“The Best Thing I Ever Ate in Disney!”: Snacks and Drinks

We’ve recently started a fun new series based on the Food Network’s (very cool) show, The Best Thing I Ever Ate. Due to some keen suggestions from readers, we’re splitting our series up into different sections: breakfast, appetizers & side dishes, snacks & drinks, entrees (lunch & dinner), and desserts.

Today, we’re taking a look at Snacks & Drinks! I’ve done my favorite brand of informal polling (i.e. posted questions on twitter and facebook ;) ) to find out others’ experiences of the “Best Thing They Ever Ate” — snacks and drinks style — in Disney parks and resorts. To be sure, the answers sounded veeeery similar to our recent post about the Best Value for your Snack Credits, but we had a few different ideas as well!


Who doesn’t indulge a bit with some of the great snacks available on a trip to Disney? Here are a few of the favorites, as determined by Disney Food Blog readers:

Mickey Premium Ice Cream Bar

Sometimes there’s nothing better than a classic! The Mickey Premium bar has been sweetening Disney trips for years, and I doubt that will stop anytime soon. While other ice cream treats come and go, I’m pretty sure you can count on the Mickey Bar to be available just about everywhere you can find the Big Cheese himself.

Mickey Premium Bar

Thanks again to Morgan! (Photo courtesy Morgan and Jeff Rooks via flickr)

School Bread

This Norwegian delight is a staple in the World Showcase and a favorite of many die-hard Disney World fans. The combination of sweet roll, custard, and powdered sugar will send most into an immediate sugar high, so we recommend a ride on Maelstrom to provide a calming affect… . Want to try your hand at this one? Here’s the recipe!

Norway Pavilion School Bread

Thanks again to Shayne! (Photo courtesy Shayne Newell via the Disney Food Blog Flickr Pool)

Pineapple Dole Whip

This one is no surprise! ;-) Although the pineapple Dole Whip is available in many places throughout the country, it has become synonymous with Disney for many of us.

The pineapple-flavored, refreshing, low-cal (really!) snack is perfect for a hot day in the parks.

Disneyland Dole Whip Float


You know that baklava has become one of my favorite desserts, so I was excited to see it mentioned a few times on the poll list! The flaky and nutty texture and lightly sweet flavor of this dessert won’t weigh you down in the parks and ends up being the perfect finish to a great counter-service meal.

Epcot Morocco Baklava


Disney fudge is the stuff of legend. I can remember buying my first tin and savoring it for days! There are dozens of flavors, including specialty flavors for different holidays and seasons, and you can find it at just about every Disney confectionery or candy shop.

For more detailed info, check out this Fudge Primer!

Reese's Pieces Fudge for Halloween

Rice C[K]rispie Treats

Who woulda thunk that such an easy bake sale treat would end up being such a huge winner for Disney? I bet they promoted the guy who thought of the Mickey-shaped rice krispie treat! :-)

You can find rice krispie treats in every shape and size in Disney parks, including Mickey, Minnie, and seasonal shapes like footballs, hearts, stars, pumpkins, candy corn, Christmas stockings, and more. Our favorites will always be the chocolate-covered Mickey treats, though — sprinkles optional! ;-) Call ‘em Rice Crispie Treats, Rice Krispie Treats, or Crisped Rice Treats, we’ll still buy ‘em!

Check out our Everything You Need to Know about Disney Rice Krispie Treats post here!

Chocolate Mickey Crisped Rice Treats

Soft Pretzels

Whether they’re Mickey heads or standard shapes, the soft pretzels at Disney parks always seem to have an edge over those found anywhere else… . Get ‘em with cheese for dipping in Disneyland, or head to the Germany pavilion in Disney World to score an authentic twisty snack.

Mickey Pretzel with Cheese in Disneyland


And if your sweet tooth is satisfied, but a drink sounds great after a long Disney day, try these vacation favorites:

Grand Marnier Slush and Grey Goose Slush

These often cap out the lists of best drinks in Disney World! You can find them in Epcot’s World Showcase, but don’t be surprised if you’re in line for another right after you finish the first!

This is the grown-up’s slushie…

Grey Goose Slushie

Thanks to Kelly! (Photo courtesy Kelly Tressler via the Disney Food Blog Flickr Pool)

Dawa Bar Drinks

The Dawa Bar is one of my favorite Disney World haunts, and the specialty drinks are one of the reasons why. The African Margarita, Lost on Safari, Dawa Colada, and Harambe Cooler all deserve a mention in this list.

The relaxed atmosphere of the Dawa Bar paired with the interesting and original drink choices (trust me — you don’t always get original drink choices at WDW lounges) make it a hit. Plus, it’s prime location in Disney’s Animal Kingdom mean that you don’t have to take a break from exploring the parks if you don’t want to. Just grab your Harambe Cooler and go!

African Margarita


Another one of my (and apparently your!) favorite places is the Cava del Tequila in Epcot’s Mexico pavilion. This new (as of 2009) tequila bar offers dozens of choices that will suite anyone’s fancy. From margaritas to tequila shots to tapas, you’re sure to enjoy yourself here. Check out the menu and dedicated website. I, as always, recommend the Aguacate!

La Cava del Tequila Margarita Flight

Thanks to Shayne! (Photo courtesy Shayne Newell via the Disney Food Blog Flickr Pool)

Lapu Lapu

Of course we wouldn’t forget about this little beauty! The Lapu Lapu — known to all who’ve graced the Tambu Lounge in Disney’s Polynesian Resort — is a whole lotta drink! Served inside an actual pineapple, the iced rum concoction — complete with paper umbrella and a cherry — is everything that’s good about vacation. ;-)

Lapu Lapu

To see more great drink ideas in Disney World, check out these Top Drink Suggestions From Disney Food Blog Readers!

What’s The Best Thing YOU Ever Ate in Disney?

Now, this is by no means an exhaustive list of the delicious snacks and drinks available in Disney parks and resorts! Just in case you didn’t get a chance to chime in with your favorite, please add to the list in our comments section below! Have you had a not-to-be-missed appetizer in Disney? Let us know your “Best Thing I Ever Ate in Disney!”

And stay tuned next time for the continuation of the series with the “The Best Thing I Ever Ate in Disney!”: Entrees!

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  1. Galloping Gourmand says

    Well, there is no arguing with a Dole Whip. However, I’m going to present you with another choice from the wonderful Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe in Norway: Kringla pretzels. Kringla’s are very regional, so they varry greatly. In fact Krignla refers more to the twist shape than to the actual contents of the desert. They can be made from puff pastry, regular pretzel bread, filled with marzipan, sprinkled with sugar or raisins. Our regular pretzel is called a salt krigler. I grew up Lutheran and every little old Swedish woman had her own recipe.

    The Kringla’s at WDW are pretty good in my mind. They are very sweet (as all disney deserts seem to be) and so big that I think you might need two people – or one teenager – to eat them. When I’ve been there they sometimes have almonds, but the last time they didn’t. I prefer the almond flavor. Can’t be sure but they might have used an almond liquor when making that version. Sadly my last trip they just had ones with sweet icing.

    As for drinks, I’m shocked the tequila bar didn’t make the list. I’m not a hard liquor fan but they sold me on the more expensive sipping tequila. I had no idea that some tequilas were used as either and asperteif or a desert wine. Once you get passed sipping from a shot glass they are wonderful! Not all tequila is meant to be mixed or shot, although if you sip your tequila in Texas you may be in for some serious name calling.

  2. Galloping Gourmand says

    I’m not sure how, but somehow I missed the part about the tequila bar. Maybe I missed it because I’m reading and writing this at 2am. Goodnight!

  3. DisneyandBeyond says

    Oh my goodness. The Fudge.

    The night before I go to Disney, I always dream of the Fudge.

    It taunts me with it’s awesomeness.

    (Another treat I like are the S’more Squares. Those also taunt me in my dreams.)

  4. Renee says

    You got to remember the Turkey Leg too. My husband is ADDICTED to it. It’s the first thing he talks about when we book a trip and then I hear about it almost daily until the trip.

  5. SharonC says

    My WDW vacation is not complete until I stop by Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe for a Cloudberry Horn and a latte. Its the perfect thing to eat while waiting for Illuminations to start. Oh, my mouth is watering just at the thought…only 96 days until we are there.

  6. marci says

    schoooooollll breeeaaddddd! I tried my first one on my last trip in December ’08 and am looking forward to another one (or three!) this october 2010! It is seriously my most favorite snack in all of WDW… but then again I’m a custard/vanilla/cream type girl! so good! I also have heard good things about the “rice cream” from the same bakery.. I will have to give it a try on this trip as well. I have a feeling I’m going to be rolled out of Norway this October!

    BTW, WDW fudge always makes me think of my mother. That’s her thing and on every trip she has to buy a tin with various flavors in it then munch on it during the trip and take home any left overs if there are any. Funny how certain snacks can hold memories like that for us. So yay for WDW fudge!!! (even though I rarely eat it myself).

  7. Betty says

    Hands down, Dole Whip, it is a must for me….
    I also love the zebra domes from Boma and Mara they are stunning!
    Also have you ever tried the green tea pudding from Teppan Edo it is like a luscious flan.

  8. says

    There’s a non-alcoholic drink missing here. Maybe it’s because the coffee everywhere else on property is so bad, but a French press of the 100% Kona at the Polynesian’s Kona Cafe is really quite spectacular.

  9. says

    Yes! I love the Baklava at the Tangerine Cafe. My wife thinks I’m nuts, but I think it tastes just like a refrigerated Krispy Kreme. Not in texture, for sure, but in flavor. (Now the world wide web can think I’m nuts, too.)

    The Lapu Lapu was a welcome relief for us several years back when we went on an all-family trip with my wife’s parents and siblings. They decided to wait for Dumbo at 5pm. We jumped on a monorail instead for a quick break out of the park . . . guess who ended the day happier and more relaxed?

    My favorite is a super naughty one, though: Chili Cheese Fries at Pecos Bills. It’s worse now that they let you put your own cheese on it again.

  10. says

    my little gal just saw your photo of the dole whip & said to me, “mommy, go to tiki room. have pineapple ice cream?” she’s only 3 & she knows EXACTLY where to find a dole whip. what a proud moment for me! ;)

  11. Lynne says

    Okay…there’s the Dole Whip, School Bread, and the Mickey Oreo Ice Cream Sandwich. I love that thing. I think I’ve even mentioned it before. I like it hard as a rock so that I can crack off chunks and have it melt in my mouth. Mmmmm

  12. says

    My wife and I enjoy the “Snacks” at the Cove Bar above Ariel’s Grotto at Disney California Adventure. The lobster nachos rock!

  13. says

    Ok I feel like I’m really missing out on the dole whip and school bread they are a must on our next trip BUT what I dream about before a trip is the Chocolate Chip ice cream sandwich from the Main St Bakery can it get any better than vanilla ice cream between 2 fresh backed cookies?! :) 68 days!

  14. says

    GG — Thanks for the info on the kringla! I’ve definitely seen them, but haven’t ever tried them. Will have to remedy that! And how could you think I’d forget the tequila bar?!? ;-)

    D&B — The fudge is fantastic (though not as good as my Dad’s recipe!), as are the s’mores bars. But I do hope I can find those “peanut butter sandwiches” at WDW — the ones I found in Disneyland. I know I’ve seen ‘em, but reports recently aren’t good…

    Renee — I was surprised nobody mentioned it in my poll! Thanks for adding it to the list!

    SharonC — Cloudberry horn — another one I’ve seen and never tried! Must make a trip to Kringla this upcoming vacay!

    Betty — Dole Whip and Zebra Domes are classics! Haven’t tried the green tea pudding, but I love Teppan Edo. Thanks for the suggestion!

    Curtis — Good point on the Kona coffee!

    John — Love your refrigerated Krispy Kreme comparison AND your Lapu Lapu story. I’ve always thought Lapu Lapus were a very relaxing drink…

    Robin — Oh, that’s awesome! I’m glad you’re starting with the basics. ;-)

    Lynne — What a great trick! I’ve never tried that!

    Eric — Thank you for the suggestion! The Cove Bar wasn’t open when we strolled by, but I’d love to return and sample some stuff. Maybe we’ll all meet there someday!

    Kristian — Thanks for the comment! Can’t wait to see what you think of school bread and dole whips!

  15. Lauren says

    The best snack of all time has to be the Main Street Bakery’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich!!

  16. Jo says

    Okay, someone need to tell me about that pictured margarita flight from Cava del Tequila! It isn’t listed on the menu and I must try it!! How much is it? Do they have it all the time or is that a special thing?

  17. Shayne says

    The Grand Marnier slushie is a must-have for us on every trip. It is so yummy and refreshing, especially on a hot summer day! That’s a great photo of the Grey Goose slushie, and what a happy surprise to see a couple of my photos in there as well!

    And I second your recommendation on the Aguacate margarita. I didn’t think it sounded all that great, but it was actually my favorite from the margarita flight.

  18. Christa says

    What is it that makes the WDW popcorn better than regular popcorn? Is it just because of the setting? Is the because of the ten gallons of salt? Do they sprinkle crack cocaine on it? I have no idea, but I LOVELOVELOVELOVE it! It’s my “go-to” snack, and my favorite place to get it is the cart right as you head down Main Street at the MK. I get to eat it in less than two weeks!!!!!

  19. Mark says

    So how do you talk about Dawa Bar and not even mention Safari Amber??? I know that this is a blog that is (apparently) more concerned with wine and mixed drinks than beer when it comes to the adult beverage scene, but Safari Amber is an excellent brew. It’s also AFAIK the only beer exclusive to a Disney park. It’s brewed by Anheuser Busch and the only places you can get it on the planet are on tap at Animal Kingdom, Animal Kingdom Lodge, and the Safari Outpost at Epcot.

    Lauren already mentioned my favorite snack w/ the Main St Bakery Ice Cream Sandwich – has to be eaten to believed.

    I also have to second Christa on Disney popcorn. I have no idea what it is but there really is something better about it.

  20. says

    Lauren — That is one fantastic sandwich ;-)

    Jo — I can’t find it on the Cava website, either! Hopefully Shayne will come back and let us know how much!

    Shayne — Any memory of how much the flight cost? We can’t find it on the menu or the Cava site.

    Christa — Ha! I think it has a lot to do with atmosphere…hopefully not crack cocaine. ;-)

  21. says

    Mark — As I mentioned in the beginning of the post, I took my direction on this one from the informal polls I did on twitter and facebook. The things that were mentioned the most got space on the blog post. That’s not to say that Safari Amber isn’t a great beer worth mentioning! Thanks for the comment! :-)

  22. Eric K. says

    Another non-alcoholic drink: The American Dream slushie/ice cream combo in Epcot’s American Adventure. It’s layered with a blue slushy drink, vanilla soft serve ice cream, and a red slushy drink. Definitely helps beat the heat. Plus, it’s patriotic!

  23. Joy says

    We tried the Margarita flight in December when the Cava Bar first opened. It was a regular menu item then. We went 2 days in a row, it was so good. I can’t remember the exact cost (I’m guessing around $15) but our total bill for the flight, 2 additional margaritas and chips and salsa was about $50. My favorite was the Pepino, with El Mayor Blanco Tequila with triple sec, carmelized pineapple juice, cucumber and agave nectar syrup with lemon grass salt. The flight also included the Jalapeno, Naranja Roja, Fruta Dela Pasion, and Aguacate. Seriously some of the best margaritas I have ever had.

    I second the Mickey ice cream bar and Dole Whips. They are both must haves for my family.

  24. Billy says

    Maybe I missed it, but where’s the love for Kringla bakeri of cafe’s decadent Rice Cream? Absolute heaven and my absolute must-do Disney treat!

  25. Shayne says

    I had to check with my husband on the cost and, like Joy, our recollection is that it was somewhere around $15. It included the Aguacate, Pepino, Naranja Roja, Fruta de la Pasion, and Limon y Jalapeno.

  26. Park Ito says

    HANDS DOWN – Chocolate Rasberry Truffle Churro…few remember it…but i’ll NEVER forget it.

  27. says

    Wow, another great round of Best Thing I Ever Ate!

    I’m glad to see that the Mickey Bar made the list, at least. I like the blog entry that you have showing that the Mickey Bar is available on every park and pretty much tops the list over everything else that they have for sale.

    The Pretzels look a bit ordinary, now what I would like to see would the the Jalapeno Pretzel from the Bengal Barbecue. I have heard many wonderous stories about the now-distraught Figaro Fries from Pinnochio’s Village Haus as well, but that would have to be the most popular thing that I know of currently. So if that could make the next Best Thing I Ever Ate I bet many people would be VERY happy!

  28. CanadiansloveWDW says

    does anyone know if you can get the mickey shaped pretzel at disney world, not just disney land.???

  29. Jamie says

    For anyone who has ever been to Germany, the actual country, and have had the opportunity to eat a German bratwurst on one of those awesome bread rolls… it is so nice to visit Germany, in the World Showcase, and eat one of those little beauties! It takes me back to walking downtown in the town we lived in and getting a brat/roll and loving every minute of it! You gotta try it folks… a must for me everytime we visit WDW!

  30. Kathy says

    I’m gonna throw out a favorite that could fall into the Snack and Drink categories … tea at the Grand Floridian’s Garden View Tea Room. This one is an absolute must for every trip we make. The little sandwiches and pastries are delightful, but for me, it’s all about the warm Golden Raisin Scones with Devonshire Cream. And of course, the tea is amazing. I recommend the Russian Earl Grey or the Princess Breakfast tea. Yum!!

  31. Janice says

    I love the Mickey ice cream bars, but I’ve also loved the frozen bananas dipped in chocolate and sprinkled with peanuts. They’re so much better if you can let them temper a bit before eating, but since I’m always chomping at the bit (literally) I eat them rock hard. They’re still good.

  32. Jen says

    Kristen I am with you girl. Hands down the fresh baked chocolate chip cookies with vanilla ice cream in the magic kingdom. Is the ace. Love it, love it, love it. Can’t wait to get one soon.

  33. Dani says

    Why has no one mentioned a Beaver Tail?! They are extinct, but once upon a time, in Canada, there was a little building that fried dough and then topped it with your choice of fruit or sweet spreads. Maple was THE BEST THING EVER. They’ve been gone for about 8 years now, but I dream about them. Still.

  34. Kari says

    What about the huge chocolate chip cookies with caramel on top. They were wonderful and were in the gift shop in the German Pavillion. We couldn’t find them the last time we were there.

  35. jagdrury says

    After hearing rave reviews for years, I finally tried a Dole whip float on my last Disney trip. All I can say is “THE BEST”. Delicious and refreshing on a hot day. Nothing else comes close (although I do have to have popcorn during the night parades.)

  36. Peter says

    On behalf of my tastebuddies I believe the carrot cake cookie at The Writer’s Stop in Hollywood Studios is “THE BEST” snack I have ever had at WDW. The creme filling is overwhelming! My mouth is watering as I type, ugh.

  37. Jenny Janssen says

    Cream cheese filled pretzels in Magic Kingdom (over by Buzz Lightyear). Our son can’t get enough of these. Between Dole Whips and cream cheese pretzels, he easily burns his snack credits!

  38. Lauren says

    My most favorite thing in Disney World is to eat at Cinderellas castle. One thing to pick out of all four parks??? Let’s see…hands down it would be the Cinnamon rolls at Main Street bakery! I love these so much! And I also just learned by looking at this and other Disney Foodie blogs, they serve Tofutti at the Ice Cream Parlor! I have been going to Disney since I was three, and I even worked there for college program, and I never knew this! I am lactose intolerant so I am looking forward to getting a treat with the rest of my family this summer when we go! Thanks all you foodies for giving me the knowledge of yummy treats and how to enjoy the different types of food they offer.
    Eat on!

  39. Jk says

    The pineapple where you get off the jungle
    Cruise ride. Tasted and looked really fresh, nice
    On a hot summer day. Unless your allergic to MSG
    and quickly get a migraine headache and vomit until
    you’ve given up everything! I have experienced this before
    That’s how I was sure it was the pineapple, even
    Though it’s not printed on the wrapper.

  40. Shannon says

    I’m so glad the cream cheese pretzels were mentioned above by Jenny. I absolutely have to have one every trip. I dream about those darn things and there’s only three places in WDW that I know of you can get them: The Lunching Pad at MK, The American Pavillion’s Fife & Drum at Epcot, and The Pretzel Garden on the streets of America in HS. My other new favorite adult beverage: the Brown Elephant at the Coca Cola refreshment stand in the “Africa” area in Epcot. This will sound weird but it’s Coke, Amarula cream Liqueur, and Milk! It’s phenomenal! But it looks like it’s only available during Food & Wine Fest :(

  41. LizB says

    I hate to say it…but the mickey pretzels are kind of gross. The cheese sauce didn’t taste like anything and the pretzel tasted like it was retrieved from the bottom of a dumpster. Everyone in my group threw the second half of theirs away, which is saying a lot since this was our only dinner. Maybe we just hit them on a bad day…but something was off.

  42. Minnie says

    I have eaten a LOT at Disney- but one of the best things I ever tasted- and probably the most fun- was found at the Backlot Express in Hollywood Studios. They had an amazing Halloween themed carrot cake cupcake – It was soooooo… cinnamony and perfect for the holiday. The decorations, a little sugar Minnie witch hat and purple and orange sprinkles were so festive- and the cake- DELICIOUS! But, hands down my #1 fav- Ohana bread pudding ala mode. All tropical, and warm vanilly-melty goodness. OMg Lovvvve it! Cant wait to go back!

  43. JC says

    Along with the Carrot Cake cookie sandwich at the Writer’s Shop at Hollywood Studios (MGM), they also have this chocolate log there that was absolutely amazing. It looks like a long chocolate criossant that you would get in France but it is drizzled with chocolate and white chocolate on top and is stuffed with chocolate inside. It is heave.

    Every time I go there I get one of each and just enjoy.

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