I first tried one I was really surprised, but they are quite tasty. When they closed the cart on Main Street, they actually redirected corndogs to two locations. They went to Bountiful Farmer’s Market at DCA and to the Stage Door Cafe at DL. Cast members at Stage Door have indicated that they are there to stay. (Had one there when we went for Celebrate America fireworks July1st) Also, you can ask to have your corndog without the sides and not have to pay for sides you might not eat after all that dog. They take off about $1 for the side. I say, bring on the mustard! Yum!

    Oh, also FYI: Adding corn dogs to Stage Door has bumped the mozzerella sticks off of the displayed menu, but if you ask for them they will make them for you. Funny, last time we ordered mozerella sticks when not on the menu they told us they were for vegetarians only. Hmmm, suddenly became one!

  3. Lynnette says

    Whoops forgot to say that the cart on Main street is back open. Kinda miss the silly king and his corn dog castle, but thankful for now 3 places to get a corndog while at DLR.

  4. Scott B says

    Where can I get a good corn dog at WDW?

    My wife bought one from a cart in Frontierland and was very disappointed. The corndog had been sitting under a heat lamp for way too long.

  5. says

    Lillian — Yes! The corn dogs are amazing. Will quickly become one of your favorite meals in DL, I bet!

    Lynette — Thanks for all the details! Will the Corn Dog Castle ever re-open? That’s hilarious about the mozz sticks!

    TJ — Isn’t it awesome?! Don’t you just want to bite into one?! They’re so yummy.

    Scott — As far as I know, Disney World’s corn dogs are not hand-dipped…and I’d imagine not very good. The frontierland cart has them (also a cart in adventureland), and there’s a spot in the back of DHS that sells the dogs as well. Still, I’d hold out for a hand-dipped Disneyland dog any day.

  6. says

    How were the lines at the Farmers Market? We love, love, loved the Corn Dog Castle, but the wait times sometimes rivaled Tower of Terror! (Well, maybe not, but they were long!)

  7. Heather says

    John, the Farmer’s Market lines are hit and miss, sometimes you can walk right up to the window and sometimes, it’s 20 minutes or so. However, in my eyes, it’s always worth the wait!

  8. Whitney says

    MMMmmm…the corn dogs in Disneyland are our absolute FAVORITE lunch. I must admit, when we went to Disney World last year for our honeymoon, my husband was very disappointed to find out that we couldn’t get the same hand-dipped heaven anywhere in Florida.

  9. Mykelogan says

    The Disneyland Corn Dogs are my favorite food in all of the Disney Parks! I was there the day they closed the Corn Dog Castle. It was a sad day. :-( My friends and I were very happy to hear a few days later they moved the corn dogs to the Farmer’s Market due to popular demand. Sadly they only have the regular dog, and not the other varieties the Castle had, ie, the Spicy hot link and the just cheese variety.

    This post has inspired me to make corn dogs myself this weekend! hehe

  10. Melinda says

    My husband greatly misses Corn Dog Castle and their hot link corndog! He tried the Farmer’s Market and Main Street Cart ones. They are good, but just not the same!

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